Ander Puig defends Nico's trans storyline in Elite season 6 following backlash

First class entertainer Ander Puig has protected Nico's storyline following reaction over his affection interest in season 6 of the Netflix show.

World class season 6 acquaints watchers with the show's first trans character. Nico (Ander Puig) is another understudy at Las Encinas and it isn't some time before he gets the attention of Ari (Carla Díaz). Notwithstanding, while plainly Ari is drawn to Nico, she ceaselessly makes transphobic comments around him and fetishises him. Regardless of this, the two characters proceed to date one another.
Since season 6 dropped, individuals have gotten down on First class for making Nico go gaga for a transphobic character. Presently, Ander, who is likewise trans, in actuality, has stood up on the side of the show and said that Netflix treated Nico's story "cautiously".

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Ander Puig shields Nico's trans storyline in Tip top season 6 following backfire
Ander Puig shields Nico's trans storyline in World class season 6 following kickback. Picture: Netflix
Addressing Sensa Cine about Nico's storyline, Ander said: "I believe it's dealt with quite well. They've done it cautiously. I'm additionally trans myself and I haven't felt outraged or any such thing. There are individuals who are like Nico and individuals who are not. Some will relate to him. Some will not. Since I saw the content and began shooting, I felt entirely agreeable."
By and by, individuals are as yet disturbed. One individual tweeted: "First trans character on the show and they make him succumb to the transphobe this show isn't significant". One more added: "each time ari addresses nico she yells about how she's making a solid attempt like young lady have you perhaps thought to not let the trans fellow know how hard it is for you to acknowledge that he's trans??".

Nico even has an old flame who isn't transphobic in the show (Sonia) however chooses to date Ari all things being equal.

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With Ari leaving Las Encinas toward the finish of season 6, it looks like Nico will have an alternate old flame in season 7.

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