Has Julian Clary Had A Stroke? His Illness and Health Update


Julian Clary is a well known actor and comedian ( Source : co )

Julian Clary had anxiety attacks after his partner passed away in 1991 from AIDS.

The comedian and television personality opened up about how the loss affected him mentally as well as physically. That was a dark time in his life but he has since been doing better.

Clary is a multitalented artist who is famously known for being a comedian, novelist & TV presenter. He began appearing in tv shows in the 1980s and after that, he started getting involved in films, television, and numerous platforms.

Quick Facts About Julian Clary

NameJulian Clary
Marital StatusMarried
Age63 years
ProfessionActor and Comedian
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorGrey

Has Julian Clary Have A Stroke? 

Julian Clary suffered severe anxiety after the passing of his boyfriend in 1991.

It was a dark time for him which has led fans to wonder if he has had a stroke or any other illness. 

Julian has not been active on Instagram for six months, which might be why fans are concerned about his health condition and mental health problems. However, as far as his health is concerned, he is doing very well and seems to be in a healthy physical and mental state. 

The actor is active on Instagram with the username aka @julianclaryrenownedhomosexual. His recent post was uploaded on May 29, 2022, traveling with his friend. He has written Camp Comic, author, and actor on his Instagram bio.

Julian Clary has been featured as British television for decades
Julian Clary has been featured as British television for decades ( Source : kentlive )

After stalking the artist's social media account it looks like, Clary loves traveling and exploring new places. He has uploaded numerous pictures of traveling and exploring the beauty of nature.

Julian Clary Illness and Health Update

Julian Clary have serious anxiety attacks after his boyfriend passed away from AIDS in the 1990s.

Julian Clary was the star in the best-ever Celebrity Big Brother
Julian Clary was the star in the best-ever Celebrity Big Brother ( Source : mirror )

TV comedian Julian Clary admitted that after his partner's demise in the 1990s, he started experiencing terrible anxiety attacks, which drove him to turn to narcotics. Later, he resorted to strict meditation and therapy for his distrubed mental health condition. He was prescribed medicine to deal with his anxiety.

However, as of 2022, no recent report about his health update has yet been recorded on the internet. Although after watching his pictures on social media and the internet, it seems like the actor is healing rapidly.

After Christopher's demise, Julian started to experience panic attacks and utilized a variety of medicines to try to stay on track. He said that he was given Valium for use during the day and Rohypnol for use at night.

How Old Is Julian Clary?

Julian Clary is currently 63 years old as he was born in 1959.

He has appeared frequently on numerous TV programs throughout the 1980s, including Friday Night Live, Sticky Moments, QI, Who Do You Think You Are?, and even Neighbours. In 2012, he also triumphed in Celebrity Big Brother.

At the British Comedy Awards in 1993, Julian made an infamous performance. He joked that the stage was like Hampstead Heath and that he had just had a quite crude encounter with former Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont, who had earlier given out an award.

The joke's punchline, "Talk about a red box!" was missed in the audience's response. Lamont did not object, and the audience roared with delight at the joke, but Julian received backlash in the media. The Daily Mail and The Sun started a campaign to get him barred from TV.

Julian Clary with his boyfriend Lan Mackley
Julian Clary with his boyfriend Lan Mackley ( Source : thetimes )

Julian Clary is a prolific author of novels, a pantomime actor who has performed all over the world, and a novelty singles artist. He has been in a relationship with his lover Lan Mackley since 2005, & the duo got married in late 2016.

Some FAQs

Is Julian Clary still married to Ian Mackley?

Yes, Julian got married to Lan Mackley on November 19, 2016.

Has Julian Clary Have A Stroke?

Julian Clary hasn't had a stroke but he has had anxiety attacks.

Does Julian Clary have children?

No Julian Clary doesn't have children.

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