A Look At Alison Sweeney and Husband David Sanov's Married Life


David's birthday was recently acknowledged by Alsion via Instagram ( Source : instagram )

Alison Sweeney met her husband, David Sanov, with her mother's help.

The actress had a childhood infatuation with David Sanov, the husband of Alison Sweeney. The pair would not have been together for 20 years without her mother's help. Here are the power couple's insider tips for maintaining a happy marriage.

The "Days of Our Lives" star Alison gave one of the methods she and her husband employ to maintain their relationship: assessing each other's work while commemorating their anniversary.

Although some people would find it uncomfortable, Alison's approach worked perfectly, and she and David are a pair of living examples of a committed union. Benjamin and Megan Sanov, the couple's two gorgeous kids, were born over several years.

Quick Facts Of David Sanov

NameDavid Sanov
Full NameDavid Alan Sanov
Birth Date1970
Age52years old
Birth PlaceLos Angeles
ProfessionPolice Officer
WifeAlison Sweeney

David and Alison's information was shared by Hollywoodsmagazine
David and Alison's information was shared by Hollywoodsmagazine( Source : hollywoodsmagazine )

Who Is Alison Sweeney's Husband David Sanov?

On July 8, 2000, Alison Sweeney married her now-husband David Sanov. In the 1990s, the couple first met, came close, and eventually fell in love.

The two then decided to hold hands forever, and they are still doing so as of right now. Despite having unique jobs, David and Alison have a solid relationship.

Their love is so strong because of this, and it keeps them going. On their 15th anniversary, she said in an interview that they always go out to dinner and discuss their relationship's progress. 

Alison even accepted in an interview that when they were young she had a big crush on David
Alison even accepted in an interview that when they were young she had a big crush on David ( Source : voicesfromtheblogs )

They have demonstrated what true love is by maintaining a close connection despite coming from different areas. 

After people discovered David to be the companion of this well-known actress, he became a topic of interest among her fans. Since then, he has gained enormous worldwide fame. Additionally, he has made a minor appearance in a TV program where her wife is the main character.

David Sanov Job & Career Background

In the 1970s, David Sanov was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. In California, David is well-known for serving as a Highway Patrol police officer.

He was excited about it from a young age and decided to become a police officer. He initially fled for this position after receiving his degree from the University of California, and he soon attained it.

Since the late 1990s, Alison and David had been in a relationship
Since the late 1990s, Alison and David had been in a relationship ( Source : newsunzip )

He is not a particularly well-known Patrol police officer, though. After he proposed to the well-known actress Alison Sweeney, he came into the public eye. 

Additionally, David has made a little appearance as a police officer in the drama Days of Our Lives. The most often-seen episode of this show features his wife.

Finally, he realized his dream and is now content with his life as a Patrol police officer.

5 Facts You Don't Know About David Sanov

  1. David Sanov always wanted to be a police officer and currently works as a patrol officer in California.
  2. David and Alison have been married for two decades.
  3. David Sanov had a minor role as a police officer on Days of Our Lives. His wife Alison played Samantha 'Sami' Brandy on the same show.
  4. David and Alison welcomed their first child, a son on 25 February 2005 named Benjamin.
  5. Back on January 12, 2009, the couple was blessed with their second child, this time a daughter named Megan.

David and Alison are proud parents of two children
David and Alison are proud parents of two children ( Source : voicesfromtheblogs )

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