Dasha Nekrasova and Comedia Louis CK Are Apparently Dating and The Internet Has Reactions


Louis C.K. Reportedly Dating Podcast Host Dasha Nekrasova Makes Internet Lose It ( Source : wegotthiscovered )

The claims that podcast presenter Dasha Nekrasova and Louis C.K. are dating have the internet agog, and the people's reactions are even funnier.

Dasha Nekrasova is a Belarusian-American actress, producer, and co-host with Anna Khachiyan of the Red Scare podcast. Keeping your darker political statements under wraps and managing public relations appear to go hand in hand with being a star.

Dasha Nekrasova, a Belarusian-American actress, has been outspoken about her opinions while in the public eye.

She is recognized for her part as Comfrey Pellits, a crisis PR specialist who finally connects with series regular Greg Hirsch in the critically acclaimed HBO series Succession (Nicholas Braun).

Dasha Nekrasova And Comedian Louis CK Are Apparently Dating

Dasha Nekrasova and Louis CK are dating, Twitter went into a frenzy. The couple has been involved in their fair share of issues, which has netizens worried about their relationship.

The two have previously generated news stories together. The Red Scare podcast co-host Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekravosa defended Louis CK and Woody Allen against claims of assault.

While Dasha Nekrasova may be accustomed to handling contentious remarks and public relations in her on-screen persona, she has had a history of unsavory public appearances.

Louis C.K. and Dasha Nekrasova of “Red Scare” Podcast Might Be Dating
Louis C.K. and Dasha Nekrasova of “Red Scare” Podcast Might Be Dating ( Source : twitter )

Dasha Nekrasova hasn't been shy to stir up her scandal lately between slightly unsettling Instagram pictures and worrying dating rumors with some unglamorous personalities.

Many of the memes imagined what C.K. and Nekrasova look like together, from Penguin and Catwoman in Batman Returns, Wario and Waluigi to Chewbacca and Princess Diana.

Netizens React To Dasha Nekrasova And Louis CK Dating Rumors

Given that both of them were embroiled in scandal during their careers, the idea of the two being together split the internet. Since both of them lean to the right in politics, it would not be entirely surprising if the two were dating.

It would appear that the two could get along well if their 24-year age difference did not pose a difficulty. Diverse people have different reactions to their relationship; some are in favor of it, while others are opposed to it.

Famously canceled comedian has been spotted at art cinema screenings across the Big Apple with a certain prominent edgelady podcaster
Famously canceled comedian has been spotted at art cinema screenings across the Big Apple with a certain prominent edgelady podcaster ( Source : intomore )

Regardless of the situation, it would seem that the two would get along just fine despite their age differences.

When Twitter user @Jezebirb posted a screenshot of an Instagram story from the anonymous celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi on Sunday, it sparked rumors that C.K. had discovered his troubled queen, which led to an upsurge in rumors.

2014 was Dasha's acting career debut in the Cotton web series. Before gaining parts in renowned programs like Mr. Robot in 2019, she would go on to star in a variety of short films and independent movies.

She launched Red Scare in 2018, a "culture criticism podcast" that she co-hosts with the American-Russian cultural critic Anna Khachiyan. She also contributed voices to Disco Elysium, a highly regarded computer game.

However, in 2018, the same year she started Red Scare, she started grabbing attention for her political remarks.

Popular figures frequently avoid the rumors that have been spread about them. Some people experience hoaxes, while others have rumors concerning their relationships with their co-stars or their close best friends.

Red Scare's Dasha Nekrasova: Sailor Socialism to Succession
Red Scare's Dasha Nekrasova: Sailor Socialism to Succession ( Source : vulture )

Dasha Nekrasova is one such famous person who has lately been discovered. Therefore, let's find out who Dasha Nekrasova is dating right now. Dasha Nekrasova was said to be dating Louis C.K., the podcast host and actress from The Succession.

This rumor may generate unheard-of web attention. Several women accused Louis C.K. of assault in November 2017, and he later told The New York Times that he had committed the alleged crimes.

According to current rumors, Dasha and the Louis actor started dating about six years after meeting.

In October 2020, Artnet News made public Dasha's connection with musician Dan Lopatin, commonly known as "Oneohtrix Point." 

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