Who Is Dr Xand Van Tulleken Son Julian? British TV Personality Has A Small Family


Xand Van Tulleken, an English doctor and television presenter. ( Source : Telegraph )

Dr. Xand Van Tulleken is a British doctor and television presenter who is known for presenting the CBBC children's series along with his twin brother, Chris. The doctor has been a common face in the media and has also been a part of the Channel 4 show called How to Lose Weight Well.

He has a twin brother named Chris who also accompanies his brother in the television shows. Both doctors have made a great impact on people and they have helped people with their health issues. Both Xand and Chris are reputed English doctors who have been in the medical field for a long time now. For years, they've been making kids laugh and grossed out in our living rooms. But, when it comes to the real lives of Operation Ouch stars Dr. Xand and Dr. Chris, there's a whole world behind the scenes that we were unaware of. 

How Old Is Dr Xand Van Tulleken Son Age?

Xand Van Tulleken is a father to his son named Julian. He is a great parent and he loves his son dearly. In an interview, he talked about the complications he faced during covid when he could not see his son because he was in the United Kingdom while his son was in Canada with his mother.

Xand Van Tulleken along with his son.
Xand Van Tulleken along with his son. ( Source : theguardian )

Van has often explained how his son has been the most important thing in his life. He and his son's mom had a brief encounter before she parted ways and started living in North Korea. She out of the blue called Xand to let him know that she was pregnant with his baby. 

Xand was very excited about the news and the two tried to make it work regardless of the distance. He was working in England while she was living in Canada. They met in Burma when they were called to help out during a cyclone. They both decided to co-parent their son and Xand later moved to North America for much of his son's childhood. 

He would switch between America and Canada as it was only a 5 hours ride while he could also pursue his career. He later moved back to the United Kingdom when his son turned 10 years old. From then he would spend time with his son during holidays when his son would come over or he would go over to Canada to spend time with his son. 

Even with the distance, Xand never let it be a problem and he was always there in his son's life. However, Xand did not want to be a traveling parent to his child, but his profession required him to do so. His son currently lives with his mom and his stepdad in Canada and he is well taken care of.

Van also does not miss a chance to see his son and he is always in touch with him. His son is currently 12 years old. 

Is Xand Van Tulleken Married?

Xand is not married to anyone at the moment. However, he is married to his profession. He is a career-driven person and his main focus is his profession and helping people.

Xand Van Tulleken during a photoshoot.
Xand Van Tulleken during a photoshoot. ( Source : theguardian )

Even though Van has been very open about his personal life and his son, he has not been seen with a potential partner in public in recent months. He has had quite a charming career so far.

Van has been involved in many television shows and he has presented many documentaries over the years. He also appeared in one of the episodes of Horizon where he discussed male suicides. He then appeared on a BBC program on the European migrant crisis.

However, he is best known for his show where he is willing to experiment on his own body to show viewers different things on How To Lose Weight Well and Sugar Vs Fat. He is presently frequent on the BBC1 daily show Morning Live, where he gives medical advice.

Who Is Xand Van Tulleken Brother Chris Tulleken?

Chris, or Dr. Christoffer van Tulleken, is a qualified doctor. First and foremost, he made the transition to television, anchoring a variety of hard-hitting documentaries.

His two-part BBC One program The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is well known to television audiences. Dr. Chris has also co-hosted several television programs alongside his twin brother Xand. Together with Michael Mosley, they hosted Channel 4's Medicine Men Go Wild and BBC Two's Trust Me, I'm A Doctor.

Xand Van Tulleken along with his twin brother, Chris.
Xand Van Tulleken along with his twin brother, Chris. ( Source : inews )

What's the Right Diet for You? was also presented by the brothers. A Horizon exclusive. In 2015, the couple aired another Horizon episode titled Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad? 

Chris and his identical twin investigated the effects of moderate alcohol use (Chris) and weekly bingeing (Xand). He presented The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs in 2016. Chris took over a portion of a GP surgery in the first of two social experiments. Finally, he endeavored to develop realistic solutions to treat patients and discontinue their prescribed medications.

Dr. Chris was born on August 18, 1978. He is 42 years old right now. As a result, his twin, Xand would be 42 as well. Dr. Xand grew a beard at the suggestion of television producers who wanted the twins to stand out. The brothers attended London's prestigious King's College School before studying medicine at Oxford and completing their medical training together.

Jonathan van Tulleken, their younger brother, is a successful film and television filmmaker. He directed the critically acclaimed Top Boy and the BAFTA-winning Misfits television series. 

Xand Van Tulleken Relationship With His Brother Chris Van Tulleken

Both Xand and Chris share a good relationship with one another. The twin brother is very close and they also share the same profession which brings them even closer.

Xand Van Tulleken along with his twin brother, Chris during a photoshoot.
Xand Van Tulleken along with his twin brother, Chris during a photoshoot. ( Source : inews )

They did not follow in their parent's footsteps and became physicians. Their father, Anthony, is an artist and industrial designer, and their mother, Kit, is a publishing and media magnate.

Dr. Chris is married to Dinah van Tulleken, a British writer who works as a Style Editor for the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. Lyra, Dr. Chris's three-year-old daughter, has appeared on the show playing with maggots and worms. While Dr. Xand suddenly became a father to a kid, Julian, aged 12, as a consequence of a fling with an aid worker.

Even though the relationship between the twin is good, they often get into arguments and fights but those also get resolved quickly. The twins explained that their fights are very intense but that is also a sign of love they have for one another. 


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