Who Is Matthew Needham Wife Rosey Needham? Children Kyle Needham and Whitney Needham


Matthew Needham is the cast of the recent adventure series House of the Dragon. ( Source : Imdb )

Matthew Needham's wife Rosey Needham has the life of a actor's partner and she is handling it quite well.

Needham is an actor acknowledged for The Rituals, Sherlock and House of Dragon. The actor rose his fame from the short film Stutterer, directed by producer Benjamin Cleary and produced by director Serena Armitage and Shan Christopher Ogilvie. 

During that period, Needham's work on Stutterer led him to win the 88th Academy Awards and the Academy Awards for Best Live Action Short Flim. In 2022, the actor made his impression in the television series House of the Dragon as Larys Strong. 

However, Needham made his first impression in the acting world from the television movie after graduation in 2007 in Casulaity in various sequences, including My First Day, Charlie's Anniversary, Meltdown, Core Values, Inappropriate Behaviour, A House Divided, and more. 

Quick Facts About Matthew Needham

Birthday13 April
Birth date1984
WifeRosey Needham
ChildrenKyle Needham and Whitney Needham
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
Zodiac SignAries
EducationHigh School Graduated
Marital StatusMarried
BrotherWade Needham
MotherPat Needham
Known ForHouse of the Dragon
Years active2007–present

Who Is Matthew Needham's Wife Rosey Needham?

Matthew married his loving wife, Rosey Needham. After marriage, Rosey changed her surname to Needham.

The couple may have married for the long term as they had two children together. The actor may live a happy life with his wife and kids in his home. 

Moreover, Needham's spouse and children may be proud of their father's carrer as an actor. Also, the actor's partner may support him in every step of his life. Analyzing the artist's social media sites, he shared only about his work. 

Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in the television series House of the Dragon
Matthew Needham as Larys Strong in the television series House of the Dragon ( Source : twitter )

Needham made his first debut in the television series Casualty as Toby De Silva. The actor emerged in 61 episodes, including Happiness, The Line of Fire, Impact, Reality Bites, Interventions, Guilt Complex, Hurt, Farmed Menace: Part 2, Paradise Lost, Salt and Sugar, Saturday Night Fever, The Great Pretenders, and more. 

After two years in the series, people recognized Needham for his appearance in Sherlock as Bezza in The Great Game. His one role in the series led him to work in other renowned flims and series. 

In 2011, Needham appeared in the television series Monroe as David Foster in season one, episode three. After four years, he finally scored the role in Shakespeare's Globe: Titus Andronicus as Saturnius.

Needham Had Two Children With His Spouse

Needham had two kids from his beloved wife, Rosey Needham. The couple had one son and one daughter; Kyle is their son, whereas Whitney is their daughter. 

Kyle Needham

Kyle is the son of actor Matthew. His son may be proud of his father and may step in the footstep of his father's profession. The actor's son may get inspired by his dad's work and contribution to the entertainment world. 

Unlike Matthew, Kyle may choose a distinct passion in his career. Nonetheless, the actor is supportive of his son, whatever he desires in the future. 

Matthew Needham has a conversation with Emily Carey in the show House of the Dragon
Matthew Needham has a conversation with Emily Carey in the show House of the Dragon ( Source : twitter )

Whitney Needham

Matthew had a beautiful daughter Whitney Needham. She is the little princess of the actor. Like Matthew, his kid may follow him to the career line or direct their profession on a different path. 

It does not matter whatever his daughter or son chooses in their life; he wants them to live happy life. 

Matthew Needham Supportive Parents 

Matthew was born to his supporting parents in the United Kingdom. The actor's mother's name is Pat Needham. However, his father remains out of the social identity. The actor's family may have encouraged him to reach success in his life. 

Needham completed graduation from the oldest specialist drama school London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art ( LAMDA), in Hammersmith, London. He received his bachelor's degree in BA from the Three Year Acting Course.

Matthew Needham looks as Larys Strong in the HBO series House of the Dragon
Matthew Needham looks as Larys Strong in the HBO series House of the Dragon ( Source : twitter )

In 2007, Needham completed his education and scored the role in the television series Casualty. He served long term in the series. Jeremy Broke and Paul Unwin are the creators of the show. 

Needham played alongside Derek, Tony Marshall, Suzanne Packer, Ian Bleasdale, Jane, Charles Dale, Catherine, Sunetra Sarker, Amanda, William Beck, Matt Bardock, George, Micheal, Simon, Charles Venn, James, and more. 

Matthew Needham Net Worth; How Much Does The Actor Make?

According to some sources, Needham estimated net worth is $5 million. However, the actor only achieved his income from acting. Needham portrayed the role in the television series House of Dragon. And Even the lead actress of the show, Australian actress Milly Alcock's net worth is estimated at around only $1 million. 

According to Stylecaster, the House of the Dragon series cost around $20 million per episode. For its ten episodes, the cost of the series reached $200 million in total. In recent periods, the show is the most expensive on the television platform. 

