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Strictly viewers ‘heartbroken’ as despondent Hamza Yassin says he’s ‘too big’ to do jive ( Source : co )

Countryfile star Hamza Yassin said he had found his own "Scottish parents and sister." Hamza Yassin, born on February 22, 1990, in Sudan, emigrated to England at age eight without speaking any English.

Yassin, a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, has talked openly about leaving Sudan and discovering his own "Scottish parents" and "Scottish sister."

The 32-year-old Countryfile star has said that he discovered his own "Scottish parents" and "Scottish" sister in the highlands, where he currently resides. When he was eight years old, the Strictly Come Dancing fan favorite relocated from Sudan to the UK.

Hamza Yassin is a passionate, exciting and highly knowledgeable on-screen wildlife cameraman
Hamza Yassin is a passionate, exciting and highly knowledgeable on-screen wildlife cameraman( Source : dml-uk )

Quick Facts

NameHamza Yassin
Full NameHamza Ahmed Yassin
Birth Date22 February 1990
Age32years old
Birth PlaceSudan
ProfessionCameraman, Presenter

Who Are Hamza Yassin Parents?

Hamza Yassin was born to his parents on February 22, 1990, in Sudan. He moved to England when he was eight years old without any English language skills.

Similarly, nobody in the mainstream is sure who his real parents are. Nevertheless, he made his parents proud, which is undoubtedly due to his up to this point successful work.

He has revealed he found his own “Scottish parents” and “Scottish” sister in the highlands, where he now lives. He acts just like his genuine family members with them because he is so close to them.

Hamza Yassin proves Strictly Come Dancing line-ups don’t need A-listers
Hamza Yassin proves Strictly Come Dancing line-ups don’t need A-listers ( Source : metro )

According to Hamza Yassin, he willingly went without a house for nine months to pursue his passion for becoming a wildlife photographer.

He left home at age 21 after being motivated by a family vacation to a remote Scottish settlement on the west coast peninsula of Ardnamurchan. He has gained a following of followers thanks to his involvement in Strictly Come Dancing.

Despite not having a job or a place to live, he chose to remain in the village to observe the wildlife because his parents thought it was simply a phase.  As of now, The wildlife presenter and his professional partner Jowita Przystal soon won over viewers.

Hamza Yassin Siblings: Gail Is His Scottish Sister

Hamza Yassin has never before divulged his secrets. Gail and Tom, his next-door neighbors, are his second family to him, though.

He stated about Gail, his neighbor next door, "She's great; I call her my Scottish sister," The BBC singer claims that Gail emails him a good morning message anytime she hears his music playing.

"I play music and dance nonstop. I never thought I'd be on Strictly in a million years," he told The Guardian.

In the interview, Hamza spoke candidly about the differences between his life now and his boyhood in Sudan, where he was "the only "black" person for 150 kilometers" in his Scottish community.

Hamza Yassin heads to More 4
Hamza Yassin heads to More 4 ( Source : broadcastnow )

His parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins oversaw him in a huge home.

The celebrity had a natural environment in which to grow up and could even see the Nile from the top of his home, where he frequently saw crocodiles or hippos.

Although he remembered there occasionally being riots in the city, he was also completely oblivious to the civil war raging throughout the nation.

Some FAQs

How much is Hamza Yassin's Net Worth?

Hamza Yassin's net worth might be between $1 to $2 million. His primary source of money is from photography.

How old is Hamza Yassin?

Hamza Yassin is 32 years old. He was 22 February 1990 in Sudan.

Is Hamza Yassin married?

No, Hamza Yassin is not married yet. He is now concentrating on his career.

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