Who Is Binh Trinh From MAFS? Are Bing and Morgan Still Together In Married At First Sight?


Binh Trinh along with his wife, Morgan Bell that he met on MAF. ( Source : Distractify )

Binh Trinh was a contestant from Married At First Sight who walked down the aisle with his wife he met on the show, Morgan. He went on the show to find the love of his life and settle down. He wanted to find the love of his parents, who also fell in love with each other at first sight. So he believed that Married At First Sight was the perfect show for him to find his match.

Trinh believed that the show's expertise would be able to find the perfect match for him and he was very confident that it is time he settles down and start a family. The Danish series Gift Ved Frste Blik's idea was adopted for the American reality television show Married at First Sight, which is set in America. There are several couples who are paired with their potential match on the show and they need to be married at first sight. Binh and Morgan met on the 15th season of the show. 

Who Is Binh Trinh From Married At First Sight?

Binh is an ISSA-certified fitness expert, online instructor, and personal trainer specializing in strength and conditioning. He is 29 years old and was willing to settle down with someone he met on Married At First Sight.

Trinh is very passionate about health and fitness. According to his website bio, he is very passionate about things related to nutrition and his health. He has also been a part of the research and development space. Even though Binh is a full-time engineer, he still wants to share his knowledge and help people directly.

Binh Trinh is an electrical engineer and a certified nutritionist.
Binh Trinh is an electrical engineer and a certified nutritionist. ( Source : monstersandcritics )

He is also a nutrition coach online and helps people with their nutrition and health-related topics. Binh has a very schedule where he works as an engineer full-time and also as a nutrition guide online. Even with the busy schedule and juggling several things at once, Binh still enjoys his professional life and loves what he does for a living. He believes that money is not the thing that makes him happy but it is the joy of being present in the moment and enjoying things.

Binh revealed that his parents prioritized his and his brother's education above everything else because they were Vietnamese refugees who fled to the United States during the Vietnam War. His parents worked tirelessly to ensure that their sons had a good education. And Binh did not let his parents down. He is an Engineer today.

His brother on the other hand was valedictorian in high school and UCSD. He is currently studying to become an Emergency Room Medical Doctor. While Binh is an Electrical Engineer. Even though his parents wanted a better future for him through his profession, he started craving the same things and more. 

Are Binh Trinh And Morgan Bell From Married At First Sight Still Together?

Binh and Morgan have been hitting a bumpy road in their relationship recently. Since it was revealed that Binh broke Morgan's trust, she has been having a hard time trusting him and trying to move the relationship forward. 

Even though the couple seemed to get along well when they first met on the aisle, it did not last very long. Binh misinterpreted Morgan's statement that she was still in school and assumed she wasn't working full-time. The MAFS star is a registered nurse who is still pursuing her bachelor's degree. Instead of addressing it with Morgan, Binh confided in Justin Hall.

Binh Trinh along with his wife, Morgan Bell during their aisle ceremony on MAF.
Binh Trinh along with his wife, Morgan Bell during their aisle ceremony on MAF. ( Source : smartindianews )

This broke Morgan's trust and the marriage has been shaky ever since. Both Morgan and Binh have not opened up about how their marriage is going on, many fans speculate that they are currently going through a divorce. While there is no evidence to back this up, we have to take this information with a grain of salt.

Morgan felt like she was betrayed by her husband after he went behind her back and confided in people and she also felt like he was spreading lies about her. In a scene of the show, they appeared to be fighting and arguing. 

However, in a recent clip of the show, it appeared that Morgan and Binh had a long talk with each other and seemed to have confided in each other as well. They shared vulnerability and it seemed to have brought them closer and help them keep aside their differences and other problems. 

Who Is Morgan Bell From Married At First Sight?

Morgan is a 27-year-old certified endoscopic nurse. According to the "MAFS" Instagram profile, Bell describes herself as a strong, independent woman in search of a trustworthy companion. She also likes watching anime.

Her experience as a nurse, she believes, has prepared her well for a chance like Married At First Sight. Despite being ready for a relationship and marriage at the time, Bell reported that the nurse had a tough time finding love in San Diego. Typically, the 27-year-old dates appropriate guys at inappropriate times or inappropriate men at acceptable times.

Binh and Morgan posing for pictures after they walked down the aisle.
Binh and Morgan posing for pictures after they walked down the aisle. ( Source : tvshowsace )

After appearing on the show, she has become a television personality. She enjoys being in front of the camera and she does not mind sharing aspects of her marriage with the public.

She walked down the aisle with Binh Trinh and the couple seemed to match each other's energy. Their relationship has been a treat to the viewers. However, the couple is currently going through some issues in their marriage. 

Time will determine if the couple will be able to fight for their marriage or trash their marriage and move ahead. Both Morgan and Binh have a busy schedule in their professional life and they were not able to find their perfect match.

However, the show brought them together and the couple seems compatible with one another. Every marriage has its hurdles and problems, and we believe that Binh and Morgan will solve their issues and work their marriage out. 


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