Who Is Erita Marriott From Antiques Road Trip and How Old Is She?


Erita Marriott was profiled in Hellomagazine with thorough background information. ( Source : Hellomagazine )

Since joining the cast of presenters and antique experts for the BBC One show barely a year ago, Erita Marriott has rapidly established herself as one of our favorite Antiques Road Trip stars.

Erita is an authority in antiques and a trader who owns and operates Erita Marriott Antiques. Erita has eight years' worth of professional expertise, so she has a lot to offer the adored show.

The dealer is a loving wife and mother of "two wonderful lads" in addition to putting a lot of effort into her career.

Erita was born in Latvia but migrated to the UK in her early 20s, where she established a lucrative profession that is undoubtedly just going to become better.

How Old Is Erita Marriott From Antiques Road Trip?

The owner of Erita Marriott Antiques, Erita Marriott is a full-time antiques dealer based in the UK and the newest BBC expert on Antiques Road Trip. 

At a failry young age for people in her career, Erita Marriott has made a name for herself in the antiques business.

Although she migrated to the UK in her early 20s, she was born in Latvia. She has worked as a cataloguer and valuer at a prestigious Derbyshire auction house for the last 8 years while working in the antiquities industry.

Erita Marriott is an authority in antique road trips.
Erita Marriott is an authority in antique road trips. ( Source : express )

She currently works as a dealer full-time and focuses on ornamental antiques, which are frequently acquired during numerous shopping trips to the continent.

She would see myself as a new breed of dealer, proud to serve clients from all over the world. British expert and dealer in collectibles is Irita Marriott. She also wrote the collection's name, Irita Marriott Antiques.

Is She Married?

Yes, Erita Marriott is a married woman. She is fortunate to have two wonderful sons. The identity of her husband is still unknown. She likely desires to have access to social media for her personal life.

Erita didn't post any photos from her wedding on her social media pages, so we don't know when she wed her husband. The nature of her husband's work is still unknown.

According to hellomagazine, the couple enjoys their lives in Bristol, where they both work.

Does She Have Children?

Erita is the proud mother of two children, yes! Erita has revealed that she and her husband had "two gorgeous sons". She has additionally disclosed that she was born and raised in Latvia, indicating that her kids are descended from Eastern Europeans.

According to the Source, She said, "Despite having moved to the UK in my early 20s, I was born in Latvia. I have been employed by a prestigious Derbyshire auction house as a cataloguer and valuer for the past eight years, during which time I have worked in the antiques industry. I currently work as a dealer full-time and focus on ornamental antiques, which are frequently acquired during numerous shopping trips to the continent."

Erita Marriott Salary, Net Worth & Career

An antiques specialist and dealer Erita Marriott can expect to make $45,000 on average per year with a net worth of $1,878,660 over the course of their career, according to news236.com.

She earns money as a dealer and authority on antiques. Her Instagram photos show that she leads an opulent life. Erita Marriott Antiques' proprietor and the most current BBC expert on antiques on Antiques Road Trip is Erita Marriott.

Erita Marriott owns a car and a home.
Erita Marriott owns a car and a home. ( Source : vimbuzz )

She is employed in the UK full-time as an antique trader. In May 2021, she made an appearance on the BBC show Antiques Road Trip, which helped her gain notoriety. Currently, she and James Braxton are traveling via car.

In the last eight years, Irita has worked as an antiques dealer.

Her Professional Career

In the United Kingdom, Erita is a full-time antique trader. After appearing in the BBC series Antiques Road Trip in May 2021, she gained notoriety. She and James Braxton are now traveling.

The BBC is currently broadcasting the journey. She possesses a variety of talents and passions. Irita has been employed by the antique industry for the last eight years.

Before going into the antique business, she worked as a cataloguer and valuer at a renowned Derbyshire auction house. She currently works as a dealer full-time, specializing in stunning antiques.

She frequently sourced from the continent throughout her several buying expeditions. She made her debut on an antique road trip in May 2021.

She shares all the many types and qualities of antiques on her official Erita Marriott Aniques website Erita Marroitt Antiques She was hand-selected by BBC's expert and dealer in antiques as one of the finest ornamental pieces available for purchase.

Her Journey In Antiques Road Trip

Erita was announced to be joining the cast of Antiques Road Trip in April 2021, along with Phillip Serrell, David Harper, Natasha Raskin Sharp, and others.

Erita shared a photo of herself on the set on Instagram, showing how excited she was to be a part of the show. She captioned the photo, saying, "I am very proud and delighted to finally formally announce being part of the BBC Antiques Road Trip crew!"

Her supporters were ecstatic at the news as well. Someone remarked: "I need to stop; I'm excited! You are and appear fantastic." Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be brilliant, and I hope you can do one with Christina", said another.

Meet Erita Marriott On Instagram

Irita Marriott is, in fact, on Instagram. Follow the antiques trader on Instagram at @iritamarriottantiques, where she currently has 6.5k followers.

She joined Instagram in 2018, and up until she posted a picture of herself having fun in the snow in 2020, almost all of her postings on the platform were about her job.

According to her Instagram, the mother-of-two doesn't post anything about her private life there. Her children aren't mentioned on her feed, and it doesn't appear that her husband's identity has been made public.

Similarly, Erita is active on Twitter with the handle @IritaMarriott. According to her account, she joined the site in September 2020 and as of this writing had 4.6k followers and 505 tweets.


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