All Saints Christmas Hallmark Cast: From Ledisi, Lucia Walters to Roger Cross and more


YouTube has released the All Saints Christmas teaser ( Source : thatgrapejuice )

Brand new Hallmark movie, All Saints Christmas, includes an amazing cast from Ledisi, Lucia Walters to Roger Cross.

The Hallmark channel never disappoints in and around Christmas time with its annual, Countdown To Christmas. During this time, the channel puts out light-hearted movies set in December and Christmas time to get people in the holiday spirits.

Being one of the greatest holidays celebrated worldwide, Christmas has inevitably given rise to a vast culture. Everything has a hint of Christmas, from movies to music to clothing.

In addition to this Christmas movie, there are other significant aspects of the season for everyone, and All Saints Christmas is scheduled to hit your TV on November 8 of this year.

All Saints Christmas Hallmark Cast

All Saints Christmas on Hallmark stars Ledisi and Roger Cross in the main roles. along with some amazing acts.

For film fans, Christmas is also a time when a number of movies come out that are focused on the occasion and the festivities that surround it.

Since releasing their first Christmas film, "The Christmas Secret," in the year 2000, Hallmark is one such channel that has consistently produced some of the most intriguing Christmas movies of all time.

The channel has some fairly intriguing movies lined up for this year, like All Saints Christmas, so 2019 won't be any different for them.

The Cast Of The Hallmark Movie All Saints Christmas

Ledisi As Lisette

Ledisi Anibade Young is an American actor, singer, songwriter, producer, and author. Her fourth album, Turn Me Loose, has received two Grammy nods. Ledisi was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on March 28, 1972.

She was reared in Oakland, California, although she was born in New Orleans. At eight, she began playing with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra.

Ledisi is songwriter, music producer, author and actress
Ledisi is songwriter, music producer, author and actress ( Source : strathmore )

She was a student at McChesney Junior High. Ledisi received a scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley, where she spent five years studying opera and the piano.

She wed Ronald T. Young in 2018. He stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 62 kg, and has dark hair and dark brown eyes. 

Roger Cross as Matthew

Canadian actor Roger Cross, who was born in Jamaica, has been in various movies and TV shows, especially ones that were filmed in Canada.

He is well-known for playing CTU Agent Curtis Manning in the well-liked American drama series 24. First Wave, Continuum, Motive, and Dark Matter are among his other well-known television appearances.

My latest BriouxTV: The Podcast guest — Coroner's Roger Cross
My latest BriouxTV: The Podcast guest — Coroner's Roger Cross ( Source : brioux )

Christiana, Jamaica, is where Cross was born. His family immigrated to Canada when he was eleven years old, settling in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received a degree in general studies and aviation from Trinity Western University. Cross had a successful career as a pilot before he became an actor.

Lucia Walters As Gia Cole

British actress Lucia Walters has been in many blockbuster films, including Fifty Shades Darker, Life Unexpected, and Mission to Mars (2017).

She appeared in a few episodes of the American science fiction TV shows Smallville, Stargate SG-1, and The X Files, among others, in addition to movies (2001).

Lucia Walters is a British actress
Lucia Walters is a British actress ( Source : superstarsbio )

Since September 18, 1999, Lucia and Colin Lawrence have been blissfully married, and God has blessed them with two children.

She made her television debut in the Cobra TV series when she was only 8 years old (as a screaming girl in season 1 episode 12). She continued to participate in other TV shows after that, including Millennium and Neon Rider.

Peter Bryant As Abner

The television roles of Bling in the series Dark Angel and Waldo Weatherbee in the series Riverdale made American actor Peter Bryant famous.

In addition, he has made appearances in a number of well-known TV programs, such as Bates Motel, The Outer Limits, The X-Files, Pretty Little Liars, Spooksville, Smallville, Supernatural, The Good Doctor, Revenge, Psych, Scrubs, Arrow, and The Flash. 

Peter Bryant is a relatively known veteran Australian-American actor
Peter Bryant is a relatively known veteran Australian-American actor ( Source : imdb )

He is a seasoned Australian-American actor best known for his roles in film and television, notably those of Army Drill Sergeant in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and High School Principal Waldo Weatherbee in the CW TV series Riverdale (2020).

The additional cast members of the film All Saints Christmas are the ones listed below:

  • Miranda Edwards
  • Darien Martin
  • Trezzo Mahoro
  • Tosca Baggoo
  • Artine Tony Browne
  • Denzel Brooks
  • Don Mike
  • Erica Ise
  • Colleen Machnikowski
  • Michael Keitha

All Saints Christmas Hallmark's Movie Release Date and Time

‘All Saints Christmas’ is set to premiere on November 6, 2022, on The Hallmark Channel. 

Where To Watch All Saints Christmas Movie Online?

The Hallmark Channel is the only place where "All Saints Christmas" will air. 

The good news is that movies and TV series can be watched for free because the streaming service is ad-supported. So you can access a vast library of fascinating content by creating a free Hallmark account.

All Saints Christmas tells the story of Lisette, a well-known R&B singer
All Saints Christmas tells the story of Lisette, a well-known R&B singer ( Source : hallmarkchannel )

The Hallmark streaming gadget is the ideal platform for watching The Hallmark Channel. Simply add The Hallmark Channel to your station app like any other channel. Alternatively, you can use any web browser to view The Hallmark Channel.

All Saints Christmas Movie Trailer

Watch the trailer for "All SaintsChristmas" to get a glimpse of what Christmas will be like for the Lisette family's story while you wait for the show to air.

The film promises to be just as uplifting and musical as the Emmy-winning series! It depicts the tale of Lisette, a well-known singer who is preparing to depart for her family for Christmas.

Her family insists that her ex travels with her when the media misinterprets a photo of them together as an engagement announcement.

Some FAQs

When will All Saints Christmas release?

All Saints Christmas will release on November 6, 2022.

Who are the main cast of All Saints Christmas?

The main cast of All Saints Christmas includes Lucia Walters, Roger Cross and Peter Bryant.

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