What Cancer Does Rescue Addict Nicole Curtis's Daughter Tessa Have? Her Son Harper and Children Ages


Nicole looked after Tessa like her own daughter during her battle with cancer ( Source : people )

Nicole Curtis treated Tessa like her own daughter while she was battling cancer at the age of 9.

Nicole Curtis is a television show host who was born on August 20, 1976. Furthermore, she is best known as the host and director of the HGTV TV show called the Rehab Addict.

Furthermore, she favors the preservation and restoration of existing architecture over demolition whenever possible. Moreover, she has worked on projects in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Minneapolis and Minnesota.

Additionally, her work also focuses on pre-World War II homes, and her renovation philosophy is to "restore old homes to their former glory" rather than modernize them.

Quick Facts About Nicole Curtis

NameNicole Curtis
Known asHost of Rehab Addict
Age46 yrs
BornAugust 20, 1976
ChildrenEthan and Harper
Ex HusbandSteven Cimini

Does Rescue Addict Nicole Curtis's Daughter Have Cancer?

Nicole Curtis is the mother of two sons but does not have a daughter. Nevertheless, she is frequently questioned about a girl named Tessa Prothero.

Well, Tessa was not Nicole Curtis' biological daughter; rather, she was the daughter of one of Nicole's long-time team members and close friends.

Unfortunately, she passed away after a cancer battle following an episode featuring her and her family. Tessa was born to her parents, Bobby Prothero and Karin Prothero.

In addition to this, Nicole, who is close to Tessa's parents, including her father and on-screen GC Bobby, assisted in telling her story on Rehab Addict. According to reports, Tessa had neuroblastoma, a type of cancer that develops from immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body.

Furthermore, this cancer mostly affected her in and around the adrenal glands, which have nerve cell origins and sit atop the kidneys. Unfortunately, Tessa lost her battle with cancer and later lost her life in the year 2017. When she passed away, she was only at the young age of 9.

HGTV star Nicole Curtis offering $150 Zoom home consults for charity
HGTV star Nicole Curtis offering $150 Zoom home consults for charity ( Source : detroitnews )

Nicole Curtis Offered $ 150 Zoom Home Consults For Charity

As per the latest reports, for the first time, the "Rehab Addict" star is offering Zoom home consultations.

Curtis will provide a 30-minute personalized online consultation for a $150 donation. All donations will be directed to Love, Team Tessa, a foundation established in memory of Tessa Prothero.

Furthermore, every dollar of every donation will go directly to bringing joy to the lives of a family dealing with the hardships of pediatric cancer.

Likewise, she stated that she has been filming for her show but has taken a break in honor of Tessa's birthday on February 26. She would've been 14 years old. Bobby and Karin Prothero, her parents, established the Love, Team Tessa Foundation to assist families dealing with pediatric cancer and to fund research.

Nicole Curtis's Son Harper and Children's Ages

Nicole Curtis has two sons, Ethan and Harper, who are 25 and 7 years old respectively.

Nicole has been candid and open about her passion for home restoration, as well as about her life as a single mother. Moreover, she became pregnant when she was just 20 years old, and her son Ethan was born in December 1997.

Nicole Curtis's First Son Is Name Ethan

Her first child, Ethan was born during her marriage with her ex-husband Steven Cimini. As per the reports, for more than a decade, the two were embroiled in a legal battle over custody and child support.

Additionally, she opened up about her experiences raising Ethan as a child during a 2021 episode of Rehab Addict Rescue. She stated that she had to work around the clock when he was young. Moreover, she had to be on a construction site in the morning, at noon, and at night along with her little son.

Nicole along with her sons.
Nicole along with her sons. ( Source : distractify )

Furthermore, she went on: "He has always been by my side on every house build since the beginning. It got to the point where I promised him he wouldn't have to live in drywall dust any longer."

Though Ethan and his mother have had their share of problems in the past, they appear to be on good terms now, with Ethan stating in the aforementioned episode that his mother has worked to the bone to get what she has.

Nicole Had A Second Child With Shane Maguire

Nicole has another child, Harper, with her ex-partner, Shane Maguire. Harper was born in the summer of 2015. Nicole and Shane no longer live together, so they have a custody agreement after a contentious and public years-long battle.

Therefore, her elder son Ethan Cimini is currently at the age of 25 years old, whereas, her youngest son Harper Maguire is currently aged 7 years old.

Nicole Curtis's Husband

Well, Nicole Curtis has always been open about her personal life as well. However, as per the latest activities on her Instagram, she seems to be reserved when it comes to sharing the details about her partner or love life. 

Nevertheless, Nicole Curtis is currently not married to a husband. However, she was previously married to his husband Steven Cimini. As mentioned earlier, Steven and Nicole also share a child together.

Likewise, she was also together with her partner Shane Maguire. Together they have a son named Harper. Nevertheless, she has already parted ways with Shane as well. Despite the two sharing a child, they are not together anymore.

Nicole Curtis's Current boyfriend

Nicole Curtis's most recent known public relationship was in 2019. Because so much time has passed, it's unclear whether the relationship will continue in 2022. She told People she was dating Ryan Sawtelle and was head over heels in love at the time.

Furthermore, in an interview, Nicole revealed, "My heart is happy, and having him near me brings a calm I've never known." She went on to reveal that it hasn't been easy.

Likewise, she also added that everyone has a great first few months, rocking everything they have in common, but after six months, you start digging into the other stuff and either grow apart or negotiate your differences and move forward. And you must make the decision to concentrate on having fun.

Moreover, Nicole was comfortable sharing pictures with Ryan on a regular basis in 2019. She posted before and after pictures of their outfits as they prepared for a night out on the town in a now-defunct story thread. She hasn't posted any pictures with Ryan in 2022, leaving fans wondering if they're still together.

Some FAQs

Does Nicole Curtis have a daughter??

No, Nicole Curtis doesn't have a daughter but has two sons.

Who are Nicole Curtis's children?

Nicole Curtis's sons are Ethan Cimini and Harper Maguire/

How old are Nicole Curtis's sons?

Nicole Curtis's elder son Ethan is 25 and Harper is 7 years old.

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