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Thanksgiving episodes of Home Improvement ( Source : theretronetwork )

Several episodes of Home Improvement deserve commendation for their Thanksgiving-themed episodes, when humor, tension, and screen-worthy mayhem rule supreme.

The holiday season has begun, which for those of us obediently glued to our televisions, means it's time for a never-ending stream of year-end programming.

Therefore, these 10 Thanksgiving episodes from Home Improvement are a must-add to your holiday queue, whether you're getting ready to host or searching for something to binge-watch while in a post-turkey stupor.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Episodes of Home Improvement

Season 7: Episode 9 (Thanksgiving)

Tim and Al on Tool Time talk about their Thanksgiving gratitude, primarily for tools. Tim's assortment of upgraded culinary tools and Al's Swiss Army knife.

A devoted Tool Time fan has given Tim the use of his luxury box for the Lions' Thanksgiving Day game, so Tim's Thanksgiving dinner plans at home may soon change! Would Jill, however, agree to it? Surprisingly...yes. 

Thanksgiving episode of House Improvement
Thanksgiving episode of House Improvement ( Source : rottentomatoes )

She is in because she has no work. That luxurious box in the Silverdome is now true to its name. It was like Heaven having a TV in the bathroom and a panoramic view of the game.

This episode of Home Improvement for Thanksgiving works fairly well. Get in the game and join the Taylors and their pals at the Silverdome for Thanksgiving this year. You won't be left in the dark if you're looking to have fun.

Season 6: Episode 10 (The Wood, the Bad & the Hungry)

Even though this episode could be viewed as gimmicky, it delivers where it counts. The stop-motion puppet version of the characters, a parody of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Al resembling Sam the Snowman, is the most memorable element.

Thanksgiving takes center stage in this episode. In a nod to Season Four, Wilson has sent his "Traditional Pilgrim Eel Pie," but he won't be present for dinner this year. 

Benny receives a call from his bookie during dinner, but the Taylors, Al, and Ilene, are extremely polite to Benny and attempt to make him feel welcome because they think the man is broke.

The Wood, the Bad & the Hungry episode of House Improvement
The Wood, the Bad & the Hungry episode of House Improvement ( Source : imdb )

Unbelievably, he eats at the soup kitchen cause, well, he likes the soup, not because he is impoverished. He is humiliated for this by Al, Ilene, Jill, and Tim, and he storms out the door while carrying a couple of rolls. 

Tim extends an invitation for him to return inside after a lengthy discussion before the entire group volunteers at the Soup Kitchen. Check out The Wood, the Bad, and the Hungry this Christmas season!

Season 2: Episode 12 (I'm Scheming of a White Christmas)

Although it isn't a Thanksgiving episode, this is another excellent Christmas episode. Brad and Randy start asking neighbors for donations for a good cause, and they are very successful at it. However, when faced with the amount of money they have collected, the boys can't help but keep some of it for themselves to buy comic books & Game Boy games.

In an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, Brad and Randy initially sell items from a church basement and donate the proceeds to the collection box, but over time, they keep more and more money for themselves in addition to the junk they're trying to sell.

I'm Scheming of a White Christmas episode of House Improvement
I'm Scheming of a White Christmas episode of House Improvement ( Source : pinterest )

This idea of stealing from charities was based on Brad and Randy. It was a little bit more extravagant for that show. The antagonistic Maureen Binford, Tim's opponent, was only seen in this one episode.

She was the only Binford head, though, who preferred Al to Tim, largely due to his kissing. Because of the excellent acting, writing, and directing, this was an enjoyable Home Improvement Christmas. We recommend this.

Season 1: Episode 12 (Yule Better Watch Out)

Home Improvement has always specialized in Christmas episodes; this debut episode is no exception. This episode features three distinct, humorous plots. Let's start with the smallest example: Randy must prepare for a school Christmas play, so Jill buys him a ludicrous yet hilarious costume.

Tim and Doc Johnson are pitted against one another in the annual Christmas lighting competition in the second plotline that runs in between.

Yule Better Watch Out episode of House Improvement
Yule Better Watch Out episode of House Improvement ( Source : imdb )

The third and finest plot line had Mark having serious concerns about Santa's existence after Brad and Randy had informed him that he was no longer alive.

