Who Is Jessi Palkovic, Sal Perez Love Is Blind New Girlfriend and Are They Still Together?


People continue to wonder whether Sal and Jessi from Love is Blind are still together. ( Source : Thecinemaholic )

Love Is Blind's Sal Perez has a new girlfriend Jessi Palkovic which is apparently planning to propose her.(

Despite their best attempts, Salvador "Sal" Perez and Mallory Zapata's relationship did not succeed, but 'Love is Blind: After the Altar' Season 2 made it plain he is now happier than ever.

Unapologetically strong and free-spirited Jessica "Jessi" Palkovic, a public figure, artist, and new girlfriend of the amateur musician, was clearly the cause.

Therefore, we have all the information you require if you want to discover more about this pair, specifically with regard to their background, present situation, and expectations for the future.

Who Is Jessi Palkovic, Sal Perez Love Is Blind New Girlfriend?

During the Netflix reunion, viewers got to see Jessica "Jessi" Palkovic, the new woman in his life. On the third episode of the special, Sal even considered proposing to his fiancée.

Some Netflix users questioned whether Love Is Blind Season 2 would ever be able to live up to expectations when the first season debuted in 2020.

From "Love is Blind," Sal and Jessi are still together. ( Source : instagram )

The Chicago-based talents were just as interesting to watch as the Season 1 alums, it became immediately apparent when the sophomore season debuted.

After the pod portion of Season 2, six couples, including Salvador "Sal" Perez and Mallory Zapata, were engaged. After they exited the pods, Mallory was unsure about her relationship with Sal (she had also gotten along with Jarrette Jones on the show), but it was Jarrette Jones who finally opted not to go with the ceremony on their wedding day.

Sal and Jessi’s Love Is Blind Journey

Sal claims in the Netflix original reality series that he first met Jessi at his younger sister Victoria's birthday celebration and that they immediately felt a stronger connection.

A short while after, they formally started dating, and the 31-year-old fell instantly and deeply in love with her due to both her natural beauty and her "firecracker" attitude. Sal said, "If Jessi is in a room, you know she's in a room. "

She'll just make everyone happy," someone said. I have never had more fun with anyone else than with her since she is the sweetest person.

Sal didn't hesitate to express his sincere appreciation for Jessi's action of reaching out to Mallory personally as it demonstrated her unwavering caring for him.

Are Sal And Jessi Still Together?

Although Sal had mentioned to his family that he's considering proposing to Jessi (with a ring already in hand), it's sad that it's not known at this time if the couple has actually made this move or not.

That's as a result of their apparent decision to keep the specifics of their relationship a secret. Additionally, they seldom ever appear in one another's social media feeds.

But their shared followers and tagged posts with friends and family do show they are still happily together. The two headed back to Chicago after Jessi had the chance to meet Sal's co-stars. Sal then told his sisters Victoria and Daisy that he was thinking about getting engaged once more.

He said to his siblings, "With Jessi, it's just been effortless." "She's fantastic. I've been considering what it would entail to ask Jessi to marry me a lot. We've had a lot of wonderful, profound chats that have left me wondering if I should just do it."

More About Jessi Palkovic Career & Net Worth

Jessi Palkovic is an American model with 15,000 subscribers as of September 2022. She has a remarkable career background and is thought to be worth approximately $600,00 as per the gspdb.com, thanks to her career as an artist.

Likeiwse, Jessi is currently well-known thanks to her role in the three-part television special Love Is Blind, where Sal was mostly focused on making Jessi feel comfortable.

Mallory was there, after all. He once went up to his ex-fiancée to see how she was doing, but when his girlfriend got involved and asked for a one-on-one to make sure there was no animosity, he withdrew.

Jessi Palkovic enjoys visiting new locations.
Jessi Palkovic enjoys visiting new locations. ( Source : instagram )

Sal didn't think twice to express his profound gratitude to Jessi for doing something so kind as personally reaching out to Mallory.

On the other hand, her companion remarked, "I just feel like we simply listen to each other really well when we talk about anything, even if it's a challenging conversation. I truly feel heard, and I get the impression that we tackle things together. Simply said, she adds more interest to life, don't you think?

Meet Jessi Plakovic On Instagram

The amazing television personality Jessi Palkovic is active on social media, namely Instagram. She used the @jessicapalkovic account on Instagram. Her incredible, breathtaking images, which used to receive over a thousand likes and comments, are now displayed on her Instagram timeline.

Jessi Palkovic is frequently active on Instagram.
Jessi Palkovic is frequently active on Instagram. ( Source : instagram )

According to her Instagram timeline, she identified herself as blunt barbie, which might describe an incredibly self-ebullient person. She has posted 325 times so far and currently has about 3.7k followers. She mainly published photos of herself modeling, where her attractive appearance draws a lot of attention.


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