Fans Wonder If Digger and Mark From Moonshiners Were Busted Since They Run Such A Risky Business


Discovery's Moonshiners, Eric "Digger" Manes and Mark Ramsey. ( Source : distractify )

As Mark and Digger were caught illegally making Moonshiner, netizens wondered if they were apprehended. So, in this article, we'll see if Digger from Moonshiners is apprehended.

On Discovery's Moonshiners, Eric "Digger" Manes and Mark Ramsey are the best buddies and business partners. Moreover, as the title suggests, they make moonshine, which is illegal, in case you do not already know. So isn't it a foregone conclusion that they'll be apprehended?

In addition, many viewers have expressed surprise that Digger and Mark are starring in a show about them breaking the law. Since the show's debut in 2011, people have wondered how they weren't purposefully incriminating themselves by airing their illegal activities on television.

Furthermore, everyone seems to be wondering if Digger was apprehended. So let's look at what he and Mark have said about the legality of moonshining and whether the rumors are true.

Has Digger From Moonshiners Gotten Busted?

According to the sources, numerous legal distilleries distribute moonshine across the United States, but making this liquor at home is illegal. Nevertheless, this does not stop people from doing it in the first place.

Additionally, Digger learned the trade from the late legendary Moonshiner Popcorn Sutton and still does it today. Moreover, Mark told WHSV TV in 2017 that it is authentic. Similarly, they cannot allow the law to find them since their activities are illegal.

Making moonshine is illegal in Tennessee
Making moonshine is illegal in Tennessee ( Source : discovery )

Furthermore, Moonshiners are said to start filming in April, when the trees are full of leaves, to help conceal the illegal distilling. Also, the truth is, if it's on television, it's already done, Mark explained to WHSV TV.

Likewise, Mark added that they couldn't use that against them if the police weren't involved in the recording process. They still have no idea that liquor is coming out of the still.

Digger and Mark are employed by Sugarlands Distilling Company, a legal moonshine distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Outside of that, they could be apprehended for moonshining at any time. Moreover, as for law enforcement, Digger revealed they have no idea where they stand. He added they wonder if this is the day they'll come to their door every day.

Unfortunately, Mike and Digger have been caught moonshining illegally in the past.  On "Moonshiners: Believe It or Not," Mark and Digger revealed that they had been renting a warehouse to make moonshine during the winter months. According to Digger, it was right next to one of the finest limestone springs they know of.

They were inside the building one day when they heard a knock on the door. And then there was the "bam, bam, bam" noise, and they know how a metal garage door sounds, Digger explained, and it scared the crap out of them.

Similarly, Mark added that the wind was taken out of his sails when the door opened, and they saw who it was. When they opened the door, the chief of police and two officers stood, and they were at a loss as to what to do. Mark added, "You automatically assume the worst. We are guilty by association." Digger said, "You don't ask yourself, "Well, can I run?" because they have you. They scrutinize every angle of the structure.

Mark and Digger from Moonshiners apprehended? 

Everyone is wondering why the local government allows them to run the show even though their practices are illegal. The Virginia State Police provided the most direct response, stating that no illegal liquor is produced on the show. But, unfortunately, the chaos developed a schism between the show's supporters and detractors.

Moreover, a few cast members are frequently seen rubbing shoulders with the law in various episode segments. Most of the time, they get away with nothing, but now and then, when the cameras aren't rolling, they get apprehended. We want to bring up Mark and Digger's arrest warrants, but they don't exist and are illegal.

Discovery Channel's @MoonshinersTV Legends
Discovery Channel's @MoonshinersTV Legends ( Source : facebook )

On the other hand, several other cast members have been apprehended for various reasons, with the late Popcorn Sutton receiving the harshest sentence. He was apprehended in 2008 following a police raid for illegally possessing a handgun and several gallons of distilled spirits. The judge sentenced him to 18 months in prison to reflect on his crimes.

Tickle, Chico, and Tim have also been threatened with police handcuffs on more than one occasion. Tickle has had the most difficulties, having been apprehended three times. The first charge was for public intoxication, the second for possessing a sawed-off handgun, and the third was for violating probation and drug abuse.

Chico was apprehended for driving drunk into a crowd, while Tim was apprehended as part of an investigation into the show's 'illegal' moonshine. So you now know that moonshiners Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes were not apprehended and, as a result, are not in prison. 

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