'Buying Beverly Hills' Sonika Vaid Net Worth: How Rich Is The Former American Idol Contestant?


Sonika Vaid is one of the participants of Buying Beverly Hills ( Source : instagram )

The Buying Beverly Hills' Sonika Vaid has a net worth of $1.5 million.

She was raised by real estate professionals and developed an early appreciation for design and architecture.

Netflix is introducing the occult soap opera "Buying Beverly Hills," which depicts personal and professional conflict. The Agency, Mauricio Umansky's multimillion-dollar real estate empire, will be the focus of the television program.

In addition to showcasing the corporation's politics, drama, and high-end desires, Netflix's occu-soap will also likely feature love triangles and other concerns from personal lives.

Sonika, who is 27, became well-known after competing on American Idol and placing fifth. Let's examine Sonika's life and her wealth in more detail.

Quick Facts About Sonika Vaid

Full NameSonika Vaid
ProfessionSinger and Real estate agent
Age27 years old
Birth DateAugust 4, 1995
Birth PlaceWeston, Massachusetts, United States
FatherKuldip Vaid
MotherAnanya Vaid
EducationHobart and William Smith Colleges
Known ForAmerican Idol

'Buying Beverly Hills' Sonika Vaid Net Worth

The Cinemaholic estimates Sonika Vaid's net worth at $1.5 million.

Sonika worked as an executive assistant/agent at The Agency from March 2019 to December 2020. She later changed her career, joining the Grauman Rosenfeld Group as a real estate agent.

According to her official bio on the business's website, her four significant transactions helped the organization generate $680 million in revenue in 2022 alone.

Sonika Vaid primarily makes money as a real estate agent
Sonika Vaid primarily makes money as a real estate agent ( Source : instagram )

She is looking for new endeavors in life because of the competition, fulfillment, and rewards of the real estate industry. Sonika's dedication, expertise, and passion will give you a service you can rely on and a friendship that will last a lifetime, serving both buyers and sellers.

Sonika works hard to give back to the community, grow her company, and, most importantly, ensure that her customers are always satisfied. She is passionate about creativity and has extensive expertise.

She uses her Boston University marketing bachelor's degree to give her clients the best advice, whether it be regarding social media or ad campaigns.

She Started Her Career Thorough American Idol 

Sonika Vaid dazzled the globe in 2016 with her performance of Carrie Underwood's "Look at Me." Sonika's outstanding audition impressed the judges, giving her a golden ticket and informing her that she would go to Hollywood week on American Idol. 

The singer advanced to the top 5 finalists thanks to her perseverance and hard work but was ultimately eliminated. She had just turned 20 at the time.

She was up against Tristan McIntosh for a position in the Top 5, but her amazing rendition of Demi Lovato's Let It Go eliminated him. Jennifer Lopez praised Sonika's performance that night and credited her with using the stage and props to great effect.

Sonika Vaid was among the top 5 of American Idol
Sonika Vaid was among the top 5 of American Idol ( Source : instagram )

She also received praise from the other judges, with judge Harry Connick Jr. stating that she performed better. Her usage of a wind turbine, which blew her hair up during the song and made her look magnificent, impressed another judge, Keith Urban.

Sonika recorded her songs after her time on the show was over, and Radio Disney, E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Cosmopolitan, and other publications highlighted her. She looks forward to continuing to release music as a recording artist.

Sonika Vaid Age- How Old Is She? 

Sonika Vaid, who is currently 27 years old, was born in Weston, Massachusetts, in the United States, on August 4, 1995.

Sonika's parents shifted to Massachusetts when she was a young child; they were originally from India. She started singing professionally when she was three years old and is also a proficient pianist.

She entered college after graduating from Weston High School in 2013. She had stopped playing music while a junior majoring in biology, though she occasionally gave special performances at a park close to her house.

Sonika enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys singing and playing the piano at home, as well as tennis and sailing outdoors, and experimenting with new dishes.

She spends her leisure time singing with kids in the public school system and is a fierce opponent of bullying.

Sonika Vaid Was Born To Indian Parents 

Kuldip "Ken" Vaid & Ananya "Anna" Vaid, who are Sonika's mother and father, immigrated to America when they were both very young. After relocating here, they fought to realize the American dream.

Her mother earned an engineering degree and is currently employed as a real estate developer, while her father trained as an eye surgeon and continues to practice today.

Sonika Vaid is very close to her family
Sonika Vaid is very close to her family ( Source : indiapost )

Music is nothing new to Vaid. Her grandfather is the first in a long line of talented family members. He acquired a harmonium for himself, a musical instrument like an accordion in structure, and trained Vaid's mother, Ananya, to sing and play it. The mother of Vaid, the oldest of six kids, was aware of her talent.

She helped Vaid overcome her shyness and became her vocal coach. Vaid was reluctant to enter the spotlight while she was in school since her mother would encourage her to pursue possibilities that would compel her into it.

Sonika Vaid Is Entering Buying Beverly Hills With Her Partner Kevin Stewart 

Sonika is dating her coworker Kevin Stewart when we first meet her, thus, viewers of Buying Beverly Hills will get a glimpse into Sonika's love life, according to Netflix.

Sonika, a finalist on season 15 of "American Idol," was asked to be his girlfriend Kevin not long after she entered the real estate industry, therefore, it looks like they started dating in 2019.Although Sarah and Kevin now want to keep their private life out of the spotlight, it appears that they are still happy together!

Sonika Vaid started dating Kevin in 2019
Sonika Vaid started dating Kevin in 2019 ( Source : tvguidetime )

We make this assertion based on the fact that he follows a couple-focused account while she follows his mother, in addition to the fact that they continue to follow one another and have a few sweet photographs on their social media feeds.

Another important factor is that they appeared to have moved in together after deciding to buy a house together by the end of "Buying Beverly Hills." However, it's unclear if they're still together, the fact that their most recent Instagram post dates from April 2022 give us reason to suspect something more.

She Has Trust Issues With Kevin 

Sonika was rapidly transformed into more once Kevin employed her as his executive assistant/agent; he'd only recently broken up with his ex. However, the singer-turned-real estate agent must acknowledge that all of this gives him a lot of insecurities whenever he employs a new assistant or develops a strong relationship with other female coworkers, notably Amanda York. 

Sonika's lover had lied to her, and when she found out they had shared a drunken kiss at a celebration a few years earlier, she couldn't help but feel completely betrayed and surprised.

Since they didn't even know one another at the time, it wasn't cheating in any way, form, or manner, but she had openly expressed insecurity about it, and Kevin still hadn't told her the truth.

While Sonika acknowledged that her faith in Kevin had been damaged, she made it clear that just the untruth was the issue, especially given that they have both previously been in relationships.

Some FAQs

What is Sonika Vaid net worth?

Sonika Vaid has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

How old is Sonika Vaid?

She is currenlty 27 years old.

What is Sonika Vaid known for?

She is known for participating in The American Idol.

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