Who Is Michael Anthony From Ready To Love Dating In 2022? Here Is A Look At His Dating History


“Ready To Love” Star Mike Anthony Is Teaching Men to keep It Real While Dating ( Source : Thegrio )

Michael Anthony is in a relationship with the  beautiful lady from Ready To Love, named Sue Hendry.

Anthony was born in Ohio and was raised in Akron and Buffalo, New York. He joined the military force, achieving a rank of E-4/SRA in the U.S. Air Force. He was in the position of security forces during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Michael is a well-known African-American actor, songwriter, and former serviceman in the United States Armed Forces special forces. The viewers best know him for appearing in TV series such as Raising Dion, Chicago Med, Big 50- The Delronda Hood Story, and Ready to Love.

He is also best known by his stage name Mike Bless. Bless had played a role in numerous super hit movies as of 2022.

Mike was one of the competitors in the first season of OWN's reality television series Ready to Love, which premiered in 2018.

Who Is Michael Anthony Dating In 2022?

Michael Anthony, aka Mike Bless, is dating a beautiful lady Sue Hendry. The couple started dating for decades. However, both of them are yet to get married.

Michael Anthony Being Honored By Tref Legacy Center
Michael Anthony Being Honored By Tref Legacy Center ( Source : instagram )

The Bearded and buff Anthony captured hearts and plenty of laughs on OWN TV's hit dating show, Ready To Love. Now the charismatic breakout star is onto his next media venture, launching a Youtube channel about Love and relationship.

Mike said, "When he went into the show trying to shake up his usual dating routine and lucked out finding his dream girl. Now he is passing his wisdom on to singles looking for their Love.

"It's a turnoff for me if a woman is materialistic," Anthony tells the theGrio. "Shea is herself, and that's something I admire about her." She's also not a fan of strange men's attention. She doesn't need that to confirm or validate her identity."

Moreover, the couples are yet to be married. In the coming days, we might get a chance to see both of them getting married.

When Did Michael Anthony Started His First Acting Debut?

Michael Anthony started his first acting debut when he entered "The Next Big Superstar" competition in 2008. He won the competition and signed a new record with the stage name Mike Bless.

Michael Anthony Enjoying His Vacation Trip
Michael Anthony Enjoying His Vacation Trip ( Source : instagram )

Mike began acting after doing production work on a film soundtrack. After meeting him, the film's director suggested he audition for a role in the movie, which he was then cast in.

Anthony was a contestant on the first season of OWN's reality show Ready to Love, which premiered in 2018.

Mike appeared as a guest star in the Netflix series Kings of Jo'burg, created and produced by Shona Ferguson, in 2020. The same year, Anthony was cast as the lead in the short film.

Michael was cast as Ricky in Big 50 - The Delronda Hood Story, a BET+ original film set to premiere in 2021. Anthony also had a recurring role in Raising Dion as Gary Stafford.

In addition, he appeared in television series named Chicago Med, Greenleaf, Dynasty, Mac Gyve, and The Outsider.

Michael Anthony On Ready To Love

Michael was the contestant in the first season of Own's reality television series Ready to Love. The actor rose to fame after taking part in this series.

Michael Anthony Of ‘Ready to Love’ Gets Real About Dating
Michael Anthony Of ‘Ready to Love’ Gets Real About Dating ( Source : youtube )

Ready To Love is an American reality matchmaking TV series in which many singles participate in finding their partner. This series has received lots of Love and support from viewers.

Many of the viewers are demanding the second season of Ready To Love. This show targets the youth between their 30s to 40s to find their partner.

Who Is Michael Anthony's Sister?

Michael Anthony, aka Mike Bless, has the best sister in the world, Regina Wisdom Gould.

Regina is an NFPT-certified personal trainer, and if you're curious about her level, her Instagram bio @rgizzle 1 reads "Natural Queen."

Her brother, too, frequently mentions her on his official social media account. He has adorably revealed that ever since his mother returned home from the hospital with Regina "wrapped up like a little gift" in a blanket, the younger sibling has been nothing but a gift to him on his life's journey.

Who Are Michael Anthony's Parents?

Michael Anthony is a well-known actor born to his lovely parents in Akron, Ohio. His birth name is Michael Gould Jr. He is a bit private regarding his personal life and family. So, there is very little information related to them.

Anthony was raised in Buffalo, New York, and Akron, Ohio. After eventually enlisting, he rose to the level of E-4/SRA in the U.S. Air Force. During Operation Enduring Freedom, he served in the security forces. His work and successful career have made his family members and relatives proud.

The talented actor, Michael, is active on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, etc. His IG's username is @mikebless, with 325 thousand followers, whereas he is following 3,981 people back. The total count of his posts on the respective social media sites is 1,456, and his most recent post was uploaded on September 17, 2022, with the caption, "When you have to put @pablo_escobark____ on a diet."

Michael Anthony Talking About His Upcoming Series
Michael Anthony Talking About His Upcoming Series ( Source : instagram )

Michael entered "The Next Big Superstar" by Slip-n-Slide Records in 2008. After winning, he received a record deal under the stage name Mike Bless and released "Do It Like This" and "Gone" as Mike Bless in 2009 and 2011, respectively. In 2009, he also made available a mixtape by the name of Mr. Make It Happen. 

Michael Anthony, aka Mike Bless Height

Beard and buff Michael Anthony stand tall and in the best shape in his 5'5'' height.

Mike Bless Doing Work Out In Gym Hall
Mike Bless Doing Work Out In Gym Hall ( Source : instagram )

Six years before, Anthony resolved to take control of his mind and body and bring them to their full potential. As of now, he has a fantastic bulked body with more than 100kg body weight.

Anthony shares his workout plans with his fans through his social media account. The actor follows a strict diet plan to maintain and keep his body bulk.

The actor's favorite workout seems to be a deadlift. He uploads many pictures attempting his PR on the deadlift.


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