Gwen Stefani's Necklaces On The Voice Have Their Own Fan Following


Gwen Stefani is a renowned American singer. ( Source : aronhealth )

Gwen Stefani has unique necklaces that make amazing fashion statements on The Voice.

She is not new to making all kinds of fashion debuts. She has always captivated the hearts of her fans with her unique looks and her talented performances. 

You'll notice something intriguing about Gwen's jewelry when you're not fawning over their lovely interactions. Stefani made her much-awaited comeback to The Voice. Gwen exhibited her ageless beauty in a gorgeous outfit while working the press for the forthcoming season premiere and promoting the program. 

Gwen Stefani's Necklaces On The Voice Have Their Own Fan Following

On The Voice, Gwen Stefani wore two gold chains as necklace, that spelled out Stephani and Shelton. 

But since many fans couldn't decode what the necklace said, everyone was up and arms about the situation. 

Her fashion sense has always been a fan favorite and she is very daring and bold when it comes to new fashion. She is always making a new fashion statement in her media appearances, but what really caught the viewer's eye is her outfit and her jewelry in the recent Halloween 2022 episode of The Voice.

Even though Gwen is always known for wearing unique jewelry, the one she wore in the recent episodes holds a bigger meaning. The episode aired on Oct. 31, 2022, but the judges were not wearing Halloween costumes even though the episode aired on the spookiest night of the year.

Gwen Stefani raises fans curiosity after wearing a necklace with her and her husband's last name.
Gwen Stefani raises fans curiosity after wearing a necklace with her and her husband's last name. ( Source : distractify )

But Gwen still managed to catch everyone's attention with her outfit choice. Gwen wore a dark leather top with a pair of jeans coated with gold fabric wrapped around it. She wore boots to compliment the look and had her hair in a sleek high ponytail.

The outfit was a great choice but her necklace is what caught everyone's attention. She wore two gold chains connected to one another that had some letters written on them but the fans could not make sense of what was written on the necklaces.

Her fans took to Twitter to try and decode the meaning behind her necklace because Gwen seemed unbothered by fans' curiosity about her necklace. However, after digging deep we found out that the necklace is not just an ordinary necklace to Gwen but it holds a significant value to her.

Her necklace read "Stephani" on the top layer and "Shelton" on the bottom layer. She was proudly showcasing her last name and her husband, Blake's last name on her necklace.

Other Necklaces Gwen Stefani Has Rocked

Stefani is not new to different fashions and different trends. Some folks don't hide their emotions. Hers is slung over Gwen Stefani's neck.

Stefani has already sported the engraved jewelry. The pendants were seen in a video she shared on Instagram when she discussed the 25th anniversary of No Doubt's iconic album "Tragic Kingdom."

After dating for five years, Stefani, 51, and Shelton, 44, got engaged in October. The announcement also came a week after Hoda Kotb of TODAY put the singer on the spot by revealing that one of the most often searched topics regarding the duo was when they will get engaged or get married.

Gwen Stefani Unique Style

Unconventional, daring, fascinating Gwen Stefani's distinctive mash-up of dainty girl and tomboy, comprised of baggy trousers, crop tops, mix-and-match designs, red lipstick, and a lot of attitudes, has affected a whole generation and continues to inspire people who closely study her looks on Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Gwen Stefani rocks a pink and
Gwen Stefani rocks a pink and "black" dress in one of the episodes of The Voice. ( Source : parade )

She didn't adopt fashions. She made them up. She, like other Riot girls of the day, subverted traditional notions of femininity by pursuing her own unique look and fusing influences as diverse as Mods, Old Hollywood glamour, hip hop, ska, and 80s punk.

She experimented with jewel-toned makeup, dyed her hair bright colors, and wore braces to the opening of the Dior store in New York. She also played the part of a Jean Harlow-style diva and the tough girl who didn't need to give up glitter and lipstick to be believable, showing us all that we could be whoever we wanted, even more than one girl at once.

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