Even if the first Christmas episode of Home Improvement isn't the best of all of them, it is still a special episode that will make you happy and cheerfully get into the holiday mood. One of the best episodes of Season 1, without a doubt, and a great "introduction" to some of the show's future Christmas masterpieces!

Season 3: Episode 10 (A Frozen Moment)

A timeless episode. Tim constructs a Christmas village on Thanksgiving and has his family dress up for a picture-perfect Christmas card, but the snow machine has issues and needs to be fixed.

This one has so many amusing moments, from the Christmas card pictures to the man's bathroom. Al and Ilene join the Taylors for Thanksgiving dinner, where they all express gratitude. Al expresses gratitude to Ilene, and vice versa, with the latter giving a long but moving statement. 

After receiving a kick under the table, Brad is relieved that she has stopped talking. Randy is relieved that he didn't say that after receiving a second kick.

A Frozen Moment episode of House Improvement
A Frozen Moment episode of House Improvement ( Source : imdb )

Tim is grateful for his hot rod and tools, but most of all, he is thankful for his family and his extremely understanding wife. Mark is grateful he didn't say anything. Jill also appreciates him.

"A Frozen Moment" is the perfect episode to watch for Thanksgiving or Christmas because it embodies the essence of both holidays.

Season 4: Episode 11 (Some Like It Hot Rod)

Tim learns he can get his hot rod featured in a significant auto magazine, but Jill's infatuation with Mark's Christmas pageant causes her to stage a severe snowstorm, leaving Tim with only a few hours to dry his car before the photo shoot.

This episode was well-done; it had a straightforward, uncomplicated storyline and premise that neatly ended itself. However, given that Jill would have to clear the interior of the snow to put the hot rod in gear and that it couldn't be driven, one has to wonder how she managed to get the vehicle back inside the garage.

Season 5: Episode 12 ('Twas the Flight Before Christmas)

Tom Poston makes his first of three appearances in this fantastic Home Improvement Christmas episode, essentially portraying the same character with three different identities. He returns in "The Tool Man Delivers" from Season 6 and "Thanksgiving" from Season 7.

On their way to Binford's winter festival on Christmas Eve, Tim and Al become stranded at the tiny Alpena, Michigan airport. Al is forced to choose between Ilene and his mother by Ilene. In Tim's absence, the lads compete in the Christmas Lighting Contest against Doc Johnson.

Season 7: Episode 11 (Bright Christmas)

Tim's holiday season is not off to a good start when he discovers that the neighborhood lighting competition will now only be permitted with 220 amp breakers thanks to the newly installed Tim Taylor Claus. Tim had to work harder to give his show "more power!" due to new rules for the annual Christmas Lighting Contest.

After her mother was in town for their first Christmas together since her father's loss, Jill tried her best to make things happy and merry for her. Jill is upset when she learns that her mother is dating so early after her father's passing.

Season 8: Episode 11 (Home for the Holidays)

The final Christmas episode of the TV series Home Improvement also marks Jonathan Taylor Thomas' departure from the role of Randy. Randy feels unwelcome when he unexpectedly comes home for Christmas and sees all the changes that have occurred while he is gone.

While he organizes his holiday militia for World War Borland, Randy manages to spend time with Tim on the roof. A Taylor Christmas wouldn't be done without Tim falling from the roof, so Jill joins them, and they have a wonderful conversation.

Al succeeds in winning the lighting competition despite his best attempts. His plan: living ornaments. Tim learns that Al, locked on the roof with Trudy after winning the annual neighborhood lighting competition, is his biggest adversary.

Season 3: Episode 12 ('Twas the Blight Before Christmas)

This was undoubtedly one of the best Christmas episodes of Home Improvement. The competition between Tim and Doc Johnson was revived.

We never saw Doc Johnson on the show, and the only time the character is mentioned is at Christmastime, indicating that Tim doesn't have an issue with him the other 11 months of the year.

Twas the Blight Before Christmas episode of House Improvement
Twas the Blight Before Christmas episode of House Improvement ( Source : dailymotion )

We also see Brad at his brattiest, almost as awful as the episode where a cop brings him home, in addition to OCD lighting. All a part of maturing.

There were many humorous moments, including Leon and Al's tale about his parents purchasing a fake tree. Check it out over the holidays; it delivers where it counts.

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