Get Kylie Jenner's 'Mistress of Dark' Elvira Look: Her Halloween Costumes 2022


Kylie Jenner, a businesswoman and the founder of Kylie cosmetics. ( Source : instagram )

Kylie Jenner has always been a media sensation with every new makeup trick that she does or every new outfit that she wears. She has a great influence on her fans anytime she brings out a new style. 

As Halloween is creeping in the corner, Kylie has been on her game with the costumes. She has delivered to the fans this year too with her look and we are here for it.

The Makeup mogul decided to surprise her fans with several Halloween looks this year but the one that took the cake was when she transformed herself into a “mistress of the "dark.” She shared the look through her Instagram account.

She captioned the image "Mistress Of The "Dark", along with a spider emoji. This new look was a total smoke show, and she once again took the crown in bringing new trends among her fans.

Kylie Jenner Becomes Elvira For Halloween

Kylie has always loved Halloween and has embraced lavish costumes and makeovers throughout the years. Her dedication to Halloween-themed Kylie Cosmetics collections each year also demonstrates her love of the spooky season.

This year she decided to transform herself into the Mistress Of The Dark. The beauty mogul shared a few pictures on her Instagram of her outfit and she looks stunning in them. 

She wore a studded bra added on with a skimpy fringe skirt with sheer dark stockings. Her abs were showing and the outfit hugged her perfect figure and highlighted the mogul's beauty even more.

Kylie Jenner's makeup for this Halloween as Kyvria.
Kylie Jenner's makeup for this Halloween as Kyvria. ( Source : instagram )

Kylie complimented the look with long shiny studded earrings and bold makeup that matched her outfit and complimented the whole look. Her dark long hair fell down her shoulders and she had a wig on top of her hair as part of the costume.

Jenner also wore sheer fingerless gloves which were complimented by her long dark nails. Her outfit was very put together and she definitely lived up to the expectation of the Mistress of the Dark.

Her post got her fans rushing in to share their love and appreciation for her Halloween look. Several celebrities commented on her picture and praised her look. Her fans bombarded the post with love, and she was showered with compliments from her loved ones as well.

Even though her boyfriend, Travis Scott has yet to react to the picture, we are sure that he was her number one fan behind her whole Halloween look.

Breaking Down Kylie Jenner's Second Halloween Outfit

In the second outfit, the beauty mogul wore a "black" plunging dress that showed her cleavage and hugged her curves perfectly. She still carried the same hairstyle and makeup from the previous look but she wore a different outfit this time.

At first sight, the cosmetics guru appeared to be channeling Morticia Addams, but Kylie was really dressed as Elvira from "Elvira, mistress of the dark." Fans were swooning over the shot because of how confident she appeared to be.

Posing on the floor, this time with a misty background, she wore stockings and heels to compliment the whole look. She looked beautiful in both of her outfits, and she shared a series of pictures wearing them on her Instagram account.

Kylie Jenner's outfit as the Mistress Of The Dark.
Kylie Jenner's outfit as the Mistress Of The Dark. ( Source : instagram )

Among her thousands of fans, her mom, Kris Jenner was also seen commenting on her picture with several hearts to show her appreciation for Kylie's Halloween look.

However, she limited the comments on her post. Even though it is not clear why she limited the comments on her post, she still got all the love from all of us. Her whole look gave a gothic vibe which was something new from Kylie, and her fans were stunned by how beautiful she looked. 

She has been all of our inspiration when it comes to fashion. Nobody can do it better than the Kardashians and Jenners when it comes to a new fashion trend, and Kylie lives up to the expectation every time. 

How Can You Recreate Kylie Jenner Elvira Outfit?

After our beauty mogul has blessed us with her new look, it is only fair that we try to recreate the look ourselves. But finding the key components for the outfit is always a hassle. So we are here to help your ensembled look.

Fashionnova is a great online store for the outfits of our choice. We can easily recreate this look using Fashionnova and Partycity. We can find the fingerless sheer mesh gloves on Fashionnova, which costs about $5.99.

Kylie Jenner looks stunning in a white two piece with a leather jacket.
Kylie Jenner looks stunning in a white two piece with a leather jacket. ( Source : instagram )

We can also get the studded top and skimpy fuzzy skirt from fashionnova and also buy the plunged neckline dress that Kylie wore. For the dark wig with bangs, we can use Partycity

Elvira's wig costs about $10 in Partycity. Partycity also offers Elvira's dresses and press on dark pointed nails that Kylie wore with her outfit. We can complete the look with any dark high heels.

To finish the look, we have to also match our gothic makeup. But Sephora or Ulta has all the makeup utilities we might need in order to recreate our whole look. 

Even though we cannot find the exact same pieces of dress that Kylie wore, we can still recreate the entire look with the help of these sites and become the Mistress of the dark this Halloween. 

Kylie really set the trend and tone of this Halloween as a Goth activity and all of us are loving the new theme Kylie has shared among us. 

Who Is Mistress Of The Dark?

James Signorelli's 1988 comedy-horror flick Elvira: Mistress of the Dark is set in America. Elvira is a horror hostess who is played by Cassandra Peterson. Sam Egan, John Paragon, and Peterson wrote the script of the movie.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a Los Angeles TV horror personality, leaves her position after being harassed by the station's new owner. She wants to debut an act in Las Vegas, but the venture will cost $50,000. She flies to Fallwell, Massachusetts to receive the bequest, which includes a mansion, a cookbook, and Morgana's beloved poodle, Algonquin, after finding out she is the great-aunt Morgana's beneficiary.

Kylie Jenner looks beautiful in a printed dress on a yacht.
Kylie Jenner looks beautiful in a printed dress on a yacht. ( Source : instagram )

Elvira's worldwide outlook and provocative attire in Fallwell alienated the town council's traditional members. But she makes pals with theater manager Bob Redding. To the dismay of their parents, who see her as a terrible influence, the town's youngsters welcome her fast.

Patty, the proprietor of a bowling alley, has feelings for Bob, and when she humiliates Elvira during the late-night horrific film festival she was showing at Bob's theater, she succeeds in getting his attention. Elvira tries her hardest to have the house sold so she can go to Las Vegas.

She is also ignorant that her strict but otherwise pleasant uncle Vincent is a warlock who is obsessed with gaining Morgana's spellbook and has been inciting the townspeople's animosity in order to kill Elvira and rule the world.

Kylie Jenner looks stunning in a studded head piece.
Kylie Jenner looks stunning in a studded head piece. ( Source : instagram )

The plot gets thicker and the movie is very entertaining. Elvira became an iconic character in the movie after the movie was released and it is no surprise that Kylie was also influenced by the movie for her to recreate the look this Halloween.

A few weeks ago, Kylie shared another video of her and Hailey Bieber, who was seen strolling to a pizza restaurant while smeared in green paint. The two were giving sneak previews of Hailey's upcoming season of her YouTube series, Who Is In My Bathroom. They have always amused people when they are together, so it is obvious that the photo and video have immediately sparked excitement.

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