Who Is Casey Starsiak, Mina Starsiak Father? Good Bones Host Returns For HGTV Spin-off


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Mina Starsiak Hawk is most well-known for her work as a TV host, real estate agent, author, and co-founder. Moreover, she is the co-founder of Two Chicks and a Hammer, Inc. with her mother, Karen. Furthermore, the television host Another American realtor and real estate broker, Mina Starsiak, gained much of her notoriety by working with her mother.

Additionally, before starting to renovate houses with her mother in 2007, Mina earned her degree from Indiana University and worked as a waitress for a short time. She currently serves as the host of the reality program Good Bones. Furthermore, Good Bones is a crown treasure of HGTV. The show is already in its sixth season and continues to enjoy tremendous success.

Interestingly, the first episode of this season of the program debuted on June 29, and episode 2 aired on July 6. In addition, Karen Laine, the matriarch of the show, has stepped away from reality television this season, leaving her daughter Mina to face many difficulties by herself. At the present, everyone is curious to see how Mina Starsiak will continue her mother's legacy since she left the show. Although Mina from Good Bones was already a fan favourite, interest in her personal life has increased.

Who Is Casey Starsiak: Mina Starsiak Father?

American doctor Casey Starsiak is well-known for being Mina Starsiak's father. Following her involvement in the television series Good Bones, his daughter Mina gained notoriety. In Indiana, in the US, he was given the name Casimir Starsiak. He was born in 1949, making him 73 years old as of right now. Casey is also a member of the Caucasian racial group and a citizen of the United States. He can trace his ancestry back to Eastern Europe. Casey was raised by his parents in a Catholic home. Little is known about his mother and father because he is most known as the father of the television personality Mina Starsiak.

In addition, Karen E. Laine, Mina's mother, and Casey, her father, had been legally separated for a while. Five children were born to the American orthopedic physician Casimir Starsiak, who holds a board certification. With Karen, he has three children: William, CR, and Mina. Following their divorce, the couple enjoyed joint custody of their children up until they reached adulthood.

Casey at his daughter’s wedding.
Casey at his daughter’s wedding. ( Source : celebsuburb )

After divorcing his first spouse, Casey fell in love once more. Casey continued his relationship with Cheryl. They had two children: a son named Tad and a girl named Jess. Even though Casey gets along well with all five of his children, his son Tad is unique. Sadly, Casey's second wife Cheryl passed away, and as a result, Tad and his father lost contact. 

However, that does not imply that Tad is similarly cut off from his siblings. He collaborates with his sister Mina on many construction sites. The surgeon, who purportedly specialized in fracture care and sports injuries, obtained his osteopathic medical degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. The physician likes to maintain a low profile despite the enormous reality TV success of his ex-wife Karen and daughter Mina. As a result, little is known about his current life.

Mina Starsiak's Mother Karen Laine And Family Tree

We are all aware that deciphering the Starsiak family tree involves some mental gymnastics. The mother-daughter team has, however, fully explained it. Throughout Season 2 of Good Bones, a behind-the-scenes video addressed the complex familial tree.

Karen Laine, the mother of Mina Starsiak and Casey's former spouse, practiced law for many years. In fact, she switched to show business after quitting her job. She appeared on the show with her daughter Mina along with other family members. Whatever happened, Casey and Karen maintained their wonderful relationship. They raised their kids with the utmost love and respect, and they are still very much a family.

Following his divorce from Karen, Casey married Cheryl and had two children with her, Jess and Tad. Also, Tad and Karen and Mina are very close, as we know from the television show Good Bones. In addition, he oversees projects for Two Chicks and a Hammer, the HGTV stars' hugely prosperous business.

The Good Bones actor married Randy after divorcing Casey, and the two later had a daughter named Kelsey. This is where the Starsiak Family Tree becomes challenging, though. Cheryl's ex-husband is Lenny, the contractor on Two Chicks and a Hammer. Furthermore, Cheryl and Lenny remarried after her breakup with Casey, making him Tad's stepfather. On the other hand, Karen wed Mick instead of Randy after divorcing Randy. Karen married Roger after divorcing her third husband, and they are still together.

Mina Starsiak Husband And Children

In terms of her family, Mina has two small children with her husband Stephen Hawk. The couple wed on June 11th, 2016, in a grandiose ceremony, presided over by her mother, a certified minister and experienced event manager. After a minimoon in Charleston, South Carolina, she and her husband went on their honeymoon to Cabo.

Moreover, Julie was raised by Mina Starsiak and her foster parents, Stephen Hawk and Mina Starsiak. Having suffered from infertility, Mina referred to her as her "Good Bones miracle baby." Her history hasn't yet been made public online, though. Before learning that she was expecting, Mina had several IVF cycles.

Mina with her husband and children
Mina with her husband and children ( Source : worldtop2 )

Furthermore, before her children were born, Mina had been thinking about adoption. After fostering her niece Julie for nine months in 2017, she considered adopting. She and Steve, however, have given up on the idea of adopting a child because they are happily raising a family of four. They are now bless with two beautiful children; Jack and Charlotte, a son and a daughter.

Recent birthday celebrations for their son Jack included a party and a dinosaur cake, which Mina documented on Instagram. Charlotte, the second child of the marriage, will soon be one.

Mina Starsiak Net Worth

Starsiak Hawk's estimated net worth is $2 million, according to Gossip Gist. She reportedly earns between $10k and $20k per television program, according to the website. Along with her mother, Karen, Mina Starsiak Hawk co-founded the business Two Chicks and a Hammer, Inc. while working as a TV host, real estate agent, and novelist.

She and her husband live in a three-story, 2,900-square-foot home in the Fountain Square neighbourhood of Indianapolis. The house features huge columns, expansive balconies, porch fans, and dark iron fencing, taking design cues from the couple's favourite vacation locations in Charleston, South Carolina.


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