Who Is Katie Monds From Husband Wife and Her Lover? Lifetime Has Fresh Faces For Its New Movie

Katie Monds loves photography ( Source : Instagram )

Katie Monds is an actress who will feature in a new Lifetime movie, Husband, Wife, and Her Lover. The film is set to premiere on September 10, 2022. 

Monds is not a new face in the industry. As per IMDB, she has previously appeared in movies like Bring Me a Dream and Chicago P.D.

She played the role of Alicia Meyers in Chicago P.D. She has impressed her viewers with her expectation of acting skills every time, and the fans have high expectations this time. Moreover, another movie that is premiering today on Lifetime is Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story. 

Quick Facts: 

NameKatie Monds
BirthdayFebruary 21
MotherCeleste Monds
FatherLlyod Monds
BrotherJordan Monds

Katie Monds in Bring Me A Dream
Katie Monds in Bring Me A Dream( Source : Indicanpictures )

Who Is Katie Monds From Husband Wife and Her Lover?

Lifetime will release a new movie named Husband, Wife and Her Lover on September 10, 2022. The story follows three people- Veronica Ballard-Glen, Lexi Wolf, and Jordan. 

In the movie, an ad-exec's husband (Jordan) suggests his wife (Veronica) have a third person join them in bed to spice up their relationship. So, she invites her female trainer (Lexi Wolf).

However, she soon finds out that the trainer is unstable and out for revenge for something from the past. Thus, she must find a way to stop the woman before she destroys both of their lives.

Katie Monds shared the picture on her IG on her birthday
Katie Monds shared the picture on her IG on her birthday ( Source : instagram )

Lifetime has not released any preview or trailer of the movie. The reason is not known yet but based on the synopsis on their official website, and it seems the viewers can enjoy another thriller story. 

Besides, Katie has made appearances in three movies, all of which are thriller or crime genres. Even the recent one is of a similar category. 

The actress does not post information regarding her acting career on her social media handle. In addition, she does not make many public appearances and has not shared details about how far she wants to go in her acting career. 

Facts About Katie Monds That You May Not Know

  1. Katie Monds plays the role of Lexi Wolf in Husband, Wife, and Her Lover. 
  2. Katie is a photographer. She shares pictures that she clicks on her Instagram handle. 
  3. She went to Pasco-Hernando State College, where she studied Associate of Arts- Nutrients Sciences. 
  4. She has featured in three movies before appearing in Husband, Wife, and Her Lover. Additionally, she has performed in the films like Bring Me a Dream, Chicago P.D. etc. 
  5. Her LinkedIn profile says that she is a babysitter for neighborhood families in Tampa, Florida. 
  6. She celebrates her birthday on February 21 every year. Her exact age is not known, but she is in her 20s. 
  7. Her mother is Celeste Monds. Her father was Lloyd Monds, who passed away in 2021. 
  8. She has a brother named Jordan Monds. He has a partner named Anna Varner. 

Katie Monds with her mother Celeste Monds
Katie Monds with her mother Celeste Monds ( Source : instagram )


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