Did Richard Pryor Have A Twin Brother? His Brother and Siblings Details


Comedian Richard Pryor, pictured in 1977, grew up in a brothel, surrounded by violence ( Source : npr )

Many have speculated that comedian Richard Pryor had a twin brother based on his appearance at different events.

He was an American standup comedian, television writer & social critic. He was a highly acclaimed comedian known for his hilarious improvisations during his live comedy shows.

His irreverent records sold in the millions. Pryor used the social and personal tragedy as the basis for his comedic material and injected coarse language and mature humor throughout his performances.

However, even at the height of his fame, he experienced the terrible side effects of drug and alcohol misuse, including a heart attack, a failed suicide attempt, and the beginning of multiple sclerosis. Pryor became a hermit due to his illness; starting in the early 1990s, he hardly ever left his California estate and saw only a select group of pals.

Quick Facts About Richard Pryor

NameRichard Pryor
Birth nameRichard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor
Birth dateDecember 1, 1940
Birth PlacePeoria, Illinois, U.S.
DOBDecember 10, 2005 (aged 65)

Did Richard Pryor Have A Twin Brother?

Richard Pryor does not have a twins brother, as his grad mother raised him. Pryor's childhood was really difficult in comparison to other children.

Richard Pryor’s Son Recalls His ‘Happiest Memories’
Richard Pryor’s Son Recalls His ‘Happiest Memories’ ( Source : closerweekly )

Pryor frequently got into problems at school with the authorities. He had one good encounter when he was eleven. He was given a part in a community theater production by one of his instructors, Juliette Whittaker, who also allowed him to amuse the other students with his antics. Years later, Pryor presented Whittaker with the Emmy for comedic writing for a Lily Tomlin special.

Pryor assaulted a teacher, leading to his suspension from high school. He never came back. Instead, he looked for a job at a packing facility until enlisting in the army in 1958. He had a two-year stint in West Germany, where he again disagreed with his superiors.

In 1960, the comedian made his way back to Peoria, where he led the first of his five wives and had his second kid, Richard Pryor Jr. Three years prior, his daughter Renee, his first child, was born.

Who Are Richard Pryor's Parents?

Richard Pryor was born on December 1, 1949, to his parents, father LeRoy Buck Pryor, and mother, Gertrude Thomas.

Richard Pryor explores and celebrates the life and career of the iconic comedian who lifted himself out of poverty to achieve worldwide success
Richard Pryor explores and celebrates the life and career of the iconic comedian who lifted himself out of poverty to achieve worldwide success ( Source : lrmonline )

The comedian's father, L, LeRoy Buck Carter Pryor, worked as a barman & his mother, Gertrude Thomas, was a prostitute in her mother in law hostel. He was raised in an unstable environment of alcoholism and illegal activities. His surrounding took a heavy toll on him, and his parent's marriage ended in a bitter divorce when he was just ten years old.

Pryor decided he was good enough to achieve similar success after witnessing Bill Cosby's ascension to national notoriety as a comic. To "make it in the mainstream," he relocated to New York City in 1963, when he began a full-time, professional standup career. Pryor rapidly rose to fame as a performer and shared stages with Bob Dylan and Richie Havens.

However, he doesn't belong to the wealthiest family; Richard worked hard ad pursued his dream into reality. Later, when he stepped into the acting world, he earned a huge fan base and won numerous awards.

Who Is Richard Pryor's Wife?

Richard Pryor was married seven times to five women from 1960 to 1991.

The comedian first got married to Patrica Price, who got married in 1960 and separated in 1961. They stayed in a relationship for only one year, and later, they divorced.

Afterward, Richard tied the knot with Shelly Bonus in 1967 and divorced in 1969. They stayed in a relationship for only two years and separated due to personal problems.

Later, he married Deborah Mc Guire, an inspiring model, and actress whom he married on September 22, 1977. Both couples dated for four years before their marriage and separated in January 1978 & their divorce was finalized in August 1978.

Pryor employed interior designer and actress Jennifer Lee to adorn his house. Due to his drug problem, they separated in October 1982 after getting married in August 1981. On June 29, 2001, they got remarried. They stayed together until Pryor passed away in 2005.

Some FAQs

Did Richard Pryor have a twin brother?

Richard Pryor doesn't have a twin brother.

How old was Richard when he passed away?

Richard was 65 years old when he passed away.

When was Richard born?

Richard was born on December 1,1940

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