HGTV's 'Rehab Addict Lake House Rescue' Is Filmed in Nicole Curtis's Charming Hometown

Nicole Curtis is back and really amazing. The 46-year-old fashioner and host of Recovery Fiend at last gets back with a fresh out of the plastic new three-episode series on HGTV, Recovery Junkie Lake House Salvage. Most popular for her work in upholding for and revamping old homes all through Minneapolis, Detroit, and Akron, Ohio, the HGTV star has consistently had an energy for reviving obsolete spots. What's more, following a long term break, she's made her fabulous re-visitation of the truth home remodel space.

In the most recent Recovery Junkie side project, Nicole handles her greatest undertaking yet: a 118-year-old bungalow that is in the town she was conceived. Continue to peruse to look into where the new Recovery Fiend Lake House Salvage series occurred.

Where could the house in 'Recovery Junkie Lake House Salvage be'?

Recovery Junkie Lake House Salvage was recorded in Lake Orion, Mich. A curious town on the edges of Detroit, the beautiful town is brimming with memorable design, climbing trails, streams, an immense lakefront, and that's just the beginning. The town's overflow of normal excellence was its greatest draw — particularly the lake. In one of the episodes, we see Nicole waterskiing with her collaborator Bobby.

In 2014, Nicole bought a family getaway home from 1904 in Lake Orion, and her objective in the HGTV miniseries was to resurrect it. "I needed to make a light, blustery lake house and figured it would be simple," Nicole said. "However this was the most difficult and costly form of my vocation. Eventually, it will be a portion of my most significant work since I presently have a spot to fulfill recollections with my loved ones."

Portions of 'Recovery Junkie Lake House Salvage' were recorded in Detroit.

Watchers get to see Nicole experience a touch of city life as a result of Lake Orion's nearness to the Detroit metropolitan region. During one of the episodes in the series, Nicole runs in the Detroit Long distance race with her associates Larry and Bobby.

The originator additionally shows us one of her number one spots in the city for mixed home stylistic layout and collectibles — Eastern Market. Nicole uncovered that she's been gathering novel pieces at the market for quite a long time, and presently they at last have a home in her recently redesigned bungalow.

The backdrop in the bungalow cellar is committed to Nicole's experience growing up.

When a nemesis of backdrop, Nicole at long last buckle and chosen to enclose the storm cellar by a nostalgic print. Nicole employed an expert to cover the cellar walls with a guide of Lake Orion — a tribute to her childhood. "On the guide, you can see the congregation where I was absolved," she said.

The fantastic uncover of Nicole's recently redesigned lakeside bungalow debuts on Nov. 17 and you won't have any desire to miss it. Check out the third and last episode of Recovery Junkie: Lake House Salvage at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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