How Old Is Oriana Schneps From Below Deck Adventure? Her Age, Height, Job and Parents


Oriana Schneps has joined the sets of Below Deck Adventures. ( Source : instagram )

Stew Oriana Schneps will likely reveal her age on the first episode of Bravo's Below Deck Adventure

According to Bravo, the Boston-based stewardess not only engages in a boat romance but also clashes with the interior staff. The drama may or may not involve her employer, Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke, Chef Jess Condy, or Stew Kasie Faddah at this time.

Oriana and Kasie have worked together in the past which further increases the enthusiasm among the fans of the show.

Quick Facts About Orianna Schneps

Full NameOrianna Schneps
StudiesBiomedical management
UniversityUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Height5 foot 7 inches

How Old Is Oriana Schneps From Below Deck Adventure?

Based on her social media presence, Oriana Schneps appears to be in her 20s.

While Oriana is stealing hearts, her fans are getting more curious to know about her personal life. Schneps has done a good job keeping her private information out of the limelight and she has yet to reveal her exact age.

Oriana Schneps shows off her fit figure in a dark top and light blue pants.
Oriana Schneps shows off her fit figure in a dark top and light blue pants. ( Source : instagram )

Following the new episodes, the viewers are hoping to get to know Oriana more. However, judging from her pictures, she appears to be around her mid-twenties to her early thirties.

Schneps's LinkedIn says that she attended college from 2012 to 2016 and is an alumn of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Considering the timelines, the actress should be somewhere in her late twenties at the moment.

Considering that the typical American college student attends at age 18 after graduating from high school, she should be somewhere in her twenties right now.

Oriana looks young and youthful and full of potential.

What Does Oriana Schneps Work As?

Oriana is a woman of many talents. She is an entrepreneur who co-founded the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club this year. According to her Instagram account, she is an equestrian and dive master.

Oriana spent several years as the Chief Stew of International Yachting before founding Lazy 8ight Yacht Club, which she characterized as an "innovative blockchain enterprise" that gathers "metaverse-ready, mega-yacht NFTs." She has also joined the sets of Below Deck Adventure and has entered the entertainment industry.

Oriana Schneps looks stunning in a floral design dress.
Oriana Schneps looks stunning in a floral design dress. ( Source : instagram )

She is ready to be a part of the franchise and this might be her start to another career choice. If the show becomes a success and Oriana gathers a fanbase, we might see more of her on television.

Who Are Oriana Schneps Parents?

Oriana originates from a wealthy Cambridge, Massachusetts family. She started off young learning to fence, ride a horse, and scuba dive. Additionally, she spent her twenties on family holidays traveling the globe.

Even though she has not revealed the personal details regarding her parents and their identity, she grew up in a loving household. She appears to be pretty close to her parents.

Schneps does not really post any pictures with her family on her social media accounts, but she still has made it clear that she shares a great bond with her family and she is proud to be a part of them.

Oriana Schneps On Below Deck Adventure

The reality television show Below Deck, which had its Bravo debut in 2013, follows a group of young people who work on expensive boats.

Although Stewardess Oriana Schneps and Bosun Lewis Lupton had a boat romance in season one of Below Deck Adventure, it seems like she now has a lover.

Oriana Schneps cozies up to her rumored boyfriend in Croatia.
Oriana Schneps cozies up to her rumored boyfriend in Croatia. ( Source : instagram )

Recent photos of Oriana hanging out with San Francisco restaurateur John Dampeer may be found on her Instagram. On the West Coast, Oriana recently paid a visit to John and his restaurant Fool's Errand. It's not obvious, though, if they're merely close friends or involved romantically.

Following the completion of Oriana's Below Deck Adventure shooting, the two seem to have crossed paths on a boat vacation in Croatia. In addition, Oriana traveled with Chef Jess, with whom she seemed to have developed close ties. Lewis and Oriana had a boat romance while aboard the superyacht Mercury in Norway, as hinted at in the show's trailer.

It appears that Faye and Oriana may not get along well at work throughout the charter season.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Oriana Schneps?

Oriana Schneps appears to be in her mid to late twenties.

What is Oriana Schneps's job?

Oriana Schneps works as a stew in Below Deck Adventure.

How tall is Oriana Schneps?

Oriana Schneps is 5 foot and 7 inches tall.

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