Adam DiMarco Plays Albie On "White Lotus 2": Facts To Know About The Actor


Adam DiMarco is a Canadian actor starring in The White Lotus season two. ( Source : instagram )

The White Lotus, a razor-sharp social satire by Mike White, raises a lot of difficult topics, none of which have simple solutions. There are the glaring disparities, the blatant cruelties, and the paradoxical effects of tourism, which makes money but also devastates the environment and does not ultimately help the people of the nation.

With a talented cast and filming location, The White Lotus is set to release for a second season. After seeing the first episode of The White Lotus season 2, Adam DiMarco has already established himself as one of the series' breakthrough stars. The attractive 32-year-old actor is a member of the ensemble cast that also features Jennifer Coolidge, Aubrey Plaza, and other actors and portrays a group of tourists staying at an Italian resort in Sicily. Here are some facts about the rising actor. 

Quick Facts

NameAdam DiMarco
Age32 years old
Birth DateApril 14, 1990
Birth PlaceOakville, Canada
Birth SignAries
ProfessionActor and singer

Adam DiMarco Is Currently 32 Years Old

On April 14, 1990, Adam DiMarco was born in Canada. He is currently 32 years old. He is mostly known for his roles in The Order (2019), The Magicians (2015), and Radio Rebel.

Judging from the actor's look, he does not look anywhere older than his mid-twenties. He has a charming personality and his looks are only his plus points.

The actor has managed to win the hearts of many viewers. After it was revealed that he will be starring in The White Lotus season two, his fans have been going crazy over the news.

They cannot wait to watch him in season two of the show.

Adam DiMarco Had A Crush On Everyone On The Set

Adam believes that The White Lotus has the most beautiful-looking cast ever. In a recent interview, Adam explained that he had a crush on everyone on the set at some point in filming.

Adam DiMarco enjoys a drink in Italy.
Adam DiMarco enjoys a drink in Italy. ( Source : instagram )

He thinks that everyone starring in the show is extremely hot and also very talented in their own ways. Even DiMarco cracked a joke about how "challenging" it was to be on set with such a gorgeous group.

But eventually, the group grew quite close while residing and working at Sicily's San Domenico Palace, to the extent that DiMarco and co-star Haley Lu Richardson organized karaoke as a means of camaraderie.

Adam DiMarco Plays The Role Of Albie In The White Lotus

Albie Di Grasso, played by Adam, is a recent Stanford graduate who is traveling with his father Dominic, and grandfather Bert (F. Murray Abraham) in The White Lotus: Sicily (Michael Imperioli).

In the first episode, Adam and Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) begin flirting when they are both relaxing by the pool. As the season progresses, we'll undoubtedly see more moments between these two. 

Michael Imperioli from "The Sopranos" plays his affluent, philandering father, while Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham plays his frail, unyielding grandpa. The group is traveling to Italy to get in touch with their heritage, but they frequently get sidetracked by the women they encounter at the White Lotus hotel.

Adam felt that he was weirdly connected to his character and he also felt like the character resembled him a lot which made it easier for Adam to really get into character.

Adam DiMarco Was Not Sure Of His Career At First

DiMarco, who is from Oakville, Ontario, was in a dark place while attending McMaster University to study biological sciences. In his free time, he watched movies and TV shows, and then it dawned on him.

Adam DiMarco looks dashing in a trench coat on one of his Instagram posts.
Adam DiMarco looks dashing in a trench coat on one of his Instagram posts. ( Source : instagram )

The actor dropped out of school, relocated on his own to Vancouver, and enrolled in acting lessons. He eventually got an audition for The White Lotus' second season and binge-watched the first season to prepare.

The second season of the show is entirely focused on "sexual" politics in Sicily, as opposed to the first season's discussion of colonialism in Hawaii, which built tension between the resort's affluent guests, the stressed-out wait staff, and Indigenous Hawaiians as a commentary on class, race, and privilege.

Adam DiMarco First Debuted His Career In A Disney Movie

Adam and Debby Ryan co-starred in the 2012 Disney Channel movie Radio Rebel. He portrayed Gavin, Tara's love interest in the show (played by Debby).

Adam's major break came via Radio Rebel, which helped advance his career by exposing him to a wider audience. According to Adam's IMDb, his stellar playing experience includes roles in programs like The Magicians, The Order, and the Charmed and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reboots.

In one of The Good Doctor's episodes, he was also a guest. Adam is working as an actor and pursuing a career in music. As a musician, he goes under the moniker Good One. The singles "Come Around" and "Sleepwalk" are his two offerings.

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How old is Adam DiMarco?

Adam DiMarco is 32 years old.

Where is Adam DiMarco from?

Adam DiMarco is from Oakville, Canada.

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