How Old Is Jacqui Joseph From Homes Under The Hammer?

Jaqui Joseph is a talented interior designer and television personality. ( Source : instagram )

Based on her pictures, Jacqui Joseph seems to be in her 50s, and she is a television producer, host, and interior designer who practices sustainability. Currently, she has joined the sets of From Homes Under The Hammer.

The program highlights actual purchases made by regular individuals, together with analysis and advice from real estate industry professionals; the documentary Homes Under the Hammer examines the dangers, anticipations, hopes, and reality of purchasing real estate at an auction.

Buyers make an effort to renovate dilapidated homes into dream residences. Jacqui will be a part of the show along with many other people. She believes she has what it takes to win the show, and we are all here rooting for Joseph.

How Old Is Jacqui Joseph?

Jacqui was born in the early 1960s and should be around the late fifties. Even though her exact age and date of birth are not confirmed, she should be somewhere in her fifties.

Jaqui Joseph flaunts her beautiful brown sweater on her Instagram.
Jaqui Joseph flaunts her beautiful brown sweater on her Instagram. ( Source : instagram )

On her official website, Jacqui lists a few of the Entertainment & Lifestyle shows she has worked on, including ITV's GMTV, Daybreak & Lorraine, This Morning, E4's Wife Swap the Aftermath, Hollywood Gossip, the Bet Honours Awards, Alan Titchmarsh show, the Michael Ball show, and Nightlife for LWT.

She has also hosted BIG Strong Boys for BBC. Jacqui hosts and produces television programs and works as a fashion designer.
She obtained a degree in fashion design and worked in the industry for five years before starting her own "small" label and selling women's and children's apparel in local shops and markets in London, including Portobello and Camden. She has also done some modeling.

Jacqui Joseph Husband

After an eight-month battle with "cancer," Jacqui revealed on Twitter that her husband Andrew passed away on January 1st, 2018. She opened up to her online community after taking a few weeks to process the "death" of her spouse, stating, "It's challenging to make what I'm about to say short, but I'll try."

After undergoing a myriad of tests, biopsies, scans, and X-Rays and being unable to eat correctly, Andrew was informed that he had esophageal cancer in April 2017. He received a feeding tube and had three rounds of chemotherapy.

Since Jacqui emphasized that Andrew was in great condition and the chemotherapy was effective, the lengthy nine-hour surgery to remove the tumor was scheduled for September of the following year. But by the time the patient had surgery, the fatal illness had reached his liver and he was in bad condition.

Thus, at 54, he passed away in his sleep at home. Jacqui and her family held a ceremony for her late husband in the Kensington church, where they were married more than 14 years ago.

Meet Jacqui Joseph On Instagram

Jacqui Joseph goes by the Instagram handle of @jaquijosephdesigns. She has 6k followers, while she only follows back about 1k people.

Jaqui Joseph shares a beautiful moment with her dad on his birthday.
Jaqui Joseph shares a beautiful moment with her dad on his birthday. ( Source : instagram )

She is active on her social media account and often posts on it daily. Her parents' names are still unknown. Her father was a designer and plasterer, while her mother was a seamstress. She asserts that her mother actually created all of their "special" outfits. Her mother taught her how to sew and her father how to do everything from wallpapering to tiling to painting.

Jacqui credits her parents and upbringing for her motivation and influence. With experience in the industry and a love of color, fabrics, trimmings, and trends, her career now revolves around everything she loves. 

On social media, Jacqui frequently promotes leather handbags, cross-body bags, purses, and other products, such as the must-have MEN's hold-all, iPad covers, and wallets, all of which are sold by QVC.

Some FAQs

How old is Jaqui Joseph?

Jaqui Joseph should be somewhere in her late fifties.

What does Jaqui Joseph do?

Jaqui Joseph is an Eco-friendly interior designer, television producer, and presenter.

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