The Devils Hour Ending Explained: Where Was The Amazon Series Filmed?


The Devil's Hour features Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine as major characters ( Source : co )

Prime Video's The Devil's House ends with Issac and Lucy in their home which catches fire and viewers are wondering what it signifies.

However, there is no precise end for both characters, which also starts rumors of a possible next season. On the other hand, the production has yet to provide news about it. 

The series, released on October 28, 2022, has become a hit. It has a 7.7 rating on IMDB. It is thus, safe to say it has quickly become a fan favorite.

The Devils Hour Ending Explained

Season 1 of The Devils Hour ends with characters finally realizing what is going on in the current and alternate realities.

The series' synopsis says that Lucy (played by Jessica Raine) is a social worker struggling with family and interpersonal issues. She begins having weird dreams, and soon after, she becomes entangled in a murder investigation linked to a disappearance long ago.

The drama thriller ended in six episodes, but there was a vague ending for many characters. Lucy seems to have traveled to an alternate reality after she jumped into a fire to save her son Issac.

Peter Capaldi as time traveler Gideon in The Devil's Hour
Peter Capaldi as time traveler Gideon in The Devil's Hour ( Source : telegraph )

However, there is no further story for Issac, which also make people conclude that he may have either passed away or traveled to another reality as he also possesses that ability. 

Thus, the vague ending of the series has made people wonder if it will be renewed for Season 2. 

What Happened To The Characters At The End?

Lucy runs into the fire to save her son Issac. Mike, on the other hand, locks Issac away when the house starts to catch fire. He has never liked him and even thought that he was the throne between him and Lucy. 

Then, in an alternate reality, it is Warren's home, whose house is on fire. The next scene shows Lucy chambers as the detective. Finally, she arrives at Warren's house, where the family members are rescued. 

She sees Mrs. Warrens and gets a deja vu when a wound on her cheeks disappears. It is shown that Lucy had seen the same burn marks on Mrs. Warrens in the present reality. 

It Is A Drama Thriller

The Devil's Hour is a drama thriller that revolves around a woman named Lucy Chambers. She is a child protective services worker who is also a mother to a little son Isaac.

She has a sleep problem as she wakes up every night at 3:33 a.m. from a nightmare. Her family has a history of schizophrenia, but she cannot be cured despite going to the doctors, which seems to be creating her mental conditions too. 

The thriller drama series has become a massive hit
The thriller drama series has become a massive hit ( Source : novastreamnetwork )

She has been searching for meaning in whatever has been happening in her life, but answers to her question seem to make her experience some police investigations into gruesome murders. 

Where Was The Amazon Series Filmed?

According to Wikipedia, The Devil's hours began filming in London and at Farnborough Studios in Hampshire. The development began in 2019 when Tom Moran revealed in December that he would create The Devil's Hour for Amazon. 

In June 2021, Amazon announced that the series had been greenlit. Tom Moran is the writer, creator, and executive producer of the series. The series is also executive produced by Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue.

The Local shop in Aldershot transformed into Rigby's toy for the filming
The Local shop in Aldershot transformed into Rigby's toy for the filming ( Source : hampshirelive )

The filming ended in November 2021, and the series was released on October 28, 2022. 

Filming Began In London 

The series was shot in most parts of England, including London, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey. The filming crew set up a camp in London, one of the largest cities in England and the United Kingdom. 

Shots From Farnborough Studios In Hampshire

The filming crew used the Farnborough Studios' facilities at Studio Gate F on Aerospace Boulevard in Farnborough. According to Cinemaholic, some shots were also taken near a charity shop in North Camp, a Farnborough suburb.

Filming crew spotted at North Camp area of the town
Filming crew spotted at North Camp area of the town ( Source : hampshirelive )

Likewise, many places were turned into fictional places for the series. For instance, Games Shop at 6 Wellington Street was turned into Rigby's Toy Store. Some other locations are Alderwood School on Newport Road near Haig Road, Caesar's Camp, The Empire, and Himalayan Spice on High Street.

Other Locations For the Series

Some other locations where the filming crew was spotted were Surrey and Hampshire. Some scenes were taken in Goldsworth Park in the town of Woking in northwest Surrey, an estate in Beech Vale, and the areas around Hill View Road in Woking. 

They also seem to have used the facilities of the Shepperton Studios on Studios Road in Shepperton. 

Will There Be A Season 2 of The Devil's Hour?

Although there has been no word of a continuation of "The Devil's Hour," a second season is not out of the question. While the ending of the series does not provide any glimpse of what happens to Issac, some viewers think that the story may go further to the second season as well. 

Jessica Raine as Lucy in The Devils Hours
Jessica Raine as Lucy in The Devils Hours ( Source : telegraph )

Based on the possible future line for the characters, it is possible that there may be another season as well. However, most creators these days prefer to keep the ending vague, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusion. 

In addition, Amazon has not yet mentioned anything regarding season 2 of the series. 

Some FAQs

Will there be Season 2 of The Devils Hour?

Amazon is yet to announce if they have plans to renew The Devils Hour for Season 2.

Where was The Devils Hour filmed?

The Devils Hour was filmed entirely in different cities of England including Hampshire, London, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

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