Who Is Jessie James Decker Sister Sydney Rae James? Her Age, Husband & Kids


Sydney Rae James, a renowned social media and television personality. ( Source : Instagram )

Jessie James Decker sister Sydney Rae James is televison personality who has made name for herself through the TV.

Jessie is a renowned American country pop singer who has been in the industry for decades. Her fame even skyrocketed after she became a reality television personality. Even though at the age of 15 Decker was rejected in an audition for the country label, she did not give up and today she is one of the most successful country singers to ever exist.

With the level of fame, Decker has around her, fans have been closely paying attention to her personal life and her professional life as well. The singer and reality television star has also made everything about her public and she loves to engage with her fans about her life. Recently her fans have been keen to know more about her younger sister named, Sydney Rae Bass. Here is everything we know about Jessie's younger sister.

Real NameSydney Rae James
Age31 years old
ProfessionTelevision personality and blogger
BornBoise, Idaho

Who Is Jessie James Decker Sister Sydney Rae Bass And How Old Is She?

Jessie James Decker sister Sydney Rae James is currently 30 years old and is a well-known reality television personality. Eric and Jessie: Game On was the reality program on which she worked. Sister Jessie James Decker was also disocvered on the show.

She received a lot of attention and admiration once she was spotted during the tournament. She is now a well-known television personality with a large number of fans and supporters. Sydney Rae James is also an author because she runs the blog Southern Girl City Lights.

Sydney along with her NFL star husband.
Sydney along with her NFL star husband. ( Source : instagram )

We may see on her blog about cuisine, travel, and the elegance that everyone who knows her admires. She is a married woman, and she is married to Anthony Bass. She married in 2017, and the same year, she and her husband adopted Brooklyn Rae Bass, a gorgeous little angel.

Who Is Sydney Rae James Husband?

Anthony Bass is known to all females throughout the world as the spouse of the stunning Sydney Rae James, and to all boys as a great baseball pitcher.

He was born into the family of Ed Bass and Linda Bass in Dearborn, Michigan. His parents are still married happily. He has two sisters, Beth and Amy, as well as a brother, David.

Anthony graduated from Trenton High School. During his high school years, he was an amateur baseball player. Following graduation, he enrolled at Wayne State University, where he played for the "Wayne State Warriors" team. Despite his young age, he performed admirably on the field and was named Pitcher of the Year in 2008.

Anthony began his professional career with the San Diego Padres and made his major league debut in June 2011. He was traded by the Houston Astros and subsequently transferred to the Texas Rangers after two good seasons with the Padres. He has been a member of the Cincinnati Reds since 2018.

Who Are Sydney Rae James Kids?

Sydney and Anthony are the proud parents of a daughter called Brooklyn. The baby girl arrived a bit sooner, in the 28th week of pregnancy. Her mother underwent an emergency cesarean section. Despite these difficulties, Brooklyn is doing rather well.

Sydney along with her older daughter, Brooklyn.
Sydney along with her older daughter, Brooklyn. ( Source : instagram )

She is currently two and a half old, and her parents adore her. She also has another daughter who is couple of months old. Sydney was born in the city of Boise, Idaho. Her mother, Karen Parker, is a well-known writer and blogger, and her father, Steve Parker, is an Air Force General. Because of her father's job, she had to change schools several times as she grew up.

Brooklyn, her infant daughter, spent 65 days in the NICU before being discharged. Unfortunately, she was admitted to the NICU again in 2018, this time with bronchiolitis. Syd never gets weary of thanking her mother for assisting her with Brooklyn in the hospital.

She, like any other mother of a little daughter, does not have much time for herself. Sydney, on the other hand, looks stunning every day of the week. She happily offers her "busy mom" beauty suggestions, such as a weekly bubble bath and hairstyle. Then she just uses dry shampoo to refresh her hair.

What Is Sydney Rae James Net Worth?

Rae currently sits at a net worth of $100k. The majority of her earnings come from her media presence, which she established only a few years ago.

Sydney is one of Karen Parker and Steve James' three children. Jessie James, a country-pop phenomenon married to NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, is her elder sister. John is her younger brother.

Sydney and her husband, during one of their dinner dates.
Sydney and her husband, during one of their dinner dates. ( Source : instagram )

Her father served in the United States Army, and her parents resided in Italy at the time of her sister's birth, but migrated to the United States before Sydney Rae was born, settling in Idaho. Little is known about her childhood or schooling in general.

Sydney joined the cast of the famous show when her sister married Eric Decker and the two debuted their own reality TV show on E!, "Eric & Jessie: Game On." The program went on to become extremely famous, which not only improved Syndey's income but also benefited Jessie's career.

Aside from her television appearances, Sydney has a popular blog called "Southern Girl City Lights," where she writes about cuisine, beauty, and travel. This has greatly increased her entire net worth.

Some FAQs

Who Is Jessica James Decker Sister?

Sydney Ray Bass is the sister of Jessica James Decker.

How Many Children Does Sydney Rae Bass Have?

Sydney Ray Bass has two daughters.

Who is Sydney Rae Bass Partner?

Sydney Rae Bass is married to Anthony Bass.

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