Who Is Jada-Lee Henry Playing Kyra Berry On Gymnastics Academy?


Jada Glenn is known for Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance ( Source : Instagram )

Jada-Lee Henry is a14 years old dancer and actor from Melbourne, Australia. She recently nailed a last-minute audition to land the lead position in the brand-new Netflix series Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance.

Her other notable works are Ready Set Dance and Would I Lie To You (2017). (2019).

The Australian-produced movies A Second Chance and A Second Chance: Rivals, which have all been licensed to Netflix internationally, are directly followed by the television series. Clay Glen and Sally Clarke are the producers of A Second Chance! Vanessa Shapiro of Nicely Entertainment is the executive producer.

Full NameJada Lee Henry
Birth PlaceMelbourne, Australia
ProfessionActress and Dancer
Known ForGymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourHazel green
Age14 years

Jada Lee Henry has also participated in Ready Set Dance (2019).
Jada Lee Henry has also participated in Ready Set Dance (2019).( Source : Instagram )

Jada-Lee Henry Is 14 Years Old In 2022

Jada Lee Henry, currently 14 years of age, is a persona of multiple talents.

She is playing the role of Kyra Berry in her latest series Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance! Kyra is an African American gymnast whose goal is to compete in the Olympics. Her USA Academy offers all rescind after she suffers a knee injury.

The former world champion Australian gymnast Maddy Cornell (Emily Morris), now a coach (A Second Chance: Rivals! ), recognizes Kyra's outstanding potential and extends an invitation for her to take part in a tryout at Australia's Elite Gymnastics Program.

Jadel Lee Henry plays the role of Kyra Berry in Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!
Jadel Lee Henry plays the role of Kyra Berry in Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance! ( Source : instagram )

As soon as Kyra lands in Australia, she embarks on an unforgettable journey filled with incredible friendships, life-changing lessons, personal growth, and her first crush.

Kyra shares this journey with a fantastic group of young Australian teen teammates, including Tess (Stella Shute), Li (Akira Van), and Alkira, whom viewers first met in A Second Chance: Rivals! (Eva Grados). 

Facts About Jada- Lee Henry 

  1. Jada prefers to keep her personal life private. Thus not much is known about her parents. However, they are very supportive of her. 
  2. Jada-Lee Henry stated in an interview with Filmink that she only had a few hours to prepare for the audition scripts, which called for an American accent. She found the accent so terrifying during her audition. But when she was offered the part, she said, "I'm so delighted! Still unable to believe it!"
  3. Director and producer Clay Glen was "blown away" by how amazing she was, her accent, and her dancing ability, and she soon made a good impression on him.
  4. Jada enjoys dancing. She claims she loves dancing so much because it allows her to express herself. "When I'm dancing, it's my happiest spot, and I just feel so free," she added. She has also made a ton of friends while dancing.
  5. Jada is very active on Instagram. You can find her there under the username @jadaleehenry_. She has accumulated more than 3500 followers as of this writing. 
  6. She has already appeared in 10 episodes of the Gymnastics Academy.


Jada Lee Henry is an avid dancer
Jada Lee Henry is an avid dancer ( Source : instagram )


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