Dave Kiley Net Worth: How Rich Is Diesel Brothers Cast?


Dave Kiley is the well-known face of TV show Diesel Brothers ( Source : instagram )

Dave Kiley, best known by his stage name "Diesel Dave," is expected to accumulate a decent net worth based on his career. He is well-known as the bearded face of the popular Discovery Channel series Diesel Brothers.

Diesel Brothers is an American reality TV series that began airing on January 4, 2016, and was created by two friends, David Sparks and David Kiley.

On the show, they construct absurd diesel trucks beyond most people's imagination. Diesel Dave serves as the company's public face, while Heavy D serves as the company's leader and creative force.

The Diesel Brothers build amazing high-end diesel trucks for clients and giveaways that they utilize to draw customers to their firm with the help of their equally bearded staff members.

Quick Facts

Full NameDave Kiley
NicknamesDiesel Dave & The Charm
Birth DateJune 17, 1974
Age48 years old
Birth PlaceUtah, USA
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionTV personality & Diesel vehicle expert
Net worth$2 million
Marital StatusMarried
WifeSusan Kiley

Dave Kiley's Net Worth- How Rich Is He?

The estimated net worth of Dave Kiley is around $2 million. Dave had to work hard for what he had because he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

When he first met David Sparks, aka Heavy D, it marked the start of a close friendship and successful collaboration. Together, the two started their own company and succeeded in their field. You can see his net worth due to his successful career advancement, which took years.

Dave Kiley collection of Kenworth for a giveaway
Dave Kiley collection of Kenworth for a giveaway ( Source : instagram )

The pals decided to share their skills with others who would profit from their work after realizing they were skilled at creating unique vehicles together. They made YouTube videos showcasing their work and posted them there.

The videos were a brilliant concept as they attracted the interest of Discovery Channel officials, who subsequently approached them about hosting the show. This would make the company the men had started known to a larger audience and attract many new clients.

His Passion For Cars 

Kiley is a reality television star recognized for his expertise in creating custom diesel vehicles. He has always had a passion for repairing diesel engines. He pursued his desire, working in several garages to hone his abilities and capabilities.

He had humble beginnings, working in several garages to develop the abilities and information he required to excel in his field. He eventually figured everything out, and today he is regarded as a great builder.

He would later run into Heavy D because of this, and the two of them would go on to form an organization that would change how diesel cars were used forever.

Dave Kiley and David Sparks perform repairs in addition to unique constructions. They are experts at restoring worn and broken old diesel cars to like-new condition. 

Dave Kiley & Dave Sparks Bond 

The bearded Diesel brothers are not biologically related, despite the show's moniker. They met each other by chance at a church function for singles despite having grown up in the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints.

They didn't end up meeting their future spouses; instead, they made new acquaintances. Kiley accepted Sparks' invitation to join him and some pals at a lake because he thought it would be a great chance to meet girls.

Heavy D accidentally used standard gasoline instead of diesel fuel in his diesel vehicle while on that trip, and the two became friends while siphoning the gasoline out.

Dave Kiley and Dave Spark met for the first time at a church
Dave Kiley and Dave Spark met for the first time at a church ( Source : instagram )

The two developed the concept for DieselSellerz, an online sanctuary for fans of diesel trucks in between gulps of gasoline. DieselSellerz would offer classified advertisements for all diesel trucks nationwide, from entirely stock cars to heavily modified off-roaders specialists.

Additionally, DieselSellerz offers the chance for trades and sells parts. They also founded Diesel Power Gear, which sells apparel, features, and accessories to diesel enthusiasts, and Sparks Motors, where they transform used vehicles into amazing machines before selling them on DieselSellerz.

Dave Kiley Came Up With A Successful Idea To Promote Business 

Diesel Dave had the brilliant idea to upload wild videos of trucks performing feats on YouTube to advertise the companies, such as 1,500 horsepower donut challenges and burnout competitions.

With each video that increased their popularity, more and more individuals visited the website, which led to a large increase in both their business and the site's traffic. Diesel Dave came up with another wild idea after seeing the success of these videos: giving away their ridiculous trucks to lucky viewers.

In 2014, they debuted their giveaways with a fully customized 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 powered by a twin-turbo Cummins engine. Because of Ram's popularity, businesses began sponsoring various elements of the truck, which was a big success.

Dave Kiley came up with a idea of giveaway during their Youtube career
Dave Kiley came up with a idea of giveaway during their Youtube career ( Source : instagram )

Over time, they've given away nearly 20 cars, including motorcycles, ATVs, and, most recently, a customized Jeep Grand Cherokee. All three companies are involved in the giveaways, mostly carried out by Diesel Power Gear.

Every $5.00 fans spend on the website earns them an entry into the giveaway. The money spent by fans more than covers the truck's cost.

Media Presence 

The companies experienced rapid growth, and ultimately Heavy D and Diesel Dave were invited to appear on The Tonight Show, Starring Jay Leno.

Their performance on The Tonight Show propelled them into the media spotlight, where the Discovery Channel caught their attention and contacted them with an offer of a TV show.

Their "Diesel Brothers" television program premiered on the Discovery channel on January 4, 2016. It aired for five straight seasons. After finalizing an agreement one month earlier, the sitcom debuted its sixth season on December 9, 2019.

We eagerly anticipate seeing what these beard-sporting brothers will accomplish next!

Diesel Dave Early Life & Family 

Diesel Dave was born on June 17, 1974, in Utah, United States. Dave once shared a home with his ex-girlfriend Susan. When they were both younger, the couple first met and started dating. Eventually, they got married, and on January 12, 2017, their daughter Saylor Fe was born.

They welcomed their second daughter, Pyper Corinne Kiley, on September 9, 2018, just over a year later. They both adore and are passionate about diesel cars. In light of this, Diesel has revealed his relationship status to everyone curious. Dave is a happily married father of two lovely young daughters.

Despite his intimidating exterior, Dave has a tender heart. He boasts about what a wonderful mother his wife is and is also incredibly proud of her. He jokingly admonished her that she's such a good mother they were doubling her parenting duties when they announced that baby number two was on the way. 

Some FAQs

Are the Diesel Brothers actually brothers?

The Diesel Brothers are not biological brothers, despite sharing the same name and appearance.

Is Diesel Dave still Mormon?

He practice the Mormon faith.

How many kids does Dave Kiley have?

He has two daughters with his wife.

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