Who Is Michelle Tsiakkas Partner On Strictly Come Dancing? Her Age, Net Worth, Nationality & Family


Michelle Tsiakkas in Naples to try their delicious food ( Source : Instagram )

Michelle Tsiakkas is dating her boyfriend Simon Arena as she joines a line up of new dancers for Strictly Come Dancing.

She is a well-known professional dancer, Latin dance champion, and Artist. She is from Cyprus and is a member of the world touring dance show Burn The Floor.

Tsisakkas came to the spotlight in July 2022, when she was announced as a professional dancer on BBC Strictly Come Dancing program. She has earned a massive fan base with her amazing dancing skill.

The Dancer has become an undefeated champion, winning national titles consecutively from 2001 to 2011 before moving to London to study.

1. Michelle Tsiakkas Is A New Pro On Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing's new pro Michelle Tsiakkas is to make her debut on the show this Friday. .

Michelle Tsiakkas in between practicing dance at her studio
Michelle Tsiakkas in between practicing dance at her studio ( Source : instagram )

The 26-year-old Latin champion will make her BBC One debut on the Latin and ballroom show this month, alongside Vito Coppola, Carlos Gu, and Lauren Oakley. 'I've been watching the show since I was a child and am as mesmerized by it now as I was then,' she said of landing her 'dream' job.

Tisakkas said, "She can't wait" to start on the show, which begins on September 17. She then admitted that her ideal dance partner would be the future king, Prince Charles.

2. Michelle Tsiakkas Is In Her Mid-20s As Of 2022

Michelle is in her mid-20s while looking at her social media pictures. The Dancer has kept her date of birth unclear as of 2022. She may be seen quite like a full-grown adult, but she is just around her mid-20s.

Michelle Tsiakkas has worked as a model for athletic brands
Michelle Tsiakkas has worked as a model for athletic brands ( Source : instagram )

Tsiakkas has a well-maintained body and stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. She follows a strict diet plan to maintain her body weight and become flexible while dancing.

3. Michelle Tsiakkas Is of Cypriot Descent And Belongs to Cypriot Nationality

Michella Tsiakkas is of Cypriot Nationality. The Dancer was born to her parents in Cypriot. Tsiakkas will be the first Cypriot professional Dancer to join the cast of the BBC 1 program Strictly Come Dancing, according to reports on Monday.

Tsiakkas has played in numerous national dance competitions throughout her dancing career. She has been recognized as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing.

4. Michelle Tsiakkas Is On Strictly Come Dancing

On July 11, 2022, Latin dance champion Michelle Tsiakkas was unveiled as one of four new professional dancers joining Strictly Come Dancing for its 20th series on BBC One. Three other dancers joining strictly for the 2022 series are Chinese National Champion Vito Coppola and Under 21 British Champion Lauren Oakley.

The professional Dancer said of joining Strictly," Being a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing has been my dream since I was young. I can't believe my dream has already come true! I'm so happy to be joining this incredible family, and I cannot wait to step on that magical dance floor & give it my all."

5. The Dancer Is In Relationship With Simon Arena

Michelle is dating Simone Arena, a professional dancer, and choreographer. He's also a member of the band Burn The Floor. Simone Arena and Belgian artistic gymnast Nina Derwael won the Belgian version of Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) in early 2022.

Michelle Tsiakkas wished happy birthday to his boyfriend Simon Arena
Michelle Tsiakkas wished happy birthday to his boyfriend Simon Arena ( Source : instagram )

The Dancer feels so lucky to get a supportive boyfriend in her life. Both couples are focused on their career and have the same vision. In the coming days, we might get a chance to see them getting married.

6. Michelle Tsiakkas Is A Creative Person

Michelle Tsiakkas sings, dances, acts, and paints. She is creative and loves doing many creative things with her new ideas.

She is currently performing her dance on the international stage. During an interview, the Dancer mentioned she wishes to merge all of her talents into singular art pieces. She added she is working hard to fulfill that wish of her.

7. Tsiakkas Has The Height Of 5 feet 5 Inches.

The Dancer is quite tall, with a height of 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has a well-maintained curve body and looks attractive while performing her dance. Tsiakkas worked hard to maintain her body; she also works as a local brand model as of 2022.

Michelle Tsiakkas advertising her new summer tops
Michelle Tsiakkas advertising her new summer tops ( Source : instagram )

8. Michelle Tsiakkas Started Her Dancing Career At Early Age

Michelle Tsiakkas began dancing at the age of six in her native Cyprus. She became an undefeated champion there, winning national titles in a row from 2001 to 2011, before moving to London to study.

Michelle Tsiakkas has been into dancing since a very young age
Michelle Tsiakkas has been into dancing since a very young age ( Source : instagram )

She continued to compete in the UK, representing England at major international championships before joining the world-tour dance show Burn The Floor.

9. Michelle Tsiakkas Is Also A Instagram Model

Michelle Tsiakkas is also an Instagram model, as she has done modeling for many local brands as of 2022. Many of her fans have given a lot of positive feedback regarding her beauty and her dancing skill.

The Dancer is active on Instagram with the username aka @michella_tsiak, with 9,698 followers, 596 followings, and 324 posts. Her recent post was uploaded on September 22, 2022. After stalking her social media profile, we know she is a professional dancer

10. Michelle Tsiakkas Is Earning More Than $1 Million As Of 2022

Michelle Tsiakkas is earning more than $1 million from her dancing profession as of 2022. Tsiakkas is in the beginning phase of her international debut; in the coming days, her net worth might increase rapidly.

However, the Dancer is happy with her family and friends. She uploads numerous pictures with her friends traveling and exploring new places.


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