Cristin Milioti Siblings - Who Is Her Brother? Parents And Family


Cristin Milioti is well-known for her role as Tracy McConnell in How I Met Your Mother ( Source : variety )

Cristin Miloti and her brother's musical outing made her aware of how much she resembles a cartoon character.

The fact that Cristin also has a brother must have surprised people because she rarely mentions him. We are all aware of Cristin's tendency to keep her personal life private. However, we discovered she also had a sibling from one of her interviews with Vulture.

The 37-year-old native of New Jersey received a Tony nomination for Best Actress (her musical Once won eight awards, including Best Musical) and has appeared as a guest star on several critically acclaimed TV shows. 

She also co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in Marin Scorcese's The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013. Let's go over all the information regarding her brother and the rest of her family.

Quick Facts

Full NameCristin Milioti
Birth DateAugust 16, 1985
Age37 years old
Birth PlaceCherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.
MotherCatherine Milioti
FatherClark Vincent Milioti
Net Worth$4 million
Years Active2000s-present

Cristin in the episode of The Resort
Cristin in the episode of The Resort ( Source : instagram )

Cristin Milioti Siblings- Know About Her Brother 

Cristian Milioti and her brother frequently go on adventures and have fun together. She discussed her fascinating brother-sister incident in an interview with Vulture. Cristin and her brother attended a Radiohead concert while high.

Her brother was narrating her an animated story in between songs while making erratic hand gestures and wide-eyed expressions. Milioti was struck with a lightning-bolt insight, following in the noble tradition of countless other Radiohead stoners before her.

The odd cartoonishness that Milioti has been hearing about from her friends and family for the majority of her life is what she is referring to. As per the same website, her enormous almond-shaped eyes, heart-shaped face, long, upturned nose, and thick brown hair all come together to create a virtually exact replica of a Disney princess, which serves as one of the distinguishing features of her cartoonishness.

Crisitni Milioti resembles cartoonish features
Crisitni Milioti resembles cartoonish features ( Source : salon )

Since her Broadway debut as Girl (yes, the role is named Girl) in "Once," Milioti has made a career out of deconstructing—and occasionally eviscerating—the happily-ever-after narrative tropes. 

She portrays a computer programmer in the "Black Mirror" episode "USS Callister" who outwits an incel suitor. She plays a book critic who develops a strong bond with her doorman in an episode of "Modern Love," not with the father of her child.

Facts About Cristin Milioti 

  1. Clark Vincent Milioti & Catherine Milioti gave birth to Cristin. Her parents are very supportive of her career. 
  2. Her father, Clark Vincent Milioti, is Italian-born, and her mother, Catherine, is of European descent. Cristin refers to her family as "Olive Garden" Italian, and her paternal grandfather was of Italian descent (Sicilian and Calabrian). She also has Belgian, Irish, Scottish, Czech, and English ancestry.
  3. She was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on August 16, 1985. She is so 37 years old at this time. She discovered her passion for performing at Long Lake Camp for the Arts, located in Long Lake, New York, when she was in middle school.
  4. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cristin has a staggering net worth of $4 million. In the sci-fi/comedy Palm Springs, which had its world premiere in January at the Sundance Film Festival and was released on Hulu in July 2020, Milioti played the lead role. In its first weekend, Palm Springs brought in $164,000 from 66 theaters. It was seen in about 30 theaters during its second weekend and brought in $101,000.
  5. Cristin's acting career on television and film began with cameo appearances in movies, primarily in commercials for major political campaigns. She was featured in one of Ford Edge's well-known advertising campaigns.

Cristin Milioti played the role of Teresa Petrillo Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street,
Cristin Milioti played the role of Teresa Petrillo Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, ( Source : time )
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