Are Nicholas Galitzine & Sofia Carson A Couple? Partner 2022

Nicholas Galitzine & Sofia Carson are not a couple. Their partner as of now is not revealed. Galitzine and Carson's Purple Heart has been released on Netflix on 29 July 2022. 

Do not miss it as you will find their romance something that will make you remember the movie at all times. Carson has played the role of Cassie Salazar, and Galitzine appears as Luke Morrow.

Nicholas Galitzine breakthrough his talent in Cindrella
Nicholas Galitzine breakthrough his talent in Cindrella ( Source : Nccrea )

Luke Morrow is going to be deployed in U.S. Marine in the movie when Cassie Salazar meets him. Her role is of singer-songwriter having Type I diabetes. They are the people having different views but teh the same problem of dept. 

They decided to get married to avail themselves of the military benefit but, soon they realize that they are falling in love with each other. Watch the movie to witness the intense love story between them. 

Nicholas Galitzine & Sofia Carson Dating History

Nicholas Galitzine & Sofia Carson are rumored to be dating each other. However, the artists in real life are not dating as there is no confession from both of them. Their chemistry in the movie seems highly compatible.

This might be the reason fans wish to see them as a couple in real life. Digging their social media platforms also shows they are single and dating none. They might be good friends out of the set, but surely they have performed well in the Purple Heart.

Both the artist was not open to sharing their personal life, so it is difficult to find out about their love lives. Sometimes celebrities try to hide their dating life just not to get involved in rumors and gossip. 

Nicholas Galitzine Girlfriend & Sofia Carson Boyfriend List

Nicholas Galitzine's love life is not very clear. He has been rumored with different ladies but those relationships were never confirmed. He was said to have a relationship with a co-star Lilli Kay. None of them confirmed the statement. 

Due to Cinderella and the prince role of Nicholas and Camila Cabello, it is said that the couple has been dating. Again despite spotting them together it is not sure if they are dating each other. However, he is open about this friendship with Gideon Adlon. Now came Sofia Carson again with no assurance as his girlfriend.

Sofia Carson, an American singer and actress
Sofia Carson, an American singer and actress ( Source : Puzzlefactory )

Likewise, Sofia Carson is not so open about her relationship. Once her name was tied with her co-star Dove Cameron. Besides, she was rumored to have dated some of her co-stars with whom she works. As a result, since she has been working with Galitzine, they are being paired up at the moment.