Caryn Chandler Kids Brittany and Connor Chandler, Are Caryn and Matt On Little People Still Together?


Caryn Chandler along with her long-time partner, Matt Roloff. ( Source : instagram )

Little People, Big World's Caryn Chandler has two children, Brittany and Connor Chandler from her previous marriage.

The TLC smash show "Little People, Big World" has had a number of heartfelt moments throughout the course of its seasons.

The six members of the Roloff family and their daily lives in and around Portland, Oregon, are the focus of the program. Despite the series' ups and downs, Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, and their kids have won over viewers, and the program has remained one of TLC's most-watched programs.

The four Roloff children have been around quite a bit throughout the years, and Matt's girlfriend Caryn has two grown children of her own. 

Quick Facts About Caryn Chandler

NameCaryn Chandler
PartnerMatt Roloff
HusbandJoseph Chandler
SonConnor Chandler
DaughterBrittany Chandler
Marital StatusDivorced

Who Are Caryn Chandler Kids Brittany And Connor Chandler?

Caryn Chandler has two kids with her ex husband Joseph Chadler. Her daughter Brittany is 25 and son Connor is 22.

She was married to Joseph Chandler for about 20 years until Joseph filed for a divorce in 2012. 

However, her kids were never on camera and they never appeared in the media's eyes. This made everyone wonder why her kids were not a part of her life.

Caryn Chandler posted a picture of her son and his partner to her Instagram holding her baby bump.
Caryn Chandler posted a picture of her son and his partner to her Instagram holding her baby bump. ( Source : instagram )

But it turns out that Caryn's ex-husband was not okay with his kids being on camera, and he refused to let the kids visit Roloff Farms. According to the court's papers and documents, Caryn was not allowed to bring her kids to the media without having Joseph's permission.

However, Brittany and Connor first appeared on the show in the Season 19 episode of Little People, Big World aired in May 2019 briefly alongside their mother, Caryn, and her boyfriend Matt.

Caryn wanted the kids to have lunch with Matt on their farm as she believes it is very important for her to bond as a family. Matt also explained that Caryn's kids would get along with Matt's kids, and he is looking forward to all of them spending time together as a family. 

Are Caryn and Matt On Little People Still Together?

Caryn and Matt on Little People are still together despite the ongoing friction in the family as a result of the relationship.

Fans have concluded that Matt's connection with his girlfriend Caryn comes before his family because of the issues that developed between him and his kids when he refused to give them 16 acres of the property.

Caryn Chandler looks happy with her long-time partner Matt.
Caryn Chandler looks happy with her long-time partner Matt. ( Source : instagram )

Because of this, the pair has encountered viewers who want them to break up. Many people also assume that because they are not married, there may not be a future for them, but Matt has said he does see marriage in their future.

The last time Matt uploaded a picture of the pair together online, they were celebrating Valentine's Day in February of this year. Nevertheless, Caryn's most recent upload was made in November 2021.

Matt still has a photo of them together as his Instagram profile image, and Caryn and he hasn't announced a breakup. Additionally, her social media profile is crammed with images of them having fun and going out to supper.

Caryn disabled Instagram comments after receiving hate online. While Matt notified his followers that he and Caryn attended the National Little People Conference three weeks ago, she suddenly has the words "be nice" in her bio.

Who Is Caryn Chandler?

The Roloff Family Farm's former farm employee Caryn Chandler gained notoriety after falling in love with Mark Roloff.

She has been a manager and assistant at the farm for more than ten years, and she was essential to the success of the pumpkin season. Matt and Caryn have collaborated for eight years.

Roloff said in 2018 that he had bought the Arizona house owned by Caryn's parents. 

Caryn Chandler enjoys her time out with her boyfriend.
Caryn Chandler enjoys her time out with her boyfriend. ( Source : instagram )

The two spent a lot of time working together on the Roloff farm before they started dating. According to Matt Roloff, Caryn had a significant role in agricultural operations and oversaw the farm's 10-year pumpkin season. Since 2018, one year after the pair declared their relationship, she has not worked at the farm.

Since Caryn was raised in Arizona, Matt and Caryn frequently visit the state. To spend time with her children from a previous marriage, she goes to Arizona.

 It seems that Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are still not prepared to wed after having been together for several years. Although the pair has hinted at getting married in the past, it doesn't seem like they are quite ready.

Some FAQs

Are Caryn Chandler And Matt Roloff Still Together?

Yes, Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff are still together.

Who are Caryn Chandler's children?

Caryn Chandler's children are Brittany and Connor Chandler.

Are Caryn Chandler And Matt Roloff getting married?

No, Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff are not getting married.

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