Inside Alix West Lefler Family Life - Meet Her Parents, Michelle And Ben West Lefler And Siblings


Alix West Lefler played the role of Alex Loughren in The Good Nurse ( Source : instagram )

Alix West Lefler's family seems to be supportive of her career. She started acting at a young age.

She was born to her parents Michelle And Ben in Vancouver and is swiftly establishing herself as one to watch in cinema and television and sweeping the entertainment business. 

This year, Alix will play the lead role in Tobias Lindholm's highly anticipated true crime thriller The Good Nurse on Netflix.

Given her accomplishments at such a young age, her parents must be incredibly proud of her. She also hails from an entertainment industry family. Her father runs a theater and works as a producer.

Alix West Lefler has also appeared in the TV series Riverdale
Alix West Lefler has also appeared in the TV series Riverdale ( Source : instagram )

At seven, Alix started acting, and you can see her in shows like Siren on Freeform and Riverdale on The CW. Additionally, she has scheduled cameos on Resident Alien and The Good Doctor. The upcoming Netflix drama series My Life with the Walter Boys is her most recent endeavor. There is no firm release date for the show yet.

Quick Facts

Full NameAlix West Lefler
Birth DateAugust 15, 2011
Age11 years old
Birth PlaceCanada
Zodiac SignLeo

Meet Alix West Lefler Parents 

Born to Michelle and Ben, Alix West Lefler is a child star. Her parents brought her to see live lumberjack performances in Canada and New Zealand when she was a young girl. 

Lefler's love for acting began when she was just seven years old and was persuaded to attend an audition by a sports buddy of a logger. Lefler decided to pursue acting after accepting the role after being bitten by the acting bug.

She enrolled in lessons at Biz Studios and afterward transferred to the LeBlanc School of Acting. Lefler loves to act, but she also loves to travel and experience new things.

Alix's parents competed in loggersports together
Alix's parents competed in loggersports together ( Source : instagram )

She spent her entire youth traveling with her parents to compete in live lumberjack performances throughout Canada and New Zealand, which naturally instilled a feeling of wonder, enthusiasm, and admiration for the world.

Lefler also appeared as a guest on The Good Doctor on ABC and played Hope in Siren on Freeform, for which she won two Joey Awards for Best Actress in a Recurring T.v Role, 6-8 Years. Most Promising Performers played Eleanor Wright in Resident Alien on Syfy and Juniper in Riverdale on The CW.

Facts About Alix West Lefler 

  1. Lefler is a "Caniwi," which means she has a mix of Canadian and New Zealander descent. She participates in logger sports contests in her own time and, despite her stature, is a skilled axe thrower!
  2. Alix frequently uploads images of her parents to Instagram. Her mother, Michelle, is not on Instagram, but her father, Ben, is. Her father has more than a thousand followers on Instagram.
  3. Lefler can be immersed with her friends and her dog, Fred, in the essential occupation of being a child when she is not centering herself with a bit of axe throwing, developing her acting skills, auditioning, or going to school full time.
  4. Alexi is her parents' lone child. She has shared several images with her Riverdale twin sister on her Instagram account. Alix's parents must have lavished her with love and care as she was the only child.
  5. In his bio, her father, Ben, mentioned Legends of Lumberjack Entertainment and included a hyperlink to a website about a show. Ben is the producer and owner of the theater. His plays have been performed worldwide for more than 14 years, including in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada.
  6. Ben has produced and performed in lumberjack shows worldwide for the past seventeen years. He is eager to introduce Canada to his special brand of lumberjack entertainment.

Alix's father is an owner of a theatre
Alix's father is an owner of a theatre ( Source : instagram )

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