Everything To Learn About Deadliest Catch Jake Anderson's Wife, Jenna Anderson


Jenna Anderson is the wife of famous Jake Anderson. ( Source : instagram )

Jenna Anderson is the famous wife of Jake Anderson, a member of the renowned fishing show Deadliest Catch. The couple is madly in love and has been together for quite a long time.

Jenna has been the rock of her husband and will always be his biggest fan. Before finally deciding to put his MMA career on hold and go into professional wrestling instead, Anderson had first pursued a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) and trained at the Gracie Tampa School. Anderson had been a fan of professional wrestling since he was a little boy.

His wife has supported his career and is still his biggest fan. Anderson has recently been a part of Deadliest Catch. The show has brought exposure once again to his life, and he is enjoying being part of the show. His fans are dying to know more about his married life and his wife, Jenna. Here is all the information about Jenna Anderson.

Who Is Deadliest Catch Jake Anderson Wife Jenna Anderson?

Jenna Anderson is the wife of Jake Anderson from Deadliest Catch, who has been together for over a decade. The couple initially met in Seattle, where they fell in love. Jake had been assigned to a shipyard at the time, and the area hosted a music festival.

Jake Anderson and Jenna Anderson look happy during their short hike along with their two sons.
Jake Anderson and Jenna Anderson look happy during their short hike along with their two sons. ( Source : instagram )

Since the ship's captain was already well-known then, several festival attendees asked Jake for autographs. Jenna was among the people who went up to Jake for an autograph, and Jake complimented her on how beautiful she was. Although Patterson took her autograph, her nieces convinced her to return and give Anderson her phone number.

They soon started to call and fell in love not long after. After a magical proposal, they married in 2012 at a wedding officiated by ship captain Sig Hansen after dating for almost three years.

Jake is madly in love with his wife even today, and she often shares cute pictures with Jenna on his Instagram account. They do not shy away from showing their love for one another, even on social media.

Age Gap Between Jenna Anderson And Jake Anderson

Jenna is 38 years old, while Jake is 42 years old; the couple has an age gap of four years. Jenna was always a fan of Jake; coincidentally enough, their path collided, and the rest is history.

Fisherman Jake Anderson may be seen in the reality television program "Deadliest Catch" on Discovery, which depicts life at sea for Bering Sea fishermen.

Fourth-generation fisherman Anderson's first aspiration was to be a pro skateboarder. His aspirations were thwarted when he had an injury that prevented him from advancing in the sport. In addition, he is an author who has written two books: "Release," an autobiography, and "Relapse." Jake is worth more than $2 million.

Although Anderson has seen several setbacks like the passing of family members and many substance addictions, the reality star perseveres.

Jenna Anderson And Jenna Anderson's Children

Three boys are born to Jenna and her husband. About three years after marriage, in January 2015, they had their first child, Aiden Benn Anderson.

Jenna Anderson along with her three sons at the beach.
Jenna Anderson along with her three sons at the beach. ( Source : instagram )

Later, on June 13, 2017, the couple welcomed another son, Candence Anderson. The youngest, Luka, was born in March 2020, making him the dad of three kids.

Jake is a family man who loves to be around his family as much as possible. He loves to spend time with his sons and his wife whenever he is not working.

He appears to be a great dad and is often seen spending time with his kids and doing different activities with them. Even though he has faced a lot in his life, he appears not to let that come between any of his children, and he will be the best dad for them.

Some FAQs

How long have Jake Anderson and Jenna Anderson been married for?

Jake Anderson and Jenna Anderson have been married since 2012.

What is the age gap between Jake Anderson and Jenna Anderson?

The age gap between Jake Anderson and Jenna Anderson is of 4 years.
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