Elizabeth Debicki Mother Amanda Debicki and Polish Father: Her Ethnicity and Siblings


Elizabeth Debicki is an Australian actress known for her role in The Great Gatsby ( Source : instagram )

Elizabeth Debicki's mother Amanda Debicki and her Polish father met during their performance as ballet dancers.

While many Australian actors work for years in their home country's local film and television before making the big move to Hollywood, Elizabeth Debicki had to wait until her very first film role before being noticed by one of the genre's most illustrious directors, which ultimately cemented her stardom.

After playing a supporting role in the locally made movie A Few Best Men, Debicki went on to develop a diverse resume of strong female roles in several high-profile films.

Her most recent role, as the late Princess Diana in the fifth and last sixth seasons of the semi-biographical Netflix royal drama The Crown, is certain to catapult her to a new level of stardom.

Quick Facts About Elizabeth Debicki

Full NameElizabeth Debicki
Birth Date24 August 1990
Birth PlaceParis, France
Age32 years old
Years Active2010-present
MotherAmanda Debicki
Zodiac SignVirgo

Meet Elizabeth Debicki Mother Amanda Debicki, and Polish Father

Elizabeth Debicki was born in Paris on August 24, 1990, to Australian mother, Amanda Debicki and her Polish father.

Her mother is of Irish ancestry. Her parents, who met while performing in a show together, were also ballet dancers. However, as his career as a ballet dancer began to stall, her father accepted a position at a theater. The family relocated to Melbourne, when she was five years old.

She was initially interested in being a ballet dancer like her parents, but as she got older, her interests changed. Debicki has long been involved in the arts, but she was almost in a completely another line of work.

She spent a lot of time as a young girl attending dance performances because her mother ran a dancing school while she was growing up, and her father now works in a theater.

Elizabeth Debicki with her mum Amanda at the Tiffany and Co. and Vogue celebrate the Great Gatsby event in 2011
Elizabeth Debicki with her mum Amanda at the Tiffany and Co. and Vogue celebrate the Great Gatsby event in 2011 ( Source : twitter )

Debicki once found herself yearning to be an archeologist as a kid so she could dig for artifacts, wear khakis, and be surrounded by her parents' encompassing professions. Still, she eventually absorbed herself in the world of dance.

According to Debicki, who spoke to The Age in 2013, she later began taking formal training and was frequently taken to watch ballet as a child. Debicki stands about 190 centimeters; thus, she was too tall to be a dancer by the time she was 16 years old.

Instead, she switched to contemporary dance before making her first journey into acting by enrolling in the Victorian College of the Arts.

Elizabeth Debicki Is the Eldest Child Among Her Siblings

Elizabeth was the oldest of three children when she was born, and she also had a younger brother and sister. In 2018, Debicki and her sister Catherine Debicki went to Tokyo to see the new Valentino store open.

While attending Melbourne's Huntingtower School, she excelled academically. When she graduated from high school in 2007, she earned two excellent study scores in English and Drama.

She started acting in school plays and showed a lot of interest in going into theatre as a profession. Despite her parents' advice to pursue a law career, she enrolled in the University of Melbourne's Victorian College of the Arts to study drama.

Elizabeth and her sister Catherine at the opening of the new Valentino store in Tokyo
Elizabeth and her sister Catherine at the opening of the new Valentino store in Tokyo ( Source : twitter )

However, she said that most of the training was theatrical and that the sessions for film and television only lasted one week. Nevertheless, she persisted in her theater studies, and once she received her diploma in 2010, she joined the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Debicki has only played a few dozen roles, but she has made each and everyone count, and appearance after appearance has helped her rise to popularity swiftly.

The actor made her acting debut in the movie A Few Best Men before landing a supporting role in Baz Luhrmann's 2013 version of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald book The Great Gatsby.

Elizabeth Debicki & Tom Hiddleston Relationship Rumors 

Elizabeth has never disclosed her dating history. However, rumors about her potential love engagement with British actor Tom Hiddleston have not been verified.

Together, they appeared in The Night Manager (2016). The Night Manager, a six-part television series, centers on Hiddleston's portrayal of Pine, a former British soldier. 

She once discussed her intimate encounter with Tom. The Internet broke down as a result of the fans' craze over the scene and the comments. Additionally, Debocki stated that she believes that Hiddleston "is practically flawless."

Tom Hiddleston's intimate scene undoubtedly rocked the Internet with Elizabeth Debicki, and the actress' response to it was the icing on the cake for the fans.

Elizabeth Debicki Is All Set To Appear In The Upcoming Season of The Crown 

The Australian actor inherited the part from Emma Corrin, who, during Season 4, portrayed the Princess of Wales when she was younger. Star of the show Elizabeth Debicki spoke candidly in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly on playing such a legendary character.

Debicki now fills in to illustrate the years of Diana's life that are most known. She told EW that Diana's plot is being handled delicately and with respect. Debicki was first seen in a shot approximately a year ago, but the announcement that she would take over the role was officially announced in 2020.

Elizabeth will play Princess Diana in The Crown
Elizabeth will play Princess Diana in The Crown ( Source : instagram )

There is more theoretical discussion than ever about the events that The Crown will depict and how it moves closer to the present. For instance, it is said that Diana's passing is being handled delicately, even though we won't witness it until the sixth and final season, which is presently in production.

Her passing has been acknowledged as the outcome of the media's prolonged and intense preoccupation with Diana. For years, the Princess' romance, union, and subsequent divorce from the (at the time) Prince Charles frequently dominated tabloid pages. Even today, there is still debate about her choice to leave the Royal Family and her bond with Dodi Fayed, who also perished in the collision.

Some FAQs

Who is Elizabeth Debicki's parents?

Elizabeth Debicki's parents are Amanda Debicki and her father whose names has not been revealed.

Who does Elizabeth Debicki play in The Crown?

She plays the role of Princess Diana in The Crown.

How old is Elizabeth Debicki?

She is currently 32 years old.

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