Has Strictly Helen Done Skelton Botox And Lip Fillers? 39-Year-Old Seems To Be Growing Backwards


Helen Skelton currently competes in Strictly Come Dancing ( Source : instagram )

Helen Skelton has always been enjoyable to see on television as she radiates beauty with her lovely appearance. However, some allege that she had lip fillers and botox to enhance her appearance.

Over the years, Helen Skelton has undergone such a significant transformation that many people think she has had lip fillers and botox. Helen has been on so many different programs throughout the years, making her a well-known figure on British television.

The star, born in Cumbria, is now competing on Strictly Come Dancing and has been impressing the judges for weeks. The BBC judges have given Skelton and her boyfriend Gorka enormous acclaim, even awarding them some of the highest points.

Her appearances in the show have, however, generated controversy regarding her appearances. Let's explore whether the claim that she had lip fillers and botox is accurate.

Quick Facts

Full NameHelen Elizabeth Skelton (age 39)
ProfessionActress and TV Presenter
Birth Date19 July 1983
Age39 years old
Birth PlaceCarlisle, Cumbria, England
Years Active1999–present
HusbandRichie Myler

Has Helen Skelton Done Botox?

Helen Skelton has not publicly stated that she uses botox. The 39-year-old actress is pleased with her looks, and we are confident that she does not require botox because she is naturally blessed with beauty.

She gave her Instagram followers a real-time update on her life in 2021. She complained that she needed a "bucket of Botox" to combat sleep loss during her third pregnancy. She merely said so in a mocking manner, though.

She laughed, briefly considering the possibility before brushing it off as a joke. She has devised creative ways to relieve tension, but that does not make a comment any less hurtful.

Helen Skelton proudly flaunts her natural beauty
Helen Skelton proudly flaunts her natural beauty ( Source : instagram )

She would leave the kids in the hands of her ex-husband Richie Myler while she took up knife throwing as a hobby when he was still alive. She was caught on a farm in the midst of nowhere while still using the sharp weapon to hit her target, and she even stated that she was enjoying it on Instagram.

Her decision to permanently shut down her Twitter account, which had just over 40.000 followers, dates back to 2012. She acknowledged that she lacked the fortitude to handle the initial backlash. Therefore, she decided to close the page permanently.

She started it off by conducting interviews with spectators near the Olympic venues as she covered the games. Sadly, she wasn't the only woman harassed by the callousness, as Channel 4 host Kirstie Allsopp warned to call the police to track out and arrest the individuals behind the anonymous names.

Helen Skelton Has Not Done Lip Filler

Helen Skelton has small lips since she is British. But it looks fantastic on her face. Europeans have thin lips as a hereditary characteristic since they evolved during the Ice Age. It simply evolved due to people's routine behavior and habits in a chilly climate.

Some of her fans believe that her lips now have a slightly fuller appearance. Well, over the past few years, many excellent products have emerged. Therefore, it is evident that Helen may have used those cosmetics to give her lips a little bigger appearance.

Additionally, gloss-based lip plumpers assist a little additional volume to the lips by giving your lip a glossy finish. Helen can use these products that have given her lips a larger appearance.

Helen can use these products that have given her lips a larger appearance. They would have been more obvious if she had lip fillers, and Helen would not have retained her natural beauty.

Helen Skelton Before And After Photos

Over the past few years, Helen Skelton has undergone some significant changes. This does not imply that she has had surgery, though. Her healthy lifestyle may also give her an attractive glow, as Helen does.

She has fortunately always maintained a higher fitness level, making the journey to the chosen destination simpler than for the average person. In an interview, she revealed her weight-loss secret to Hellow Magazine and said she starts each day with a salmon and egg wrap.

As she prepares for the remaining activities, the vegetarian breakfast scramble and an egg wrap with muesli and berries come in second and third, respectively.

She is interested in maintaining her physical fitness using natural methods, including a tight diet and a demanding workout schedule.

Helen Skelton lives a healthy lifestyles
Helen Skelton lives a healthy lifestyles ( Source : instagram )

She spoke to the Sun UK in 2016 about her perspective on weight loss after turning 30 because she had stopped counting calories in her 20s. She was more relaxed about food and forgave herself for her earlier indiscretions.

The remarkable changes were highlighted when she appeared on the Fit & Well magazine cover and discussed how the shift in her routine made her happy. She is not naturally the most athletic person, but three months of diligent training and a great coach helped her get fit.

While raising her children does take up most of her time, she makes sure to fit in shorter bursts of exercise like yoga and Hiit when she needs a break.

Some FAQs

What is Helen Skelton doing now?

As she prepares for his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing in the 2022 season, Helen is now based in London. She has stated that she would be a teacher if she weren't a broadcaster because she is a certified tap dancing instructor.

Where does Helen Skelton Come from?

Skelton was born in Carlisle, Cumbria, England. She was raised in the Kirkby Thore village on a dairy farm.

What age is Helen Skelton?

She is currently 39 years old. The actress was born on July 19, 1983

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