How Old Is Lara Peake From BBC's 'Mood'? Facts To Know About Her


Mood's Lara Peake role in numerous movies ( Source : bustle )

Lara Peake, at the age of 24, is an actress famously known for her BBC series Mood, which will be on BBC America this November.

Peake currently hails from Nottingham, England, and has played a role in numerous movies as of 2022. Lara Peake's full name is Lara Alexandra Peake.

According to the source, IMDb Lara Peake was born on August 4, 1998. She is a Famous actress known for Mood (2022), Brave New World (2020) & Born To Kill (2017).

The actress has earned a massive fan base with his amazing acting skills in the movie Mood, which premiered in 2022. Many viewers showered her with love and positive feedback for her amazing acting skill.

She plays the main character in the coming-of-age film Spaceship. She also appeared in Tracey Ullman's Show on the BBC and Jo Brand's comedy film Damned on Channel 4. Peake appeared in the four-part psychological suspense film Born to Kill on Channel 4.

How Old Is Lara Peake From BBC's 'Mood'?

Lara Peake is 24 years old and was born on August 4, 1998, in Nottingham, England.

Lara Peake is also a fashion model
Lara Peake is also a fashion model ( Source : instagram )

Lara joined a drama workshop in Nottingham called the Inspire Academy when she was 12. She learned lots of acting skills after joining the drama workshop. Later, she got offers to play roles in short movies and series.

Peake's big break came at age 15 when she was cast opposite George MacKay in the independent movie Bypass, directed by Duane Hopkins. Her inclusion on the 2015 British Independent Film Awards 'Most Promising Newcomer' longlist resulted from this.

The actress has also filmed opposite Nicole Kidman & Elle Fanning in How To Talk To Girl at partied adapted from a short story by fantasy Born To Demise. She has become a role model to many youths willing to become an actress.

Is Lara Peake Married?

Lara Peake is currently single and has yet to be married as of 2022.

If Lara falls in love with someone, she might disclose her partner's information through her social media account. As of November 11, 2022, she has not revealed anything about her boyfriend, indicating she is currently single.

Lara Peake getting ready for her shoot
Lara Peake getting ready for her shoot ( Source : instagram )

The actress is active on Instagram with her username @larapeke.  She has collected 6,315 Followers, 842 Followers, and 120 posts on her Instagram handle. She has written Actor, technophobe, often needing a phone charger on her Instagram bio.

Her recent post was uploaded on October 4, 2022, when she visited a beautiful restaurant with her friend. She has uploaded numerous pictures doing fashion modeling. It looks like the actress is also interested in modeling besides her acting career.

5 Facts To Know About Lara Peake

  1. Lara Peake is a well-known actress famous for her movie mood.
  2. The actress is a 24 years old creative and multi-talented person.
  3. Peake is currently single; she is yet to be married as of 2022.
  4. Lara is active on Instagram with the username @larapeake.
  5. The actress loves traveling and exploring new places.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Lara Peake From BBC's Mood?

BBC MOOD's Lara Peake is 24 years old.

Who plays Carly in Mood?

Lara Peake plays the role of Carly in BBC's Mood.

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