Who Is Jess On Farmer Wants A Wife and Could She Be The One For Farmer Will?


Jess like taking road trips. ( Source : Instagram )

One of the most relevant dating reality series Farmer Wants a Wife, is currently on his new season. It is the program that has sparked numerous weddings and births, all of which were inspired by a romance tale from an Australian TV program in which Jess also competes.

On the most recent Farmer Wants A Wife season, they were the only ones who were successful in finding love. In a touching Instagram post, Jess Nathan and Andrew Guthrie have now officially announced that they are moving in together.

Even if it wasn't a tremendous success in the end, it's reasonable to assume that the majority of the candidates are content and in good health. 

The 28-year-old posted a picture of farmer Andrew, 30, grinning while giving his partner a ride in Delegate, New South Wales, where the couple lives.

Who Is Jess On Farmer Wants A Wife?

Jess Nathan is a participant on Farmer Wants a Wife in its eleventh season. The isolated farmers in this Australian reality television program hope to find love.

The Nine Network originally broadcast the programme in 2007. In 2016, the channel stopped airing the show. The Seven Network later picked it up, and the series was renewed for 2020.

On Farmer Wants A Wife, sheep farmer Andrew Guthrie has a crush on Jess Nathan. She is an Australian who is from Melbourne. She is currently in New South Wales to take part in the show.

In contrast to other social media, Jess Nathan uses Instagram quite a bit.
In contrast to other social media, Jess Nathan uses Instagram quite a bit. ( Source : instagram )

She recently went on a romantic date with Andrew, during which they talked about how they felt about one another. Jess acknowledged after they kissed that she wasn't sure whether she'd be willing to go to the farm.

Jess claimed that she had a full life in Melbourne, including her family, friends, and job, and that she is unsure of her ability to relocate there for six months.

She also mentioned how busy her home life is right now. She recently went on a romantic date with Andrew, during which they talked about how they felt about one another.

After that, Andrew questioned her sincerity towards a possible future with him. He was concerned that she was squandering their time because of her confession.

Andrew already said that he likes Jess because she is sincere and honest. Andrew chose not to send her home in spite of their chat and the uncertainty of their future. Later, Jess acknowledged she supported his choice.

Her Age & Height

The age of Jess Nathan is 27 years old. We believe she is just as energetic and ambitious outside of the show as she is inside.

Considering her features, she appears to be at least 5 feet 7 inches tall on average.

Her Job & Career

Dental nurse Jess Nathan is from Queensland. A dental nurse's job is to collaborate with and support therapists, hygienists, and dentists in the treatment of patients.

The work is varied and might range from assisting with normal checkups to providing cutting-edge specialised treatments. Jess is a television personality who loves her job and has become well-known for it because to her role in The Farmer Wants A Wife.

Her Social Media Account

Jess Nathan's appearance in The Farmer Wants A Wife is currently well-known, and as a result, she has a large number of followers on social media. She primarily posts on Instagram with the username @jessnathan_.

As of right now, she has 36k followers and 133 posts. Comparing the number of followers to other celebrities, it is truly astounding. She is a regular dental nurse prior to this show, though.

Could Jess Be The One For Farmer Will In Farmer Wants A Wife?

Finally back, Farmer Wants a Wife is in full gear as we get to know all the lucky women and a few lucky men!  vying for our farmers' affections this season.

Four farmers, Farmer Ben, Farmer Benjamin, Farmer Harry, and Farmer Will, make up the remainder of the group who are looking for love. Farmer Paige is the first female farmer the show has ever had, and she is looking for a husband.

Jess, a 28-year-old dental nurse from Queensland, is one of the ladies hoping to be married off by Farmer Will this year. Jess stated in a press release that she was "ready to hurl [herself] into something uncomfortable" after having her heart crushed "recently."

Fans are in awe as Farmer Wants a Wife actors Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan confess their connection.
Fans are in awe as Farmer Wants a Wife actors Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan confess their connection. ( Source : dailyadvent )

In addition to wanting to fall in love with Farmer Can, Jess also hopes that by putting herself out there, she will discover herself "a bit more."

Jess grew raised on a farm, so she is familiar with the challenges of rural life. This may give her an advantage over the other women vying for Farmer Will's affection.

She remarked, "I would love to give my children the same kind of farming and country life that I had. My parents own an 800-acre property, which I frequently visit and assist bringing horses for rides."

Is She Partner With Farmer Will?

As a result, the most recent show is merely speculating as to whether Jess, who was previously partnered with Andrew, will now be with Farmer.

Jess discovered that she was ready for a new adventure after having her heart shattered "recently," and she is hoping that Farmer Wants a Wife may be just what she needs.

Therefore, Jess, a 25-year-old dental nurse from Queensland, is one of the ladies vying for Farmer Will's affection. According to Jess, the most crucial elements for a solid foundation in partnerships are "excellent support, loyalty, and communication."

Jess stated that "keeping it simple is crucial" with her rather than extravagant romantic gestures. Jess's mood is "just a little picnic somewhere with a lovely view, my favorite cuisine, and a cold beer." I am ready to find a great person because I have been in the wrong relationships in the past.

Is She And Farmer Andrew Still Together?

The most endearing love story from the show may have involved Andrew, who told Jess that he had fallen in love in the final episode. Following their reunion, the couple reaffirmed their continued compatibility.

I've definitely discovered someone who makes me happy and who I want to be with," declared Andrew. As always, Jess was flexible. Regarding her relationship with Andrew, she remarked, "Yeah, quite pleased about it."

What we hoped, they have now also confirmed that they are moving in together.

Jess Struggle With Chronic Illness 

In an Instagram post earlier this month, Jess, 28, described her experience with the chronic illness and announced that she had undergone endometriosis surgery.

Five days after undergoing her third procedure for stage-four endometriosis, she posted a picture of herself posing in her underpants while sporting a period cramp device.

Channel 7 received Jess's health-related disclosure.
Channel 7 received Jess's health-related disclosure. ( Source : instagram )

Still swollen and uncomfortable, but 100% better, she captioned the photo. "Chronic illnesses can feel isolated and demoralizing, and my heart goes out to everyone who is battling a disease," she said.


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