Is Sophie Duker Pregnant In 2022 & Does She Have A Husband? Is She Married?


Sophie Duker, a British comedian and entertainer. ( Source : instagram )

Sophie Duker appeared to have a baby bump in her pictures, resulting in pregnancy concerns among fans.

Sophie is a British comedian and writer who requires no effort to get the crowd laughing and in tears. Her confidence while delivering her jokes is unmatched and keeps her audience hooked to her.

She was nominated for the Best Newcomer award and received five-star reviews for her Edinburgh Fringe production of Venus.

After a photo, she posted on her Instagram went viral cause it showed a bump on her stomach, her fans went into a frenzy and have been speculating if she is expecting a child.

Quick Facts About Sophie Duker

NameSophie Duker
Age32 Years Old
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
OccupationComedian and entertainer
Working Years2015 to present

Is Sophie Duker Pregnant In 2022?

Sophie Duker is not pregnant at the moment.

Recently she posted a picture to her Instagram account dancing with her friend EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) which started pregnancy rumors among the fans.

The picture posted by Sophie Duker that started the pregnancy rumors.
The picture posted by Sophie Duker that started the pregnancy rumors. ( Source : instagram )

However, she appears to have gained a few pounds, and looks stunning as ever. Her fans quickly started speculating if the comedian was expecting a baby.

But Sophie herself has not addressed the rumors yet and she appears to be unbothered by them. She has continued to party and enjoy her time with her friends. She also appears to be holding some kind of drink in her hand in the picture which could possibly be a cocktail or alcoholic drink. This also further proves that she is not expecting a baby at the moment.

This season, Sophie Ducker is a competitor on Taskmaster, a comic panel program on Channel 4. On the show, she dons a range of costumes, some of which accentuate her trim physique and flat tummy.

Who Is Sophie Duker Dating?

Sophie is not dating anyone currently and she has also never been married before. She has been very open about her bisexual orientation.

Sophie Duker looks stunning in a designer dress she wore.
Sophie Duker looks stunning in a designer dress she wore. ( Source : instagram )

Duker was, however, dating during the time of the COVID epidemic, since she previously noted how difficult it was for her boyfriend to deal with the loss of a parent. It had affected the two of them that they hadn't spoken in months.

The editors of Altitude magazine chose a picture of Sophie kissing author Sharan Dhaliwal for the June 2019 issue. It is still unclear if the two were dating.

Apart from that, Sophie was been pretty private about her relationships and has kept it to herself. Even though she loves sharing a stage with her fans and viewers, there is some aspect of her life that she likes to herself.

More On Sophie Duker Career

British comedian Sophie Duker is presently filming her upcoming episode both inside and outside of the Taskmaster cottage on Chiswick Bridge, Great Chertsey Road, in London.

Sophie Duker displays a unique style on her Instagram.
Sophie Duker displays a unique style on her Instagram. ( Source : instagram )

In 2015, Duker was a finalist for the Funny Women award. In 2016 and 2017, she developed and starred in the "Manic Pixie Dream Girls" play as part of Edinburgh's Free Festival. From July 31 to August 25, 2019, Duker staged her 2019 production "Venus" at the Edinburgh Pleasance.

Duker is a first-generation London-born West African immigrant. Her father was born in Ghana, a West African nation, while her mother is from Cameroon, a country in Central Africa. She majored in French and English while attending Wadham College in Oxford. In her first year in college, she became a member of the Oxford Imps.

Some FAQs

Is Sophie Duker Pregnant in 2022?

No, Sophie Duker is not pregnant in 2022.

How Old Is Sophie Duker?

Sophie Duker is 32 years old as of 2022.

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