How Many Grandkids Does 'Gold Rush' Tony Beets Have & Who Are His Children?


legendary gold producer Tony Beets had a granddaughter in 2021 ( Source : tvovermind )

Tony Beets, a legendary gold producer, had two grandchildren. He has a grandson named Eagan and a granddaughter.

He also has a granddaughter, who is Monica's child. In contrast, he has four children Monica Beets, Bianca Beets, Kevin Beets, and Mike Beets.

Tony is a gold producer of Klondike. He moved to Canada with his wife Minnie from the Netherlands and worked at Paradise Hill. The miner brought a large dredge on Clear Creek, valued at $1 million. 

Tony had made his income from the gold mining business and even received cash for working in the television series Gold Rush. The gold producer was raised in Wildenses by his parents on a farm. 

Later, Tony's family moved in 1984 to Dawson City. He was the machine operator at that time. Recently, he reached the pick and became a successful miner. His family member works together in the family business. 

Some Quick Facts

NameTony Beets
Mining RegionKlondike
Occupationlegendary gold producer
Mining TeamBeets Crew
Mining ClaimParadise Hill
NationalityDutch, Kingdom of the Netherlands
WifeMinnie Beets
ChildrenBianca Beets, Monica Beets, Kevin Beets, and Mike Beets
Grandchild2 including Eagan

How Many Grandkids Does 'Gold Rush' Tony Beets Have?

Tony Beets has two grandchildren for now. One grandchild is from Bianca, named Eagan, and Monica had a daughter in 2021. Tony mentioned his granddaughter would be the next generation truck driver. Also, Bianca did not appear in the gold mining business. 

Nonetheless, Tony wants to encourage the next generation to continue his mining business. The miner's grandchildren emerged during the Gold Rush, where he learned the ropes of mining. 

Tony's children met their partner after their arrival on the show. Monica met her husband, Taylor Myles, during work and tied the knot in 2018. As a result, fans speculated Monica was pregnant in 2021, and she confirmed the news. The couple had two pets, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein.

gold producer Tony Beets take his grandchild Eagan into the mining business
gold producer Tony Beets take his grandchild Eagan into the mining business ( Source : mobile )

Who Are Tony Beets's Children?

Beets had four children Bianca Beets, Monica Beets, Kevin Beets, and Mike Beets. In March 1993, the couple lost their fifth child, Jasmine, when she was only three months old. In memory of his daughter, Tiny had a jasmine flower tattoo where he inserted her birth and demise date. 

Bianca Beets 

Bianca is the elder daughter of Tony. She had a son named Eagan. She preferred to be out of their family business, so she did not make an impression in Gold Rush. 

Monica Beets

Monica is the daughter of Tony. She is a member of the Beets family and Beets Crew. Also, his daughter served at the Paradise Hill Claim. She reached 21 during season 5 of Gold Rush. She was born in 1993, and she is 29 years old. 

In season 2, Parker Schnabel had a crush on Monica. In season 11, 2021, it has mentioned that Monica is pregnant. Tony said he was expecting a girl. In the same year, she gave birth to a baby girl.

gold producer Tony Beets three children worked in Paradise Hill
gold producer Tony Beets three children worked in Paradise Hill ( Source : mobile )

Kevin Beets

Kevin is the son of Tony. He is currently 34 years old. Also, he was born in 1988. He served as a mechanic. The mechanic appeared in the shoe in season 5 when he was 26. He is working at the Paradise Hill claim with his sibling and family. 

Kevin worked in Beets bacon Strip Machine 1 and Eureka Creek Claim. The mechanic completed his graduation in 2016 from the University of New Brunswick. 

Mike Beets

Mike is the younger son of Tony. He was born in 1990, so he is currently 32 years old. The recreationist is the older brother of Monica. He also worked at the Paradise Hill Claim. Besides this, he is a medieval recreationist. 

In season 5 of Gold Rush, he performed as the night manager of Paradise Hill and later appeared as a supervisor in season 6. 

Tony Beets Family Member

Tony was born into a supportive family. Kalus and Magda Beets are the parents of the Maverick mining legend. His father demised ten years ago before season 6. The miner was only 15 when his dad became disabled and couldn't serve on the farm. 

Tony Beets relied on his children to hold their golden empire
Tony Beets relied on his children to hold their golden empire ( Source : mobile )

Tony married Minnie Beets when he was 24. Minnie was also 24 at that time. The couple met in Holland in their teenage. Also, Tony moved with his family next door to Minnie in Burgwerd, Friesland. The pair started dating in 1978, and after 18 months, Tony left for Canada. 

As a result, Minnie also followed him and left the Netherlands. The couple celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary in season 5. They had been in the winter home in Maricopa for the last six years. Even they became the Canadian Snowbirds in season 6. 

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