Who Is Jayne Middlemiss Partner In 2022? Details About The TV Presenter and Her Personal Life


Jayne Middlemiss, a television and radio presenter, had more than three relationships in past ( Source : Twitter )

Jayne Middlemiss is a television and radio presenter who has been on the British TV for a long time.

Middlemiss is an English television personality who contributed to the popular BBC show Celebrity Masterchef. She was a skilled cook. She began her carrer in the mid-1990s with shows, The O-Zone and Top of the Pops. 

Afterward, Middlememiss also joined in several other television and radio shows. She worked in the television show The O-Zone, Glastonbury, Grammy Awards, Top of the Pops, Holiday, The Brits, Baftas, and more.

Middlemiss appeared as a radio presenter in 3 Counties and Berkshire on BBC Radio, Jo Whiley Show, Vanessa Feltz Show, OJ, The Brit Awards, Music Week, and more. She is the winner of both Celebrity Masterchef and Celebrity Love Island. 

Some Quick Facts

Date of Birth3 February 1971
Birth PlaceBedlington, Northumberland, England
FatherTom Middlemiss
MotherJanet Middlemiss
EducationBedlingtonshire Community High School
Past RelationshipAndy Davies, Eliot Fletcher and Alan Byrne

Who Is Jayne Middlemiss Partner In 2022?

Jayne Middlemiss has dated men like Andy Davies and Eliot Fletcher. None of those relationships could stand the test of time. 

The home cook is active on sevral social sites social sites. However, she has never let her fans know about her personal affair. She shared a motivational quote, food, season, and selfies on her social sites. 

Middlemiss was a follower of Yoga for her past few days. She started exercising around 1995, and in 2005, the presenter published the DVD Jayne Middlemiss - Love Yoga. Afterward, the model described the Yoga retreat documentary for the BBC in 2006. She even emerged for Channel 4 in A Beginners Guide to Yoga in 2007. 

Jayne Middlemiss took selfies and walked into a tree alone on May 7, 2022
Jayne Middlemiss took selfies and walked into a tree alone on May 7, 2022 ( Source : instagram )

Jayne Middlemiss Past Relationships

According to Jayne's relationship history, she had dated three or four men. She is a stunningly beautiful person with a cheeky Geordie accent. Her appearance had loved by people. 

Jayne is appealing to all ages, men, and women. She can make her way into all genres of television. 

Dating History Of Jayne Middlemiss Explained Below:

Jayne had several heartbreaks in her past dating life.

Andy Davies 

Middlemiss was in a relationship with television producer Andy Davies. However, the couple separated after some years of dating. 

Gary Oldman

In 2001, people rumored Middlemiss had an encounter with English actor and filmmaker Gary Oldman. However, Gary is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife, Gisele Schmidt, on November 10, 2017. 

Oldman married Alexandra Edenborough for seven years, from 2008 to 2015. Donya Fiorentino, Uma Thurman, and Lesley Manville are the ex-partner of the actor. In 1994, he was engaged with Isabella Rossellini and separated in 1996. 

Oldman was in a relationship with Ailsa Marshall for three years and Cyrinda Foxe in 1981. 

Jayne Middlemiss is tired in the morning, so she has been head standing in the studio for energy
Jayne Middlemiss is tired in the morning, so she has been head standing in the studio for energy ( Source : instagram )

Eliot Fletcher

Middlemiss and the television director Eliot Fletcher were a couple in previous times. The couple had good bonding for two years. However, the relationship between the pair did not last long. They started dating in 2000, and after several years, they broke up in 2002. 

Afterward, Middlemiss emerged in the show Love Island, where she had emotional bonding with English professional golfer and former professional footballer Lee Sharpe. However, the couple has never been in a relationship. 

Lee and Middlemiss sent on a short trip producers of the show in the make-or-break boat. Later, the presenter won the show with Irish nightclub owner Fran Cosgrave. 

Alan Byrne

Middlemiss and Alan Bryne dated for one year. He was an Irish model who The couple started their relationship in 2007, and in 2008, they concluded their bonding. Afterward, he had a relationship with two other celebrities.  

In 2014, the model appeared in a Diet Coke commercial and received fame. The model is well known in the media as the Diet Coke model. Also, he is currently in a relationship with Joanne McNally, an Irish comedian. Alan currently resides in Dublin. He is DJ and model. 

Jayne Middlemiss's ex-boyfriend Alan Bryne with Joanne McNally
Jayne Middlemiss's ex-boyfriend Alan Bryne with Joanne McNally ( Source : skynews )

Alan and Joanne started dating after their first meeting on Raya. Besides Joanne and Jayne, Alan dated Sara Kavanagh in his previous days. Recently, Joanna posted a picture with her partner while driving in Bray County Wicklow. 

