Who Is Pedro Jimeno New Girlfriend Laura Delgado? The Family Chantel's Husband Is Now Dating A Real State Agent


Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett. ( Source : Usmagazine )

Pedro Jimeno is well renowned for his appearance in several reality television shows. He first came to the limelight after he appeared in 90 Day Fiance along with his fiance, Chantel Everett. Pedro originally appeared on 90 Day Fiancé in the fourth season, when he left his home in the Dominican Republic to seek a romance with Chantel Everett, a nursing student from Georgia.

The relationship Chantel had with Pedro was all in the media's eyes, open for everyone to watch. Their relationship blossomed and ended in front of the audience. After 5 years of marriage, Pedro filed for divorce with Chantel shocking the entire fanbase. On top of that, he has also been involved in many dramas and scandals. He was also accused of having an affair with one of his co-workers. 

However, after their divorce, Pedro seems to have moved on to another woman after he recently shared pictures with her on his Instagram account. Fans are dying to know who Pedro's new woman is and we have all the information about his love life. 

Is Pedro Jimeno Dating Laura Delgado?

A Redditor shared a photo of the Dominican Republic native with Laura, Antonella, and others. Although many users assumed the photograph proved Pedro was dating Antonella, especially since his mother follows her on Instagram, her husband was seen holding their infant in the photo.

Pedro Jimeno, a reality television star.
Pedro Jimeno, a reality television star. ( Source : instagram )

Laura, on the other hand, was visible in the shot and looked to be alone. Fans are convinced that Pedro is dating Laura because the photo did not appear to be work-related. 

Jimeno has also been posting selfies with a mystery woman on his Instagram account. Many 90-Day Fiancé fans began accusing the Dominican guy of using Chantel Everett for a green card after the new selfies appeared on social media.

Fans say Pedro never loved Chantel to begin with and that his objective was to use her to get to America, acquire some money, and a solid job, and then flee away. Jimeno and his new bae are now facing huge backlash, and many 90-Day Fiancé fans reacted quickly to the upsetting news.

He has been linked to several women after his divorce from his former wife. However, there is no solid information that suggests that Jimeno is dating Laura at the moment. They have been spotted together at different places, but until Jimeno and Laura confirm their relationship, this could just be rumors and speculations. 

Did Pedro Jimeno And Chantel Everett File For A Divorce?

Jimeno filed for divorce from his wife, Chantel, on May 27, even though they are still legally married. Even though Pedro filed for divorce in May, he claims the couple has been separated since April 27. However, the information was not revealed to the public until July 7.

Chantel Everett, ex-wife of Pedro.
Chantel Everett, ex-wife of Pedro. ( Source : instagram )

Previously, Chantel and Pedro were one of the most successful 90-Day Fiancé franchise couples of all time. The couple starred in their spin-off program and looked to have conquered many familial difficulties on both sides to construct what appeared to be a happy and developing marriage.
Everything changed once Pedro saw how dishonest his family was during a terrible trip to his home Dominican Republic. Viewers could see that

Pedro returned a changed man and grew distant from his wife, Chantel.
While Pedro filed for divorce, Chantel claimed Pedro abused her. After watching Pedro's extremely nasty actions, many The Family Chantel fans have sided with Chantel.

Despite the divorce, Chantel appears to be doing good. she often updates her Instagram with her day-to-day, and she seems to be living well recently. While on the other hand, Pedro seems to find himself in scandals after scandals. He has been linked to several women after his divorce. Pedro has not confirmed any rumors himself, but he has been accused of cheating on Chantel and having affairs with many women.

Who Is Pedro Jimeno?

Pedro first entered the entertainment industry after he appeared on 90 Day Fiance along with Chantel. Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett met in the Dominican Republic while the woman's family was on vacation.

They fell in love, and their 90 Day Fiance journey began, but it quickly evolved into much more. Chantel paid three more visits to Pedro before he proposed and asked her to marry him. Chantel agreed, and they obtained a k-1 visa for Pedro to visit the United States.

Pedro and Chantel during their marriage.
Pedro and Chantel during their marriage. ( Source : otakukart )

Things become complicated because Chantel Everett lied to her parents about Pedro's immigration status. He was in the nation on a student visa, she explained. They didn't come clean until a few days before the wedding, and things blew out with the family. Nonetheless, they attended the ceremony on 90 Day Fiance. But it was just the start of the drama for Chantel and Pedro.

However, despite all the drama that was going on, they were married for about 5 years after finally calling it quits. We have watched all the stages of their relationship, and fans have been as invested in it as they are. But the fans support Chantel during these times and truly believe that Pedro mistreated Chantel and used her for the Visa.

Pedro has been receiving a lot of backlash in recent months. He was accused of cheating on Chantel, and he has also been linked to several women before and after his divorce with Chantel. While Chantel is focused on mending her heart, Pedro has been exploring his options.

Has Drake Been In Touch With Chantel Everett?

According to a story from Media Take Out, Chantel and Drake have spoken via DMs. According to a source close to Drake, the Grammy-winning musician reached out to Chantel to check how she was doing following her divorce from Pedro.

Drake has been reportedly in touch with Chantel Everett.
Drake has been reportedly in touch with Chantel Everett. ( Source : marca )

It's also been stated that she responded and that they want to meet shortly. She has supposedly exhibited no romantic interest in Drake so far, but anything can happen. 

However, there is no concrete evidence to back this story up. The rumors are that Drake reached out to Chantel to check up on her after her divorce from Pedro Jimeno, her husband of 5 years. Chantel's fans are very excited for her, for her new suitor and they cannot wait to find out till the rumors are true or not.


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