Matthew Needham as clubfoot Larys Strong starring in the situation
Matthew Needham as clubfoot Larys Strong starring in the situation ( Source : twitter )

Comparing the House of Dragon and Game of Thrones, the House of Dragon is costly. The Game of Thrones only priced around $100 million per season. As a result, the pricey series may pay their cast husky amount. However, Matt Smith acquired a lot of the role of Daemon Targaryen in the HBO series House of the Dragon. 

According to sources, Matt estimated net worth is $9 million. The actor is well-known for his role in Doctor Who, The Crown, and House of the Dragon. 

Matthew Needham Career Details

Needham developed his career after completing his studies in arts. He made his first impact through Casualty and later worked in various television shows and movies. In 2015, he played the role of Antipholus of Ephesus in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre: The Comedy of Errors. 

The same year, Needham appeared in the short movie Shutterer as Greenwood. The role socred him awards in 2016, the actor arose in The Hollow Crown as basset in Richard III and Henry VI Part 1. 

In 2017, Needham arrived as Dudley Jessop in Endeavour in Canticle. He emerged in episode 2 of series 4 of the ITV Drama. He played the fictional character Stanley Kowalski in the BBC Radio 3 production in March of A streetcar Named Desire by American playwright Thomas Lanier Williams III. 

Matthew Needham as Mr. Crowe in Chernobyl mini-series
Matthew Needham as Mr. Crowe in Chernobyl mini-series ( Source : twitter )

During his carrer phase, Needham performed on the stage for several companies, including Royal Shakespeare Company Royal Court, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre, and Shakespeare's Globe. The actor had nominated for theatrical awards, Ian Charleson Awards, in 2011. 

In 2017, Needham arose in The Ritual as Junkie. In 2018, he occurred in the television series Doctors as Kieran Barnes in Check Mate. After one year, in 2019, he played in the TV mini-series Chernobyl as Dmitri in Please Remain Calm and Sanditon as Mr. Crowe in seven episodes. 

Moreover, Needham materialized in the short movie Kinghtman as Kay. The actor worked in another short film, as Jonas in From A Strange Land. In 2021, he played the role of Old Swarm in Doctor Who in Once, Upon Time and The Halloween Apocalypse. 

Needham currently worked in Much Ado About Nothing as Benedick and Napoleon as Lucian Bonaparte. 

Matthew Needham's Role In House Of The Dragon

Needham portrayed the role of Larys Strong in the drama series House of Dragon. He appeared in seven episodes, including We Light the Way, Second of His Name, and more. The show disclosed the story of an internal succession war for 172 years within House Targaryen. 

Ryan J, Condal, and George R.R Martin are the creator of the series based on the novel Fire & Blood. The episode premiered on August 21, 2022, in the United States. The show was flimed in Monsanto, Castelo Branco, Portugal. 

Needham worked alongside Paddy, Matt Smith, Rhys Ifans, Fabien Frankel, Graham, Gavin Spokes, and David Horovitch. Bill Paterson, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best, Sonoya Mizuno, Jefferson Hall, Emma D'Arcy, Oliva Cooke, Milly Alcock, and Emily Carey. 

HBO announced Needham would play the role of Larys Strong in the show House of the Dragon on September 24, 2021. 

Lyonel Strong (Gavin Spokes), Lord of Harrenhal and Master of Laws, introduces his sons Ser Harwin Strong and  Larys Strong in court.
Lyonel Strong (Gavin Spokes), Lord of Harrenhal and Master of Laws, introduces his sons Ser Harwin Strong and Larys Strong in court. ( Source : twitter )

Matthew Needham as Larys Strong

Needham appeared as Larys Strong in the series House of Dragon. Also, the character was born with a clubfoot and is nicknamed Clubfoot due to his abnormal birth. He is the second son of Lord Lyonel Strong. He had a younger brother named Ser Harwin Strong.

Larys walks with a cane as a result of his sickness. Due to his sickly stature, the character had underestimated by others. However, his brother Harwin protects him. In season 1 of House of the Dragon, the role joined King Viserys's hunting party alongside his father and brother. 

Notheless, on the name day of Prince Aegon, he was unable to take part in the hunt due to his foot. As a result, he sits alongside Queen Alicent and other ladies in the royal tent. In Fire & Blood, Larys described as Larys the Clubfoot, who rarely spoke. 

Larys was born in Harrenhal and came from Andal culture. He follows Faith of the Seven alongside other royal members. The character appeared in the three episodes of the series. Also, he had first seen it in Second of His Name. 

Some FAQs

Who is Matthew Needham's Wife?

Rosey Needham is the beloved wife of actor Matthew Needham.

Who are Matthew Needham's children?

Kyle Needham and Whitney Needham are the two children of Matthew Needham

What is Matthew Needham's Net Worth?

Matthew Needham has a net worth of $5.00 million.

What is the role of Matthew Needham in House of the Dragon?

Matthew Needham played the role of Larys Strong in House of the Dragon.

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