Who Is Miona Bell From 90 day Fiance and Is She Still Together With Jibri Bell?


Miona Bell And Jibri Bell, on the renowned television show, 90 Day Fiance. ( Source : Instagram )

One of the contestants on the season 9 of 90-Days Fiance is a Serbian makeup artist, Miona Bell. With her beautiful looks and charming personality, fans believe that she could be the season's diva as she can stir things up.

Bell's holistic lifestyle has charmed the 90 Day Fiance audience. Even after the heated family turmoil, the reality personality maintains her cool. Miona has garnered notice for her outspoken personality during the course of the program.

The Serbian makeup artist has joined the show along with her fiance., Jibri Bell. The couple's long-distance relationship soon turned into an engagement and they are better than ever today. Both Miona and Jibri are determined to become social media personalities and have been trying to hustle their way out into the entertainment industry as well. 

How Old Are Miona Bell And Jibri Bell?

Miona is currently 25 years old while her fiance Jibri is 28 years old. Miona Bell honored Jibri Bell's birthday by posting a crazy flashback photo from their early days together. Jibri, among other things, is the frontman of a band.

His music was what brought him to Serbia to play, and it was in Ni that Jibri met Miona. Miona was immediately charmed with Jibri's performance, and the two began dating and later got engaged. Miona planned to relocate to Los Angeles after arriving in America on a K-1 visa, but life had other ideas for the TLC stars.

Miona Bell posing for a picture on one of her Instagram posts.
Miona Bell posing for a picture on one of her Instagram posts. ( Source : instagram )

This living scenario immediately produced stress and red flags between Miona and Jibri. Miona persisted in pressuring her fiancé to go to California. She didn't get along with Jibri's parents, who thought Miona was too controlling over Jibri. Furthermore, Miona refused to budge on their wedding preparations. She desired a lavish seaside wedding, which Jibri stated they could not afford.

Jibri began to doubt Miona and Jibri's bond as they neared the end of their 90-day commitment. He was unsure whether he was ready to marry her. Despite Jibri's reservations, he and Miona were able to resolve everything. Miona and Jibri, unlike some other 90 Day Fiancé stars, have been open about their relationship on social media as the show aired.

Were Miona And Jibri Married Before The Show?

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé suspected for weeks that Miona and Jibri were married before filming began. Miona adopting Jibri's surname, Bell, was one hint. Jibri also referred to Miona as his wife in a 2020 interview with Telegraf.

Miona and Jibri for their wedding photoshoot.
Miona and Jibri for their wedding photoshoot. ( Source : instagram )

This caused the fans to suspect that they were married long before they even appeared on the show. While there was no evidence to prove this theory, some fans believe that the story is too far-fetched. 

The marital status of Miona and Jibri prior to 90 Day Fiancé is unknown. In any case, the couple celebrated with a ceremony captured on camera, as shown on the August 7 program. Jibri's grandma officiated the ceremony, which took place in the desert. Jibri's parents were not present, but a close friend of his and Miona's, Igor, was there to give an arch for the wedding.

What Does Miona Bell Do For A Living?'

Bell enjoys living a lavish lifestyle. The reality star wants everything to be perfect, from her attire to her cosmetics. And the 90 Day Fiance pair has been working hard to secure their future.

Jibri just made a fortune by selling his paintings as NFT. Similarly, his wife is attempting to make millions. Miona already has her own makeup and hair beauty line, "Miona Beauty." Within the first week of its launch, her beauty brand performed well in the market. Similarly, Miona's new company has received encouragement from TLC fans.

Miona's revenues are not only derived from her beauty business. The 90 Day Fiance star has another glossy profession that most fans are unaware of. A Reddit member reported seeing Miona in a shopping center.

It wasn't the reality star herself, but rather her poster Kurves Brow Bar at Bayshore Shopping Centre. Kurves made use of Miona's photograph as a show model. As a result, people speculate that the reality star's modeling business is her new "glam job" to supplement her income. Fans praised Miona's appearance and said she does an excellent job as a model.

