Aurora Culpo and Husband Michael Bortone's Divorce Details Before The Release of Their TLC Show


Aurora Culpo is the elder sister of Oliva Culpo ( Source : instagram )

Aurora Culpo, a social media personality, and sister of Olivia Culpo has filed for divorce from 'Survivor' actor Michael Bortone.

Over the past few years, Aurora and her sisters, Olivia & Sophia, have received a lot of attention on social media, and they have all officially attained influencer status. The possibilities appear endless when the three of them combine their might.

In TLC's brand-new series The Culpo Sisters, Olivia Culpo is giving audiences an intimate peek at her life with her siblings, Aurora Culpo and Sophia Culpo.

The Culpo sisters are shown in the teaser to be able to irritate one another and to be unafraid to express their opinions. For now, we take a look at the drama surrounding Aurora's divorce from her spouse.

Quick Facts About Aurora Culpo

Full NameAurora Culpo
ProfessionModel and Reality TV Star
Age33 years old
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandMichael Bortone
SiblingsSophia and Olivia Culpo

Inside Aurora Culpo and Husband Michael Bortone's Divorce 

Olivia Culpo's sister Aurora Culpo has requested a divorce from her husband, "Survivor" star Michael Bortone.

In the document, Aurora stated that the breakup was due to "irreconcilable issues." According to reports, the pair split up in January 2022.

She got married to Michael about three years ago. The couple raises two kids. The precise reason why the happy couple is no longer together is unknown at this time, and neither party has made any public comments regarding the divorce.

Her Instagram makes it plain that she doesn't have any images of herself with her husband. Perhaps the rumors that the pair have broken up are true after all. Regarding her divorce, Aurora hasn't yet made any posts.

Aurora has filed for divorce from her husband after three years of marriage and two children
Aurora has filed for divorce from her husband after three years of marriage and two children ( Source : yahoo )

Michael, an aspiring writer and actor from Boston, Massachusetts, was a student at the Actors Circle Theatre. He once owned a bar/restaurant and a chimney and masonry business. 

Bortone completed two years of college at Northeastern University in Boston after attending the prep school Maine Central Institute. He has appeared in Progressive Auto, American Express, and Levi's advertisements.

She is making the most of her single life after the divorce 

The divorced mother-of-two posted a mirror selfie on Instagram along with a peace sign to her followers. She showed off her toned body in a strappy dark bikini while wearing her long blonde hair pulled back into tight space buns.

The fabric is held together at the two ends by two thin straps crisscrossing her body and looping around her neck. Despite her high-waisted neon yellow dress, which is pulled over her hips and conceals her matching bikini bottoms, fans can still see the definition in her toned abs.

In the post's second image, fans can clearly see what she means by #whitepartyfail. Even though Aurora stands out at the party wearing a bright yellow skirt, she truly stands out because everyone else is wearing white.

Aurora Culpo looks stunning in this beautiful dress as she posed for a instagram picture
Aurora Culpo looks stunning in this beautiful dress as she posed for a instagram picture ( Source : instagram )

The majority of the girls are dressed in white bikini tops or dresses, while the majority of the guys are dressed in white shirts, slacks, or shorts.

Aurora still gives the camera the peace sign in this picture as she crosses her legs beneath her skirt to show that she wore a strappy bikini and matching strappy shoes.

It appears like she has nothing white to wear to the party because even her necklace, earrings, & bracelets are made of gold.

Her Scandal With American Airlines 

After calling out American Airlines for the "cover-up" controversy involving her famous sister, Aurora Culpo garnered a lot of media attention.

According to reports from January, Oliva was instructed to change her clothes because they were too sparse as she boarded an aircraft with her sister and boyfriend, Christian McCaffrey.

With no hesitation, Aurora spoke up for her sister. It should be mentioned that Olivia was wearing an enormous sweater, a matching pair of dark biker shorts, and a dark bralette.

Aurora defended her sister by remarking on how adorable and acceptable she appeared. Olivia was summoned to the desk and informed that she must wear a shirt to board the aircraft.

Aurora Culpo & Michael Bortone Were Married For Three Years 

It's interesting to note that Culpo claims the pair split up in January 2022, leaving their formal marriage just under three years.

Following the paparazzi's discovery of Olivia and Aurora's dress shopping, the former couple's wedding received media attention.

The couple was photographed in identical Adidas tracksuits in October 2018 at Kinsley James Couture Bridal in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles. Little Remi went wedding shopping with her mother, aunt, and uncle.

Aurora may have a very busy life as a mother and businesswoman, but she is eager to start this new path after her divorce and see where it leads her.

What Will Happen To Aurora Culpo & Michael Bortone Children? 

Aurora Culpo is requesting joint custody of Remi and Solei, the small children of the former couple, from the court. In the document, Aurora requests that the judge compel Bartone to make spousal and child support payments.

She also wants the court to stop supporting the "Survivor" contestant. During her pregnancy, Aurora experienced what is known as diastasis recti.

Aurora Culpo asked for joint custody of her two children in divorce from her husband
Aurora Culpo asked for joint custody of her two children in divorce from her husband ( Source : instagram )

A gap results when the rectus abdominis muscles in your belly separate during pregnancy. This condition is known as diastasis recti. She advised PVolve to take additional care with her shape in order to prevent further harm.

Since becoming a mother, Aurora has experienced several changes, one of which is the way she approaches making decisions for her life.

Due to her desire to ensure that she is setting a good example for her children, Aurora has recently become much more careful and thoughtful about the things she does.

Some FAQs

Is Aurora Culpo getting a divorce from husband Michael?

Yes, Aurora Culpo is getting a divorce from husband Michael.

How many children does Aurora Culpo have?

Aurora Culpo has two children with her ex husband.

How old is Aurora Culpo?

Aurora Culpo is currently 33 years old.

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