Who Is Lulu Everly and How Old Is Louis Partridge Girlfriend?


Lulu Everly; Alleged Girlfriend of Louis Partridge ( Source : Instagram )

Lulu Everly is the alleged girlfriend of Louise, a young British actor who rose to fame thanks to his appearance in Enola Holmes. Netflix's Enola Holmes featured many familiar faces from the show biz industry, including Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things and Henry Cavil from Man of Steel.

However, according to Reality Rumors, Lord Tewksbury, in the Netflix production of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's story, played by Louise Partridge, is dating a girl. A person scrolling through social media revealed a few pictures of Louis with his alleged romantic partner Lulu.

Quick Facts

NmaeLulu Everly
Age19 (ostensibly)
Birthdaycirca 2000s
Famous ForLouis Patridge Girlfriend
Relationship StatusCommitted
ProfessionIce Cream Shop

Louise Patridge and Lulu Everly's Picture
Louise Patridge and Lulu Everly's Picture ( Source : Realityrumors )

Lulu Everly - How Old is The Alleged Girlfriend Of Young British Actor?

The young and charming British actor Louis Partridge's alleged girlfriend, Lulu, might be the same age as the 19-year-old Wandsworth, London native show biz star. Speculating the images that were proclaimed to be found by a fan of his on his Instagram, by one of his fans, Lulu seems to be in her early 20s.

However, as the young and charming proclaimed partner of the Pursuing Graduation actor, Lulu has kept her birthday details to herself. Nevertheless, we might someday see Lulu celebrating her birthday with her friends.

Lulu Everly With Her Alleged Boyfriend Louise Pattridge With Their Friends Circle
Lulu Everly With Her Alleged Boyfriend Louise Pattridge With Their Friends Circle ( Source : realityrumors )

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Millie Bobby Brown mentioned that she had given Patridge a gift for his girlfriend's anniversary as he forgot to bring one when an interviewer for Seventeen Magazine asked Louis if he had been heartbroken.

The British actor admitted that he had his heart broken; however, he kept further detail under wraps.

Facts To Know About Lulu Everly

  1. People on the internet say Lulu Everly is Loise Partridge girlfriend, who seems to be in her early 20s.
  2. The rumoured girlfriend of the Wandsworth native English actor is from Generation Z.
  3. Louis and Lulu attended the same school and were close schoolmates. James and Liz Partridge's son has been in a relationship with his school sweetheart since 2020.
  4. Assuming the claims of the Internet, Lulu might be native to England and currently lives there.
  5. An Instagram account with the username @milllie.sj.partridge references Lulu Everly in its bio. Considering the profile belongs to Lulu, we can safely assume that the ostensible partner of the British actor runs an ice cream shop as an employee.
  6. The Instagram account is filled with pictures of Lulu and Louise Partridge spending time together. Some snaps make us believe that the two are a real couple in immense love. 
  7. Her alleged boyfriend debuted his Instagram account in 2017 and has gathered 7.5 million followers. However, Lulu's Instagram profile has collected only a few thousand followers.
  8. Louis landed when his debut role in 2014 while he was still in high school, studying together with Lulu as his schoolmate, based on the facts mentioned earlier.
  9. Before the fans started sharing the pictures of Lulu and Loise, following his love relationship with Lulu, he was rumoured to be previously dating his costar Millie Bobby Brown who played Elona holmes in the movie of the same name.

Allegedly Lulu Everly and Louis Partridge Went to Same School and Were School Mates
Allegedly Lulu Everly and Louis Partridge Went to Same School and Were School Mates ( Source : instagram )


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