What Does Jibri Bell Do For A Living?

Jibri may soon be known as one of the brightest 90 Day Fiancé husbands. Despite his brief appearance on the reality show, he has already discovered several ways to cash in on his fame.

Miona Bell posing infront of her new car.
Miona Bell posing infront of her new car. ( Source : instagram )

On the same day that 90 Day Fiancé's 9th season began, he released the newest track with his band as well as one for his solo musical project. He's also on Cameo and YouTube, and he frequently collaborates with sponsors on his Instagram profile.

However, one of the musician's most renowned side hustles includes the pair of jeans he famously ripped before to Miona's arrival in the United States. He sold an NFT inspired by his wardrobe mishap for more than $10,000. Jibri eventually sold the original damaged pants for $28,000.

Both Jibri and Miona live a lavish lifestyle and their hustles have been enough to fund their lifestyle. From their clothing to their food, the couple appears to be living lavishly.

What Is Miona Bell And Jibri Bell Net Worth In 2022?

Even though there is no way to know the combined net worth of the 90 Day couple, we do know that they receive an attractive pay check from TLC.

Miona owns and operates her beauty website. And there, she offers several ponytail designs for $39 to $49 each. And, according to a recent report from Jibiri Bell's wife, she appears to be doing well for herself.

She showed her admirers a brief video of all the items she had ready to mail to her numerous clients. Miona and Jibri recently dispatched 200 orders in a single day, including 500 orders in a single week, according to Miona. And at $39 to $49 a pop, that's a lot of money. 

Miona And Jibri enjoying their lavish vacation in Chicago.
Miona And Jibri enjoying their lavish vacation in Chicago. ( Source : instagram )

So there is no doubt that Miona is making a hefty earning for herself with her career. Bell went on to thank her followers for their help in keeping her website up and running and her business thriving. Even if she and Jibri are the only ones sending the orders, it puts extra money in their pockets.

Bell made a big claim about how much he and Miona Bell earned in a single month. According to Jibri, they made an incredible $87k. Jibri also supposedly sold his notorious jeans with the hole in them for $28k, which many dismissed as a publicity gimmick. However, both Miona and Jibri are making money through their fame regardless of the backlash they face.

Jibri Bell Is Also Making Money Through His Band

Jibri revealed that he formed the band with his buddy Daveed. They were high school pals who had a passion for music. Daveed is from Serbia, which contributed to the band's name.

Jibri is the band's leader, with Daveed providing backup vocals. Other members of the band include vocalist Damn Brandi and producer Space Ca$h. Their music is described as having a futuristic vibe with elements of punk rock, hip hop, and house.

Miona and Jibri the day after their engagement.
Miona and Jibri the day after their engagement. ( Source : instagram )

The band has a small social media following, which is rapidly developing as a result of Jibri's presence on 90 Day Fiance. A snippet of their song was featured during the season opener, bringing the band an influx of new fans.

Bell has been outspoken about his desire to be an independent artist and not be linked with a large record label. He feels it is critical to keep creative control over his songs. As a result, he has revealed that he finances his own music career. And Surprisingly enough, they are making a good sum of money through their music career.

He has stated that all proceeds from these numerous sources would be used to finance his music and assist Miona in starting her own make-up business. Both are determined to be entrepreneurs and develop a variety of revenue streams.


Are Miona Bell And Jibri Bell Still Together?

Yes, Miona Bell and Jibri Bell are still together and stronger than ever.

Did Miona Bell And Jibri Bell Get Married After The Show?

Yes, Miona and Jibri got married in August and they are happy in marriage.

What Is Miona Bell's Career?

Miona has started her own business and makeup line along with several other side hustles. She is also trying to become a social media influencer.

Do Miona Bell And Jibri Bell Have Any Kids Together?

Miona and Jibri do not have any kids together as of today.

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