Who Was Basia Bonkowski? Australia's First Lady of Music TV Has An Incredible Legacy

Basia Bonkowski was a music video presenter, author, and producer from Australia ( Source : Tvtonight )

Basia Rendall Bonkowski was an Australian actress and music producer who pioneered the music industry in the 80s. She was an icon of the Australian music and television industries in the 80s. Throughout her career, Basia has published two non-fiction books, Shimmer in 2006 and Jesse's World in 2005.

NameBasia 'Rendall' Bonkowski
ProfessionMusic Video Presenter, TV Presenter, Actress
SpouseKimble Rendall
Fathererzy Bonkowski
MotherMaria Bonkowski
ChildrenWilliam and Camille Rendall
SiblingsJanusz Bonkowski, Edward Bonkowski, & Jurek Bonkowski
Net Worth$1.6 million

1. Basia Was Born To Immigrant Parents

Her parents were Polish immigrants who moved to Australia while they were young. Basia was born and bred in Adelaide to her immigrant parents, Maria and Jerzy Bonkowski. The couple had four children together.

Basia was the only daughter of her Polish immigrant parents. She grew up in Adelaide with her three brothers, Janusz Bonkowski, Edward Bonkowski, and Jurek Bergier. She was also close to her cousin Pamela Barnetta.

2. Basia Was An English Literature Graduate

In Adelaide, Basia went to Cabra College and had a keen interest in writing and performing at a tender age.

Basia was a law student at the University of Adelaide until she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at 17. Sadly, she had to switch her course and joined Flinders University to major in English literature and drama.

3. This Is How Basia Began Her Television Career

While in Adelaide, Basia taught drama in a local theatre but moved to Sydney to pursue her television career.

She worked as a television writer and producer on several commercial stations. Rock Around the World and Continental Drift were a few of her initial television works that paved her path toward success as a TV presenter. Her initial work in SBS Television was as a Subtitler. Later, she worked as a presenter for The Big Byte, an SBS show.

Basia received Distinguished Alumni Award in 2019 from Flinders University for her work as a television producer, presenter, film reviewer, and author.

4. Basia Authored Two Non-ficton Books

Basia wasn't just into performing and producing; she was an incredible author. She launched her first book in 2005 named "Jesse's World". Her inspiration to write such a book came from her experiences being an adoptive parent.

After earning her bachelor's degree in English literature and drama, Basia attended the University of Sydney in 2006 to graduate with a master's degree in Letters. As a sophomore, she wrote and published a novel called "Shimmer". She shared her mother's stories in her book.

In 2021, she was again diagnosed with Lymphoma. She was working on her new book while battling the disease.

5. Basia Bonkowski's Film Credits

Basia made her film debut in 1978, starring Dana in the short independent film Letters from Poland. The following year, the actress played Ms. Prosser in Temperament Unsuited, which won the Australian Film Institute award for Best Short Fiction Film. Furthermore, she played a reporter in the 1996 drama film Turning April.

She never forgot her Polish roots; in 1990, she wrote and published Poland, a documentary series aired on Channel Ten in the 90s.

6. Basia Bonkowski Was Married To Kimble Rendall

Basia Bonkowski with her adopted children, and her husband
Basia Bonkowski with her adopted children, and her husband ( Source : if )

After making a name for herself in the television industry, Basia decided to get married and tied the knot with the renowned Australian director, writer, and musician Kimble Rendall, on December 17, 1982. The couple adopted William and Camille Rendall after their marriage. The couple were married for 40 years and enjoyed being together.

7. She Was at Screentime Until 2022

After graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2009 with a Master of Letter degree, Basia joined Screentime to work as a series producer. She stayed at Screentime for almost three years before joining Eyeworks in 2013 to work as a Director of the post-production. 

Basia Rendall Bonkowski was an executive producer at Screentime where she worked for `10 years after 2010
Basia Rendall Bonkowski was an executive producer at Screentime where she worked for `10 years after 2010 ( Source : news )

In addition, she also worked at Endemol Australia as supervising post-producer. Basia rejoined her previous company, Screentime, to work as a series producer again. While at Screentime, Basia produced documentary series to help stop dring driving around the country. Later, her role changed to executive producer. She worked at Screentime until 2022 when she met her untimely demise.

Basia Bonkowski earned thousands of dollars in her career as a writer, producer, television presenter, and actress. According to Networth Wiki, Basia had a net worth of $1.6 million as of 2022.


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