Who Was Linda Lusardi First Husband Terry Bailey & Where Is He Today?


Linda Lusardi was married to her first husband Terry Bailey in the 1980s. ( Source : Mirror )

A personal loss drove Linda Lusardi to reexamine her celebrity lifestyle with her first husband, Terry Bailey. The intrigue around her relationship with her former partner on the Internet is real.

English actress, television host, and former glamour model Linda Lusardi debuted as a Page 3 girl in The Sun in 1976 when she was 18 years old and continued to do so until 1988. Additionally, she made appearances in the male publications Fiesta in November 1977 and Mayfair in February 1977.

Linda Lusardi is 63 years old.
Linda Lusardi is 63 years old.( Source : News )

Lusardi joined ITV's Dancing on Ice in January 2008 and came in sixth. Daniel Whiston, her professional skating partner, temporarily relocated into her family's residence to facilitate training.

She was chosen by the other candidates, Abi Titmuss, Rodney Marsh, Lesley Joseph, and Paul Ross as the greatest dinner presenter on the competition. Lusardi competed in the Celebrity Masterchef season in 2011 and made it to the top five. She participated in The Real Full Monty On Ice in December 2020 as a charitable event.

Who Was Linda Lusardi First Husband Terry Bailey?

Linda Lusardi was first married to her husband, Terry Bailey, in the 1980s. He was a well-known builder and was frequently featured in the Sunday supplement magazine of News of the World, "Sunday."

Getting it to the context, Page 3 pin-ups were popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s. One of the most sought-after women in the UK was Linda Lusardi. The London-born beauty model had guys almost throwing themselves at her, as was the case in 1980 at a party when a male admirer started to follow her aggressively.

In an effort to confuse him, Linda pretended to be with her husband by grabbing the arm of a stranger who willingly cooperated. Terry Bailey, a builder, was that stranger, and the two later ended up getting married.

Linda Lusardi with her husband
Linda Lusardi with her husband ( Source : irishmirror )

What Went Wrong Between Linda And Terry?

Not many of us might not know, but this was the time when she was crazily into partying. When Angie Layne, a Page 3 girl and Linda's dearest friend, passed away in 1991 from breast cancer, the partying came to an end. Terry Bailey, a friend of fast-living player Paul Gascoigne, was Linda's first spouse when she was 32 years old and unhappily married to him.

Angie informed her that she had discovered a bump while they were on a shoot together. It was cancerous, and she underwent radiotherapy and a lumpectomy, and she recovered for over five years. She then began to have backache, hence was given a short time to live by the doctor because it was in her lymph nodes.

The loss of a person who the actress was quite connected to was something she had never experienced before, and she was unable to accept that void.

Linda Lusardi is a former page 3 model
Linda Lusardi is a former page 3 model ( Source : huffingtonpost )

She along with her then husband celebrated with their closest friends, footballer Paul Gascoigne and his wife Sheryl, at the hottest clubs in the West End, including Stringfellows and Tramp.

Linda once recalled their wild evenings out to The Sun, saying, "I'd wake up in the morning and entirely forget how I got home. Although I didn't use drugs, I did drink a lot."
Their flawless existence was depicted in opulent spreads for Sunday publications and the News of the World, but in 1995, rumors started to circulate that everything was not as it seemed.

When Terry was hospitalized following a car accident in Rome involving Jimmy "Five Bellies" Gardiener, a sidekick of Gazza, it was rumored that he was covertly living apart from Linda.

Where is Linda Lusardi First Husband Terry Today?

Even in the past, Terry was not much in the limelight, despite his wife being such a humungous celebrity. Consequently, after their divorce as well, he has chosen to stay out of it. 

He is not on any social media platforms, and the most known about him is that he is a builder.

Linda Lusardi Relationship With Samuel Kane Linda Lusardi

Linda and Sam, a former Brookside actor, and Samuel Kane have been together ever since they met at a panto in 1996. At the time, Terry Bailey, a builder, and Linda had recently split amicably after a contentious argument about Terry's partying with his friend and player Paul Gascoigne.

On the surface, it appeared that he had fulfilled Linda's desire for a rural lifestyle by building her a stunning detached home in Hertfordshire near a lake.

In 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak, Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in style while savoring a sumptuous supper made by Jack, their son. The 61-year-old ex-glamour model posted a number of photos to Instagram throughout the day as she and Sam, 51, celebrated their special day.

Linda Lusardi got married to her current husband Samuel Kane in 1998.
Linda Lusardi got married to her current husband Samuel Kane in 1998. ( Source : instagram )

She also showed surprise when her 21-year-old actor son and Toni Howard, his makeup artist girlfriend, prepared a lunch for them to eat in the garden.

After admitting she was still dealing with the effects of her COVID-19 struggle and that her hair had started to fall out, Linda posted happy messages. The celebrity also disclosed that her husband Sam, who was admitted to the hospital at the same time as her for the illness, continues to experience heart palpitations.

Despite being at death's door, model Linda miraculously recovered, but she also suffered from the aftereffects of her ordeal. Sam had experienced severe heart palpitations, and was being treated by a cardiologist, she told The Sun.

How Many Children Does Linda Lusardi Have?

Linda Lusardi has two children; Lucy Kane and Jack Francis Kane. Both her kids are in show business and are extremely talented.

After impressing coaches during her blind audition on The Voice, Lucy Kane got everyone talking about her. The 20-year-old, who is the daughter of former Page 3 favorite Linda Lusardi, more than held her own as she screamed out a cover of The Shirelles' original song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

Linda Lusardi with her children and family.
Linda Lusardi with her children and family. ( Source : en )

Lucy began performing at an early age and has since left her position as a stylist in Hertfordshire to pursue modeling full-time.

On the other hand, Jack is a British actor and singer who gained widespread recognition after being chosen for the 2018 season of The A-List. His subsequent appearances included Hobbs & Shaw, Shortcut, Anomalous: The Birth, and Dragonheart Vengeance. In his early years, he picked up the piano, the drums, and the saxophone.


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