Inside Bargain Hunt Kate Bliss And Husband Jonathan Bliss Married Life

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Kate Bliss of Bargain Hunt is married to her husband, Jonathan Bliss. The lovely couple has two children.

Getting married in 2005, Kate and Jonathan have been together for fifteen years. Bliss is an English antique expert and television host.

She has established herself as a familiar figure on Bargain Hunt as she helps the red and blue teams find antique treasures to resell for a profit at auction. What is known about her family life outside of her television work, notwithstanding her on-screen love of antiques?

On Bargain Hunt, Kate will assist the teams, but who is the television personality's husband?

Who is Kate Bliss's husband, Jonathan Bliss?

As mentioned earlier, Bargain Hunt host Kate Bliss and her husband, Jonathan Bliss, married in 2005. Legend has it that the two met while Kate was working for Hereford's Auctioneers and Valuers, Brightwells.

They soon decided to sit it out because Jonathan was a senior partner at Brightwells at the time. As reported in the neighborhood church magazine in July 1989, young pianist Kate Bliss performed a recital at the Herefordshire parish church of Dorstone.

Kate with her husband
Kate with her husband ( Source : express )

Since her grandma was identified as having Alzheimer's, Bliss has donated to St. Michael's Hospice and the Alzheimer's Society. In addition to her work on television, Kate also enjoys spending time with her family.

She loves to spend most of the time with the family doing something outdoorsy. She also added, "I like to read and watch movies or have a beachside meal while taking a stroll around the coast." During the week, I steal brief periods of "me" time when I exercise, whether doing pilates or running with our crazy labrador.

Kate Bliss And Jonathan Bliss's Children 

Jonathan Bliss and Kate Bliss have two children, a daughter named Lilly and a son named Benjamin.

In an interview in 2014, the jewelry expert stated that Lily was seven years old and Ben was five. The children are now in their twenties, eight years after the interview. She discussed her ideal night without the kids with My Baba in 2014. Dinner with plenty of friends is followed by dancing to a beautiful band, especially outside in the summer.

The television personality named her favorite family recipe her mother's steak and kidney pie with suet pastry or bread and butter pudding. She used to assist her father in the antique saleroom when she was younger, but it was only sometimes her goal to follow in his footsteps.

Kate envisioned herself attending music school or maybe working as a lawyer. Throughout her studies, she studied English literature at Brasenose College. In her early adolescence, Kate, a gifted pianist, gave a recital at the Herefordshire parish church of Dorstone.

Facts About Bargain Hunt's Kate Bliss Husband Jonathan Bliss

  1. After being married to Jonathan Bliss in 2005, Kate adopted his last name personally and professionally.
  2. The couple is the parent of two kids: son Ben and daughter Lilly.
  3. Their son Ben is 13 years old, while their daughter Lilly is 15.
  4. On the other hand, Kate Bliss is now 46 or 47 years old. She was born in Herefordshire, England, in 1975.
  5. Reports indicate that Kate enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in outdoor activities.

Kate Bliss is the Bargain Hunt expert.
Kate Bliss is the Bargain Hunt expert. ( Source : express )


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