Besides this, there is no rumor and the love life shared by the presenter Jayne. Besides this, Alex Harris was the long-term partner of television presenter Katie Lorna Thistleton

Jayne Middlemiss Net Worth As A TV Presenter

According to sources, Jayne's estimated net worth is approximately $5 million. She is a television-skilled and lasting female broadcaster who has worked in this business for nearly 20 years. However, she does not look over 30. She had worked in the live multi-camera studio and interviewed high-profile entertainers. 

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$ 5 million

Besides this, Jayne co-hosted on location, presented on the radio, or anchored huge events. The presenter is a confident, entertaining, warm, and funny personality. 

According to payscale, the average pay for a television presenter in the United Kingdom is euro 37,500. However, Middlemiss may acquire more than the average salary. Her long-term contribution to the television platform may lead her to earn more in the field. 

Middlemiss had been raised in Northumberland in the town of Bedlington. Her father was a miner, whereas her mom was a factory worker. She was born to Tom and Janet.

Jayne Middlemiss contributed to one of the BBC's most popular shows, Celebrity MasterChef, and the reality show Celebrity Love Island.
Jayne Middlemiss contributed to one of the BBC's most popular shows, Celebrity MasterChef, and the reality show Celebrity Love Island. ( Source : twitter )

Middlemiss Started Her Career In Modelling

Middlemiss started her carrer in the electric store and later moved to London for modeling. She began her modeling profession in 1991. However, the presenter left the occupation to lead her life after the media.

After a year of her experience in modeling, she viewed her passion for media line. Previously, she emerged in FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll for three years 1998, 1999, and 2000. 

Middlemiss As Music Presenter

Before Middlemiss arrived on the television, she served as a nanny, a shop assistant, and a waitress. She later worked for English television presenter Noel Edmonds and radio DJ Chris Evans. She presented as a trainee researcher for two weeks on ITV Breakfast Broadcasting Limited alongside Peter McHugh. 

Middlemiss received her first presenting music show alongside producer and actor James Paul Theakston in the weekly music magazine The O-Zone in 1995. She met an English radio presenter at the party and gained the audition for The O-Zone. 

Jayne Middlemiss's old picture while working as a presenter in the 1990s.
Jayne Middlemiss's old picture while working as a presenter in the 1990s. ( Source : twitter )

Afterward, Middlemiss hosted the British music magazine Smash Hits award, The Phone Zone, and the British music chart television program, Top of the Pops. The presenter covered English radio DJ Jo Whiley's show and several other programs on BBC Radio 1. 

Middlemiss broadcasted Rough Cut and Dog's Balearics before she anchored the five-day festival called Glastonbury Festival and the world's largest arts and media festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

She was named as the original presenter in 2002 of the new British digital radio station BBC Radio 6 Music. She appeared at the Music Week for at least two years and quit in April 2004. 

Middlemiss As Mainstream Worker

In 2000, Middlemiss was present in She's Gota Have It. The presenter broadcasted BBC's Holiday on shoestring programs alongside fashion model Lisa Snowdon. The show earned TRIC Award at that time. 

Later, Middlemiss joined as a panelist in 2003 on the British talk show Loose Women. She was the presenter of the dating show What Women Want in 2004 for Five TV. Later, she co-anchored the robot combat competition Robot Wars seventh series with English actor and comedian Craig Joseph Charles.

Additionally, Middlemiss worked with Jamie Theakston in the British reality sports game show The Games. The presenter arrived on the British reality television program Love Island in 2005. She won the show and returned to Fiji in 2006 to host Love Island's sister. 

Jayne Middlemiss covered the program in her 90s alongside Zoe Ball and Jo Whiley. This picture made her laugh.
Jayne Middlemiss covered the program in her 90s alongside Zoe Ball and Jo Whiley. This picture made her laugh. ( Source : instagram )

Middlemiss arose in the British reality television series Family Forensics UK in 2005. Nonetheless, the show on Living TV takes off after its first episode. She gained credit for her appearance in different live coverage, including Live 8 for commercial radio. 

Middlemiss covered the annual awards ceremony National Comedy Awards, and the British talent shows Soapstar Superstar. She even served as a reporter for GMTV. She made guise in numerous celebrity-based documentaries as a talking head. 

In 2007, the presenter appeared in the British music chat show Orange Playlist in the third series for ITV. She was the winner of the competitive cooking reality shows Celebrity Masterchef in 2009. 


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