Are Johnny and Victoria still together after Bachelor in Paradise?

Are Johnny and Victoria still together after Bachelor in Paradise?
Spoilers: Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller found a heartfelt association on the Lone ranger in Heaven ocean side in Mexico, and got connected by the season 8 finale. Presently, fans keep thinking about whether they remained together in the wake of recording wrapped.

They were one of two couples who put a ring on it during the finale. It comes after Johnny previously showed up on The Single girl season 19 with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, while Victoria was on The Lone ranger season 24.

In spite of the fact that they had a blissful closure on the ABC dating show, long-lasting watchers will realize that not every person who gets connected with stays together after they return to the real world. Things being what they are, are Johnny Victoria still together after BIP?

Johnny DePhillipo wears white rolled-up shirt while Victoria Fuller in lime green dress puts red rose on his chest.
Lone ranger IN Heaven - Ò810ó Ð Itõs another day in Heaven! While certain couples are awakening feeling more grounded than any time in recent memory, for others it seems like everything except a new beginning. A rose service with the ladies in control has a few men reexamining their put on the ocean front; and a progression of dates between new, laid out and, surprisingly, a few impossible pairings makes a splash significantly more. Furthermore, a situation is unfolding for more than one previously strong couple; will it blow over or split things up for the lovebirds on ÒBachelor in Paradiseó MONDAY, OCT. 31 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) JOHNNY DEPHILLIPO, VICTORIA FULLER
Are Johnny Victoria still together?
No, Johnny and Victoria are not generally drawn in or in a relationship. Reality Steve affirmed on his web recording in October 2022 that they separated around early September 2022, yet were still attached starting around a month prior.

Victoria had affirmed she and Johnny wound up together when she posted an Instagram Story in August of them at the supermarket. Reality Steve additionally said: "There is certainly something happening with Victoria and Greg at the present time."

He added: "What that is will be for them to characterize once Heaven is finished." Reality Steve affirmed Victoria and Greg are dating on October 25, 2022, when he posted a video of them at the Trevi Wellspring in Rome.

For what reason did Johnny and Victoria separate?
Victoria uncovered that she parted ways with Johnny after he considered her a "idiotic c**t" and let her know great of a lady she on the off chance that she didn't cook or clean, as detailed by Reality Steve. Johnny affirmed he directed those sentiments toward Victoria.
He likewise apologized for considering her a "dumb c**t." He additionally blamed Victoria for tossing a wine glass at him and letting him know she was over his head in the wake of telling her would have rather not broadcasted their filthy clothing on television.

During the "After the Last Rose unique," Johnny and Victoria uncovered that they were in couples guiding for a very long time after the Single guy in Heaven season 8 finale. In any case, they didn't remain together after treatment.

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Where the Lone wolf in Heaven team are
Victoria is currently apparently dating Greg Grippo, who showed up on Katie Thurston's time of The Lone wolfess. Despite the fact that she hasn't affirmed the news herself, Reality Steve said Victoria and Greg uncovered they were talking before BIP.

According to Reality Steve, they asserted they weren't serious while Greg didn't go on Lone ranger in Heaven since he was dating his ex at that point, Clemence Lopez. She likewise apparently told Johnny her and Greg were simply companions.

Johnny allegedly scholarly of Victoria and Greg dating after their separation from online entertainment when he saw the photographs and recordings of them in Italy. Victoria and Greg likewise got matching arm tattoos in Italy, which said "hot" in Italian.

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